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Create a repository Head over to GitHub and create a new repository named, where username is your username (or organization name) on GitHub. If the first part of the repository doesn’t exactly match your username, it won’t work, so make sure to get it right. What git client are you using? Download GitHub for Windows GitHub for Windows is a great way to use git and GitHub on Windows. Download GitHub for Windows Download GitHub for Mac GitHub for Mac is a great way to use git and GitHub on Mac. Download GitHub for Mac Clone the repository Go to the folder where you want to store your project, and clone the new repository: ~$git clone Clone the repository Click the green "Set up in Desktop" button.

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Basic Branching and Merging Let’s go through a simple example of branching and merging with a workflow that you might use in the real world. You’ll follow these steps: Do work on a web site.Create a branch for a new story you’re working on.Do some work in that branch. At this stage, you’ll receive a call that another issue is critical and you need a hotfix. You’ll do the following: Switch to your production branch.Create a branch to add the hotfix.After it’s tested, merge the hotfix branch, and push to production.Switch back to your original story and continue working. XML Files - Introduction to DTD by Jan Egil Refsnes The purpose of a DTD is to define the legal building blocks of an XML document. It defines the document structure with a list of legal elements. A DTD can be declared inline in your XML document, or as an external reference.

Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support In-browser Chat Our in-browser Olark chat makes connecting with your customer as easy as launching a browser! You can also connect using your favorite IM client. Targeted Chat Targeted chat lets you set rules to interact only with visitors who go to a specific page or behave in certain ways, so you can talk to the most important customers. CRM & Helpdesk Integrations Git Reference git reset is probably the most confusing command written by humans, but it can be very useful once you get the hang of it. There are three specific invocations of it that are generally helpful. git reset HEAD unstage files from index and reset pointer to HEAD First, you can use it to unstage something that has been accidentally staged.

Blog jQuery, the most popular javascript library out there, is great for DOM abstraction. It allows you to encapsulate functionality into your own plugins, which is a great way to write reusable code. However, jQuery's rules for writing plugins are very loose, which leads to different plugin development practices - some of which are pretty poor. With this article I want to provide a simple plugin development pattern that will work in many situations. If the functionality you would like to encapsulate is large and really complex, jQuery plugins are probably not what you should use in the first place.

Produits - iMindMap - Ultimate Our unbeatable iMindMap Ultimate software comes with the full iMindMap feature set. Explore your creative Mind Mapping ideas in stunning 3D environments, design powerful presentations, plan projects and create budgets or strategies. Perform any task with creativity and without breaking a sweat.

40 useful APIs for web designers and developers An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate or ‘interface’ with each other. As developers are well aware, there are hundreds of APIs out there for doing almost anything you could imagine online. Some are better than others, and some are definitely more useful than others. Below are forty of the most useful APIs out there. The included APIs will let you do everything from shortening a URL to displaying a book preview on your site to interacting with your Twitter account, and everything in between.

Understanding the GitHub Flow · GitHub Guides GitHub Flow is a lightweight, branch-based workflow that supports teams and projects where deployments are made regularly. This guide explains how and why GitHub Flow works. Create a branch Website Personalization: Shouldn't Sites be Smarter? Photo: Malingering As we all know, the web industry is moving fast. We started with static websites that always look the same and are designed for people sitting in front of a desktop computer. How child porn killed my app called YayNay — Interesting Innovation and Technology Over a period of 6 months, two programmers and I, worked nights and weekends to create, launch and kill an iOS app called YayNay (hot or not for anything). We maintained full time jobs and families while pursuing this effort. Consumer apps are a hit or miss.

Getting started with Git In the introduction to this series we learned who should use Git, and what it is for. Today we will learn how to clone public Git repositories, and how to extract individual files without cloning the whole works. Since Git is so popular, it makes life a lot easier if you're at least familiar with it at a basic level. If you can grasp the basics (and you can, I promise!)

11 CSS Learning Tools and Resources The industry of late has been overrun with articles, tutorials, and tools focused on Sass, even here on SitePoint we’ve been publishing more Sass content than ever before. But we haven’t forgotten about our roots: CSS. For those of you still learning CSS, or wanting to go a little deeper into specific CSS subjects, I thought I’d put together a list of CSS learning resources that I’ve come across in recent months. Enjoy! 1. Unfolding the Box Model slick Set up your HTML markup. <div class="your-class"><div>your content</div><div>your content</div><div>your content</div></div> Move the /slick folder into your project

Git Workflows and Tutorials The array of possible workflows can make it hard to know where to begin when implementing Git in the workplace. This page provides a starting point by surveying the most common Git workflows for enterprise teams. As you read through, remember that these workflows are designed to be guidelines rather than concrete rules. We want to show you what’s possible, so you can mix and match aspects from different workflows to suit your individual needs. Centralized Workflow Transitioning to a distributed version control system may seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to change your existing workflow to take advantage of Git.

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