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The State of the Octoverse: top programming languages of 2018. This article is part of a series based on our 2018 State of the Octoverse report—trends and insights into GitHub activity, the open source community, and more from the GitHub Data Science Team.

The State of the Octoverse: top programming languages of 2018

At the core of every technology on GitHub is a programming language. In this year’s Octoverse report, we published a brief analysis of which ones were best represented or trending on GitHub. In this post, we’ll take a deeper dive into why—and where—top programming languages are popular. There are dozens of ways to measure the popularity of a programming language. In our report, we used the number of unique contributors to public and private repositories tagged with the appropriate primary language. Top programming languages by repositories created, 2008-2018 Today, there are more repositories created in JavaScript than in any other language.

Top programming languages by contributors as of September 30, 2018 We’ve also seen some languages decline in popularity. Type safety Interoperability. The State of the Octoverse celebrates a year of building across teams, time zones, and millions of merged pull requests. Git-flow cheatsheet. A developer’s introduction to GitHub.

GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub. Websites for you and your projects, hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live. GitHub Workflow (used by Frameworks team at BBC News) Introduction This is a quick post to cover a GitHub workflow that is utilised by our specific team (Frameworks) here at BBC News.

GitHub Workflow (used by Frameworks team at BBC News)

The basis of our workflow is this: Open a GitHub PR (Pull Request) by creating a new feature branch from masterMake feature specific changes and request a code reviewIf given a "thumbs up", this means the PR author is allowed to handle merging the PRThe merge process requires a set of sub steps (see below) Rebase before merge At this point the PR author has been given a "thumbs up" and is preparing their PR to be merged back into the master branch. Example Below is an example set of commits we'll be working from. At this point, let's imagine our feature PR has been approved to be merged: git checkout master git pull --rebase origin master git checkout feature git rebase -i master Now at this point you should see something like the following in your terminal: pick ae1a4a5 Foo pick a5827db Bar pick 62d4c80 Baz We're now ready to modify our git history. Links. Electron. Google Code ferme ses portes ? Nous, on les ouvre.

C’est officiel : Google Code, qui permettait aux développeurs de déposer, partager, et collaborer sur du code logiciel (libre ou pas), va bientôt fermer ses portes.

Google Code ferme ses portes ? Nous, on les ouvre.

Il va donc rejoindre le mémorial des projets sabordés par Google. La raison la plus probable, c’est que GitHub (une plateforme concurrente) attire bien plus de développeurs, et donc de code, que Google Code. Non seulement grâce à une interface plus intuitive, mais aussi par une facilité bien plus grande pour les développeurs à collaborer ensemble (plus on est de fous, plus il y a de code produit). D’ailleurs, Google ne s’en cache pas et propose, dans le courrier annonçant la clôture prochaine du service, un outil permettant de transférer votre projet logiciel de Google Code à GitHub. Quelles réflexions cela devrait-il nous inspirer ?

D’abord, que malgré sa puissance financière massive, Google n’est pas systématiquement le meilleur dans son domaine. Ensuite, que Google continue à être une entreprise qui ne s’entête pas. 1. 2. Pyg. Bitbucket vs. GitHub: Which project host has the most? GitHub Alternative: Top 7 Best Source Code Hosting Sites. As many of you may know, Gitorious – a website that let you host (open source) projects using Git version control – was recently purchased by GitLab, and it is to stop operations from May, 2015.

GitHub Alternative: Top 7 Best Source Code Hosting Sites

In relation to this, we have a roundup of 7 GitHub alternatives for you to check out. GitHub GitHub is the world’s largest, and most popular code hosting site. GitHub users have a choice of using either Git or Subversion as their VCS (Version Control System), to manage, maintain and deploy software projects. GitHub allows for free unlimited public code repositories all users. All users and organizations get to host one free website on a GitHub pages subdomain as well as unlimited project pages at and you can switch to your own custom domain (if you have one) anytime for free. Top 10 Free GitHub Alternatives for Private Repositories. Github though is huge resource for most of the developers; it is restricted and not always possible to be use without any hurdle as there might be issue with the client and employers to host the code from their private servers.

Top 10 Free GitHub Alternatives for Private Repositories

However you may have a few side projects that may not pay for those private repositories. And that why there few alternatives that can be used instead of Github. Some alternatives may be personally posted and some may not be. Here are 7 alternatives of Github. Git Extensions. Git. Git for Windows. GitHub · Build software better, together. Git.

GIT GUI (Logiciels Client)