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DSIRE: Database of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Solar Incentives, Rebates, Programs, Policy

DSIRE: Database of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Solar Incentives, Rebates, Programs, Policy
Disclaimer: The information presented on the DSIRE web site provides an unofficial overview of financial incentives and other policies. It does not constitute professional tax advice or other professional financial guidance, and it should not be used as the only source of information when making purchasing decisions, investment decisions or tax decisions, or when executing other binding agreements. Please refer to the individual contact provided below each summary to verify that a specific financial incentive or other policy applies to your project. While the DSIRE staff strives to provide the best information possible, the DSIRE staff, the N.C. Solar Center, N.C. State University and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the information.

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DIY acoustic treatment We have developed six DIY acoustic treatment technologies which will assist you with your room acoustic issues in your professional recording studio, personal listening room, or home theater. We have units to manage low, middle, and high frequency absorption, as well as units that provide diffusion. Not just any diffusion, but quadratic diffusion, which is the most time tested and proven method of sound diffusion on the market. If you can operate a power saw and have some shop and wood working experience, Acoustic Fields has designed three different room acoustic products that you can build yourself and then use to manage low frequency energy (bass boom) along with absorption or diffusion for middle and high frequency sound reflection management. Or, if you want the real easy option, all you need is glue in order to build one of our three DIY Kits. So take action now and start building your own DIY Treatment to solve the problems you face in your room:

New Species of Thalattosaur Discovered Chinese paleontologists led by Dr Tao He from the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History in Hangzhou have identified a new species of thalattosaur from a fossil found in the Xiaowa Formation of Guanling, China. Reconstruction of a thalattosaur (Nobu Tamura / CC BY 3.0) Thalattosaurs (meaning ‘ocean lizards’) were a group of prehistoric marine reptiles that lived during the mid and late Triassic period in North America and Eurasia.

Solar Firms Expand As Rooftop Electricity Costs Fall Below Grid Solar-generated electricity is becoming cheaper than the grid in more cities, prompting residential solar installers to look for growth in more markets. Electricity from rooftop solar systems is now cheaper than local utility rates in 42 of the 50 U.S. largest cities, according to "Going Solar in America," a report that North Carolina State University's College of Engineering released in January. Yet most folks still view solar as a "technological luxury," says the report, by Jim Kennerly and Autumn Proudlove of the college's North Carolina Clean Energy Center. SolarCity employees install solar panels on the roof of a home in Los Angeles.

Clean Energy States Alliance Events CESA Webinar: Solar Maps as Tools for Advancing Solar Energy March 5, 2014 The Clean Energy States Alliance hosted a webinar on Solar Maps as Tools for Advancing Solar Energy. This webinar highlighted cutting-edge map-based tools that have been developed in the District of Columbia, New York, and Ohio. These maps can serve as good models for other states and communities. His energy bill is $0.00 - EAST AMWELL, N.J. — Mike Strizki lives in the nation's first solar-hydrogen house. The technology this civil engineer has been able to string together – solar panels, a hydrogen fuel cell, storage tanks, and a piece of equipment called an electrolyzer – provides electricity to his home year-round, even on the cloudiest of winter days. Mr. Strizki's monthly utility bill is zero – he's off the power grid – and his system creates no carbon-dioxide emissions. Neither does the fuel-cell car parked in his garage, which runs off the hydrogen his system creates.

How to Know When to Replace an HVAC Blower Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provide temperature-controlled airflow in buildings and cars. The HVAC system reduces air infiltration and maintains pressure relationships between spaces. Even if an HVAC system is providing adequate amounts of cooled or heated air, the system will not be effective if the air is not moved throughout the building. This buyer’s guide provides an overview of how to know when an HVAC blower needs to be replaced and how to go about replacing the broken motor of the blower.

Bunny Ear Cakes Perfect for the Easter Table Editor’s note: How cute would these Lemon Curd-Filled Bunny Ear Cakes be on the Easter table? Paula from Half Baked based these spring-like treats on a recipe from Nigella Lawson for butterfly cakes. Pipe the delicate cakes full of vibrant lemon curd and you’ll have a dessert that tastes as good as it looks. --Jane As I was putting the "wings" on my lovely lemon curd filled butterfly cakes, ensconced in their adorable spring-y baking cups, it occurred to me that if I placed the pieces upright rather than on their sides, they would look like rabbit ears instead of wings.

10,000th Solar PV System Installed on Long Island Highlights Partnership of New York State and Long Island Utility - NYSERDA Through PowerUp Long Island and NY-Sun, New York State Partners with PSEG Long Island to Advance Integration of Clean, Renewable Energy into Region’s Electric System December 12, 2014 The ceremonial installation of the 10,000th solar photovoltaic (PV) system on Long Island took place today at a private residence in Huntington as part of the State’s partnership with PSEG Long Island under the PowerUp Long Island and NY-Sun initiatives. Find Certified Solar Energy Professionals Search: Find A Certified Professional Search by State / Province Search by Name Resources MANDATORY RENEWABLE ENERGY – THE ENERGY EVOLUTION In order to insure energy and economic independence as well as better economic growth without being blackmailed by foreign countries, our country, the United States of America’s Utilization of Energy sources must change. Our continued dependence on fossil fuels could and will lead to catastrophic consequences. The federal, state and local government should implement a mandatory renewable energy installation program for residential and commercial property on new construction and remodeling projects with the use of energy efficient material, mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, etc. The source of energy must by renewable energy such as Solar-Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Wind, Biofuels, etc. including utilizing water from lakes, rivers and oceans to circulate in cooling towers to produce air conditioning and the utilization of proper landscaping to reduce energy consumption. The implementation could be done on a gradual scale over the next 10 years.

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - Acetaldehyde Respirator Recommendations At concentrations above the NIOSH REL, or where there is no REL, at any detectable concentration: (APF = 10,000) Any self-contained breathing apparatus that has a full facepiece and is operated in a pressure-demand or other positive-pressure mode(APF = 10,000) Any supplied-air respirator that has a full facepiece and is operated in a pressure-demand or other positive-pressure mode in combination with an auxiliary self-contained positive-pressure breathing apparatus Escape: (APF = 50) Any air-purifying, full-facepiece respirator (gas mask) with a chin-style, front- or back-mounted organic vapor canisterAny appropriate escape-type, self-contained breathing apparatus

university/tutorials/pse_firstlayout_ag/pse_firstlayout_ag.shtml Making a digital scrapbooking page can be a lot of fun! This tutorial uses the Celebrate Life’s Moments Welcome Kit created by the DSP Designers. Register now in the DSP forums and check your email to DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE KIT FOR FREE! Or download another free page kit of your choice in the FREEBIES gallery! Then find a few photos and follow this tutorial to easily create a digital scrapbook page in Photoshop Elements 5.0. Solar Providers - Clean Power Research Home | Customers | Solar Industry | Solar Providers Integrate API services to power intelligent lead generation, quoting, administration and operations State-of-the-art APIs allow solar manufacturers, distributors, installers and dealers, as well as solar financiers, lease providers and other third-party owners to increase sales and reduce administrative and operational costs by integrating data sources and analytics into custom sales and operational software tools.

Solar Company Reviews in 11769, Suffolk, Oakdale, NY SunNation Solar Installation...Another (Very) Happy Customer.... in my research to ensure I absolutely made the right decision in product and company, on what would be a very large and long term commitment (financially, energy provider relationship and in technology). I met with 8 companies (a few local, a few national) before choosing to partner with Sunation. From my first mtg. with my salesperson (Bruce) through my installation (two days ago), Sunation and everyone of their employees I''ve been in contact with have performed superbly. They were honest, reliable and forthcoming in every aspect of their interactions with me. They made the entire process completely painless and burden free for me.