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Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW Games. Mother to Earth - A Documentary about Earthbound Beginnings by 54&O Productions. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched.

Mother to Earth - A Documentary about Earthbound Beginnings by 54&O Productions

LE DONJON DE NAHEULBEUK LA SERIE D'ANIMATION - Film et Vidéo. -The screens of the adventurers and Dungeon -The booklet of the adventures of the group in text and in images (digital) -The socks of the Dwarf (exclusive edition reserved to the contributors) -The t-shirt collector of the series « j’ai aidé cette bande d’incapables à produire la série » (exclusiv edition reserved to the contributors) -A premium access securised for the « coulisses » of the creation of the series : animatics of episodes, cut out scenes from the editing, exclusive drawings of the adventurers and sets, making of videos of the creation of the series will be put online regularly.


-The DVD Box and Blu-Ray of the series (DVD of the 52 episodes completed in 3D, or the 52 episodes in animatic incase the creation of the series wouldn’t be finished, even though we stay confident on the future of the project !) Les 3 Fromages. Cluster Agency. A Normal Lost Phone. A Normal Lost Phone is a game where you’ve just found someones phone.

A Normal Lost Phone

To find out what happened to the owner, you’ll be able to search through the lost phone and all of its applications. It can be a treasure hunt or a complete invasion of privacy... depending on your point of view! The project is influenced by titles such as Her Story and Gone Home for their narrative puzzle elements, and Life is Strange for its thematic universe. The storyline touches on topics including youth, coming of age, homophobia, depression and the pursuit of self-identity. An initial prototype of the game was made in France, during the Global Game Jam of January 2016. Moonlighter - ARPG with rogue-lite and shopkeeping elements by Digital Sun Games. Dark Souls™ - The Board Game by Steamforged Games Ltd. Risks and challenges ====== Licence ====== Dark Souls™ - The Board Game has been developed by Steamforged Games Ltd with full support and licence from BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT S.A.S.

Dark Souls™ - The Board Game by Steamforged Games Ltd

Products presented on this Kickstarter page and during the campaign may be subject to change in order to meet the expectations of the BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT S.A.S. licence agreement. By pledging on this Kickstarter you acknowledge that the final look and contents of the pledges may change and differ from what is presented at the start of the campaign. ========= Challenges ========= This is our 2nd Kickstarter project, the first being the highly successful tabletop medieval football game Guild Ball: We are fully aware of potential delays that may happen with products that are produced in China - the common ones being production, shipping, and customs delays. We have estimated the delivery for April 2017 but please understand this is only an estimate.

DUNGEON SKIPPERS - Saisons 1 & 2. Dungeon Skippers, c’est ÇA :

DUNGEON SKIPPERS - Saisons 1 & 2

KOKORO by Sharina. CHROMA - Saison 1. Salut à tous, c’est Karim Debbache et vous êtes sur la page Ulule de notre prochaine émission.

CHROMA - Saison 1

Mettez-vous à l’aise, prenez un siège, Gilles s’occupe des rafraîchissements. Aujourd’hui nous vous proposons donc de participer au financement de la première saison de CHROMA. CHROMA est une CHROnique de cinéMA sur Dailymotion, dont la première saison se compose de dix épisodes, à raison d’un par mois, d’une durée comprise entre quinze et vingt minutes. Shenmue 3 by Ys Net. Risks and challenges Risk and challenge are two words that have been with Shenmue 3 for the past 14 years.

Shenmue 3 by Ys Net

In fact, Shenmue has always been about risk and challenge. This time will be no different. The real challenge now is to deliver a sequel that we will all be satisfied with after 14 years of waiting. After much research and planning, we set the funding goal at this level believing it will make possible a fulfilling Shenmue experience. With regards to development of the game, we have an experienced team, deeply connected with the Shenmue franchise. CrossCode. Meet Lea.


She is player of CrossWorlds - a fictional online game of the distant future. She has also lost her memory and is mute. Literally mute. Now the only way to regain her memory is to play CrossWorlds. You will follow her adventures and journey through CrossWorlds, discovering all the places the game has to offer. Take the best out of two popular genres, find a good balance between them and make a great game. The essence of CrossCode is throwing balls at everything: boxes, switches, enemies and more. Balls come in two forms: regular shots, which can be thrown quickly, and power shots, which will bounce on walls and are especially useful for puzzles:

Yooka-Laylee - A 3D Platformer Rare-vival! by Playtonic Games. In the jungle world showcased in this Kickstarter for example, new islands containing advanced features and challenges will become available once you’ve decided to hand your Pagies over to the world-building construction crew.

Yooka-Laylee - A 3D Platformer Rare-vival! by Playtonic Games

Don’t give a monkey’s? Spend your Pagies elsewhere. If you desire, world expansion can be ignored entirely and you can hop, skip and roll your way through the standard worlds towards the final boss lurking in his or her mighty keep. And once the pivotal villain is nought but ash on the pavement, you can still opt to explore the expanded worlds with your full moveset post-credits to hunt down those leftover Pagies. Pixel Glory - Pets Expansion - Pay What You Want by Frank Alberts. Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame by Sandy Petersen. Our Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame by Sandy Petersen

The Board Game project actually consists of TWO separate boxed games! One is based on the heroic Order, while the other is for the Unchained. Boss Monster: The Next Level by Brotherwise Games. A Chaotic Life! - A Hectic & Strategic Game of Poor Choices! by GrubTon Games. Risks and challenges There are two main risks involved when producing a game overseas, so we've worked hard to mitigate each! 1. Production of a game in China can easily result in miscommunication and therefore incorrectly-manufactured product and lengthened production time. We wanted to be sure this campaign involved neither, so we've been in constant contact with our chosen manufacturer and have made sure we all understand each part of the process.

Exploding Kittens by Elan Lee. Chasm by Discord Games LLC. THE WORLD OF CASSYNO - Playing Cards by BENGAL by Neurobellum Productions. Update #11 posted! FINAL 24 hours! Stretch goal #2 reached!! Beyond the plains of Collier Bluff and the glistening towers of Goldstaxx lies the land of Cassyno, a world of dark fantasy, magic, and games of chance created by French comic illustrator and concept artist Bengal.

Ana D. - Le Vlog De La Blasée. Game Cave Vol 01: Fighting Junkies by Sketchcraft. Boss Monster: the Dungeon-Building Card Game by Brotherwise Games. Boss Monster is a standalone card game that challenges 2-4 players to become videogame-style villains and build deadly side-scrolling dungeons. Players compete to see who can lure and destroy the most adventurers. But beware! You must make your dungeon as deadly as it is attractive, or the puny adventurers might kill you first! Are you a bad enough dude to become the ultimate Boss Monster?

Boss Monster is designed for anyone who loves classic gaming, from OD&D to NES. Why Your Support Matters. Donnez un coup de pouce à Adaptation. The Infinite Loop. A propos The Infinite Loop est un comics d'aventure et de science-fiction, où se mêlent suspens et voyages temporels. Cette histoire est née de notre besoin de nous exprimer sur les inégalités envers les couples du même sexe. De donner notre point de vue sur la difficulté de s'épanouir quand on vous empêche d'aimer librement, et l'adversité à laquelle il faut faire face. Festival Stunfest 2014. UPDATE 7 MARS : MOAAAR STUN - +25.000 € ! You Win, Version TURBO Merci à tous les contributeurs pour leur soutien =)Vous nous avez déjà soutenus ? Jusqu'au bout. Dans un monde où la civilisation a cessé d’exister, les rues appartiennent aux bandes de survivants qui se disputent la charogne de la cité.

Victime de ces temps, un homme mutilé à qui tout a été arraché abandonne peu à peu tout espoir, toute raison, et se lance sur le chemin de la vengeance. Sous l’emprise de la drogue qui le maintient en vie, cet homme combat les vagues de la folie. Il se fraie un chemin sanglant pour parvenir à son objectif avant que son corps et son esprit ne cèdent. Sur sa route, il endurera toutes les souffrances : physique, émotionnelles, psychiques. Andréas & Nicolas. The project Merci merci merci merci pour vos précommandes et dons sur oocto, ça va nous permettre d'aller finir ce projet démesuré en studio et d'annoncer bientôt une date de sortie. Sinon, après celui du Chat, un autre clip devrait voir le jour avant le printemps. Hard Corner le film en DVD & VOD - Film et Vidéo, Geek. KUNG FURY by Laser Unicorns.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero by WayForward. All future pledges made after the Kickstarter ends will be applied to our Stretch Goals! The Kickstarter is over but the fun continues at! Over the last 23 years WayForward has developed more than 200 licensed titles, our most recent being Ducktales: Remastered. When circumstances permit, we also make weird and wonderful original games like Shantae and the Mighty Series.

In all that time, fan letters, support emails and interviewers have made our most frequently asked question, “Why don't you guys make more original games?” Kickstarter allows us to do just that! Best of all, we have our ducks in a row. Who is Shantae? River City Ransom: Underground by Conatus Creative. Incredible 2D action! Single player and co-op modes! Eat the whole plate! For a limited time, we'll make core rewards, including physical items like shirts and posters, available here. Pledges during this time apply towards stretch goals! Here's a taste of what we'll create with your help: fast-paced, retro-inspired combat mechanics in an open world, taking inspiration from classic fighting games and a healthy dose of wrestling thrown in for good measure!

Bee and PuppyCat: The Series by Frederator / Cartoon Hangover. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything. Mighty No. 9 by comcept USA, LLC. 日本のファンの皆さんはこちら FOLLOW US on twitter @MightyNo9, and use hashtag #MightyNo9, or "LIKE" US and join the fun on our official Facebook page! PAYPAL TOTAL: $186,380 (as of 4:40pm PDT, Tues 10/1) All money accepted through PayPal will go towards our stretch goals, and we will update the community on the amount we are able to raise. C-Wars: Roguelike Pixel Art PC Game by Onipunks. The Reward - Tales of Alethrion by SunCreature Studio.

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience. Dick Figures: The Movie by Dick Figures. A Hat in Time - 3D collect-a-thon platformer by Gears for Breakfast. Anamanaguchi - make ENDLESS FANTASY more than an album! by Anamanaguchi. Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games. Art Story by Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams. 2080 ElectroChipDiscoPop EP premium CD and Vinyl production. by 2080.