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MaKey MaKey: An Invention Kit for Everyone by Jay Silver

MaKey MaKey: An Invention Kit for Everyone by Jay Silver
MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It's a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything inbetween: It comes ready to use out of the box with everything you see above: MaKey MaKey, Alligator Clips, USB Cable. That's up to you! First, load up a computer program or any webpage (yes that's right, you're surfing the internet to invent). Let's say you load up a piano. Or let's say you Google for an online "Pacman" game and draw a joystick with a pencil (yes, an actual ordinary pencil): Then you can play Pacman by touching the drawing with your finger. Or you could load up facebook or gmail and send a message on a custom-made alphabet soup keyboard: Alligator Clip two objects to the MaKey MaKey board. When you touch the apple, you make a connection, and MaKey MaKey sends the computer a keyboard message. Make + Key = MaKey MaKey! We are inspired by the Maker Movement.

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Learning to Build Electronics –- A Challenge "Not to bragg but, I was quite good at it back then too when you had to do 20wpm to get a extra class license unlike the 5 wpm today where you passed by osmosossss and some luck. " That's cool, but you're still a coward for not using your callsign. Thats' cool... are you for real!! Lightpack — ambient backlight for your displays by Woodenshark Thanks for your amazing support of the Kickstarter campaign! The next chapter of Lightpack project is just beginning now. Also there are a lot of helpful things in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page. When we were kids, many of us were not allowed to watch TV at night because watching it in the darkness was harmful for the eyes (which is actually true). Stuttering/Buzzing Sound During Audio/Video Playback - Laptop Audio Forum - Laptop Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the solution after days of trying. I uninstalled some Windows Updates from last week, but that didn't help either. I've tried virus scans, system cleanups, uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver, etc. At first, I thought this was just an audio problem, but I think it may go a bit deeper. I notice when watching videos, such as YouTube, that when the grinding/skipping sound occurs, the video also freezes.

Increasingly Popular Drones Cause Privacy Concerns iStockphoto/Thinkstock Did you think flying robots were only creatures of science fiction movies? Silly you. Your neighbor can buy one from any number of dealers and online sources, and next thing you know, cameras could be flying over your backyard. My thoughts, exactly. » Our generation’s Legos First time I heard about raspberry pi was through twitter. I thought: Oh I bet that's a cute name for a new python module. Didn't look into it. Then I overheard a very dedicated PyLady saying "OMG my Raspberry Pi shipped today!" Blue Laser Lamp- with passive cooling technology by Richard Redpath A New Way to Think About Lighting The lighting device of the 21st century, Firefly is a revolutionary new lamp using a safe low power laser and sophisticated optics. The technology we have implemented in this product is something different than what your'e use to and we think you'll love it. The lamp comes with a plug in adapter but will also run on two AAA batteries. Our laser lamp does not "pool" around the light source like LED or other traditional sources; the laser light is "thrown" long distances and maintains its brightness. You put the light where you need it; No more old fashion lighting solutions, no more wasted energy.

"What U Hear" Recording - Enable How to Enable What U Hear Recording For those of you who want to record what you are hearing over your speakers/headset. You will need to un-hide and enable recording options. If you are using a Creative Sound Blaster sound card this option will be called "What U Hear" if you are using another audio device such as Realtek on-board or generic sound devices this option will be called "Stereo Mix". For the tutorial I am going to show how to un-hide and enable the "What U Hear" option. The same steps may be followed for the "Stereo Mix" option also.

Why the mantis shrimp is awesome. They all look the same to me SCORE 109 That escalated quickly SCORE 111 Weird Al Magic Trick SCORE 116 Mexican proverb SCORE 110 Lamp Hack: How to Make Any Lamp Cordless There’s a common problem in interior design that no one talks about. It’s all very hush-hush, you see. It’s the problem of the lamp cord. (Yeah, I said it.)

Lumio: A Modern Lamp With Infinite Possibilities by Max Gunawan Check out our video (above) for a glimpse of the many possibilities Lumio can bring into your life! Lumio is a multi-purpose modern lamp that can be used almost anywhere... What makes Lumio unique? David A. Mellis: Fab Speakers These portable speakers are made from laser-cut wood, fabric, veneer, and electronics. They are powered by three AAA batteries and compatible with any standard audio jack (e.g. on an iPhone, iPod, or laptop). The speakers are an experiment in open-source hardware applied to consumer electronics. By making their original design files freely available online, in a way that's easy for others to modify, I hope to encourage people to make and modify them. In particular, I'd love to see changes or additions that I didn't think about and to have those changes shared publicly for others to use or continue to modify.

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