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Precision Gyroscope by Manuka Makers. The gyroscope is a mysterious object.

Precision Gyroscope by Manuka Makers

By just spinning a disk it can balance serenely on a pinhead defying our perception of gravity. I love the way it can surprise school kids and scientists alike and leave them wondering how it's possible. Gyroscopes are used in all sorts of things from spacecraft navigation to mobile phones, but many people know them as a plastic toy for kids. We believe they deserve better than that. After months of prototyping we have created the perfect gyroscope, a beautiful sculpture and built to last a lifetime. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and solid brass, we have achieved an unmatched level of quality and surface finish.

Each gyroscope is finished by hand, leaving it with a brushed aluminium look that subtly varies from piece to piece. For those who prefer a more uniform look, the rest of the Manuka line will be anodized* giving them a consistent and beautiful finish. Introducing the new Super-Stand!


Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated. Solidator DLP Desktop 3D Printer by tangible engineering USA Corporation. Size matters.

Solidator DLP Desktop 3D Printer by tangible engineering USA Corporation

Solidator features a huge build area that is 3-4 times larger than that of most other commercial stereolithography printers and even a lot higher than those of the most FDM printers. No longer will you be limited to small prints - the 588cm² print area yields objects that are truly massive by comparison. Speed sells. Whether you're rapid prototyping or simply impatient by nature, speed is king. Using DLP-Stereolithography and specially formulated materials, Solidator hardens an entire 0.1 mm layer all at once, without the typical moving heads or lasers that do nothing except waste your precious time.This way Solidator can create 6 Eiffel Towers in one print in only 5.5 hours. Resolution impresses.

Solidator can print features as small as 270 microns (0.0106 inches) and layer heights from 100 microns all the way down to 30 microns. Technical Specifications The Technology and how it works The Hardware We've tried to take ease of use to a whole new level. The Software The Materials. Robot Fourbot - A copter that anyone can fly! by Aksel Gaspari. Anyone Can Own a Drone, the Affordable Multi-Rotor Air Robot!

Robot Fourbot - A copter that anyone can fly! by Aksel Gaspari

1. Piloting made easy: With an extremely user-friendly control app & GPS,everyone can enjoy the feeling of being a pilot. 2. Birds eye view of the world: Put a camera on FourBot and take quality video from the air, in real time. 3. 4. 5. GOALS: $50K: battery low voltage alarm Each and every fourbot of all pledge levels will receive a Lipo battery low voltage alarm, Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plug's into balance lead for detecting low voltage on individual cells. . $80K: upgraded landing gear We will upgrade the current landing gear; it will sit high up and will be able to clear different types of camera gimbals. Fourbot frame design: When we found out that the G10 was the best solution due to the lightweight and strength capability we moved foreword with the design process.

Here is a picture of the outer frame so called (booms). Black Sun: Revolutionary Solar Collector by Terrance Yee. Problem: Today solar energy technologies are too expensive to gain widespread industry acceptance.

Black Sun: Revolutionary Solar Collector by Terrance Yee

To compete with fossil fuels, solar technologies must become low cost, suitable for mass production, and easy to implement. With fossil fuel depletion and pollution rampant throughout the world, the time for a breakthrough in renewable energy technology is now. Solution: Over the past two years, Black Sun Planetary Solutions has developed a solar collector capable of producing clean, sustainable energy at a fraction of the price of current power technologies. This design has been tested and verified on the prototype scale, and we are finally ready to construct a commercial version of our product that can be shared with the world. Goal: To make this a reality, we are asking for $30,000 to help us construct our first full-scale, commercially-ready version of our breakthrough solar collector. Robox : Desktop 3D Printer and Micro-Manufacturing Platform by C Enterprise (UK) Ltd. Works Out of the Box – Plug in the power and USB cord and start printing.. automated bed levelling, intuitive software and advanced hardware all come together to make Robox reliable and easy to use.High Resolution – Robox has one of the highest print resolutions of any FFF printer in the market - 20µm (0.02mm) layers.Dual Nozzle System for Speed - Robox includes a dual-nozzle system which closes the flow of material and lifts the unused nozzle.

Robox : Desktop 3D Printer and Micro-Manufacturing Platform by C Enterprise (UK) Ltd.

Up to 300% faster than our competitors.Automatic Material Recognition, No Vendor Lock-in - Robox requires no programming for different materials – just load the SmartReel and go! Each reel contains a chip which is programed with all the necessary parameters. You can load and programme these reels yourself or buy them loaded with filament ready to go.Quick-Change Head – The removable head system allows you to change the function of Robox quickly and easily.

Want something that you can just plug and print? Fed up with high priced consumables? Play. Deltaprintr - A simple, affordable 3D Printer! by Deltaprintr. We engineered the Deltaprintr to be simple, efficient, and affordable.

Deltaprintr - A simple, affordable 3D Printer! by Deltaprintr

We want as many people as possible to be able to get their hands on this exciting new technology without having to sacrifice quality or user-friendliness. Pico: All-Metal Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers by B3 Innovations, LLC. Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email Pico: All-Metal Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers by B3 Innovations, LLC Play A premium, fully assembled all-metal hot-end capable of 300°C printing.

Pico: All-Metal Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers by B3 Innovations, LLC

Cleveland, OH3D Printing Share this project backers pledged of $17,500 goal seconds to go Funded!