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Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide

Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide
The by Kevin Wilson In conjunction with TeslaMap - Tesla Coil Design Program © 2009-2015 by Kevin Wilson Introduction Welcome to the Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide. Design The guide will begin with a basic introduction to Tesla coils, how they operate and how to properly design one. Construction This section will guide you through the process of Tesla coil construction. Operation Finally, I'll explain how to set-up and adjust your Tesla coil for safe operation and maximum efficiency. This guide is intended for anyone with basic to advanced experience with electronics, some free time and a desire to create their own lightning. This guide was written to be used in conjunction with the TeslaMap program. Through the guide I use this type of area for information that is potentially dangerous. Through the guide I use this type of area for information that can help you avoid common mistakes. Good luck building your Tesla coils! Pesky Advertisement I apologize for this annoying ad.

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View topic - inductive copper chembuster build :) - Forum for Orgonite and Tactical Orgone Gifting, How to make Cloud Busters (CBs), HHGs, and Succor Punches. Orgonite gifters, HAARP, Tesla, and Radionics discussion. Warrior Matrix. You've got me right Pickle. I've seen two positive point DT as well and 2 negative point DT too. Some switch side after cleansing, some not. The layout I've check over that picture, wasn't properly align. And I am happy to see it seems to not matter as much for the efficiency of the device. In my experiences, crystal grid layout really need to be properly align to work correctly. Actually, 3 rod take IN DOR, 3 rod put OUT POR. But the thing I know for sure, CB crystal are put into the pipe and use resonant cavity to amplify crystals function. I find it interesting to see "mini" CB making the job done. Jourdelune_________________Cosmic Coil