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How to Understand, Present and Invent Electronic Circuits

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Electronics Demonstrations BasicsA/C CircuitsPassive FiltersOther Passive CircuitsDiodesOp-AmpsMOSFETsTransistors (Bipolar)Combinational LogicSequential Logic555 Timer ChipTransmission LinesMemristorsTunnel DiodesSpark Gaps View topic - SWR Sweeper PC Board version 1.0 I've made a layout for the SWR Sweeper PC Board 1.0. It has been sent to fab for a few prototype pc boards. This is essentially the circuit out of the ARRL book minus the voltage regulator. A few improvements: the encoder is wired up, and there are connectors provided for some potential expansion of this project. This SWR Sweeper Shield board sits on top of an Arduino UNO, and the DFRobot LCD board sits on top of it. The Sweeper Shield sticks out to the right and upward beyond the LCD board so the DDS-60, RF Connectors and Rotary Encoder will be accessible.

Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers, Part Three By Rand Clifford, One thing seeming most reliable for seekers of truth about Nikola Tesla: 90% of available information is disinformation, or misinformation. What’s more, Tesla’s greatest triumph is not only forbidden information, fully reproducing Aether capture Tesla style can be a PSQ capitol offense. [1] Tesla could annihilate the stranglehold thrown on humanity by the Power Status Quo (PSQ). He showed humanity how to transcend the PSQ’s paradigm of destructive energy; the PSQ has responded for over a century the only way they know how, more destruction. Regarding the 90% figure: In 1983, fifty corporations owned 90% of Corporate Mainstream Media (CMM), controlling 90% of virtually every commercial thing Americans watched, heard, or read.

Monster Set of FREE Resources for Game Design I’ve been around the game development arena for so many years now that it actually hurts if i try to think back too far , it’s always been as a hobbyist working on a string budget (and sometimes I couldn’t afford the string) so I always had to make best use of what I had and everything else, well, lets just say it’s been fun. One thing that has piled up over the years is my massive collection of links to FREE (or nearly free) resources to help out those building games, some are assets, others are the best samples of free tutorials to either build your own or craft simple items in to much much more.

MIT makes transparent solar panels Transparent solar panels — think about it for a moment: Sheets of transparent glass or plastic film that also generate electricity. It’s almost the perfect solution for all our energy needs, generating free power from every available surface, window, and computer display. The concept of transparent solar panels isn’t new, of course, but it now looks like they’re finally finding their way to market: Ubiquitous Energy, a startup that was spun off from MIT last year, is developing a technology and patent portfolio and hopes to bring affordable transparent solar panels to market soon. At this point, you might be wondering how transparent solar cells actually work — after all, if it’s transparent, how can it absorb light energy? The simple answer is that light energy comes in many frequencies (colors), but as far as we humans are concerned, it is only the visible wavelengths — from blue, through green and yellow, to red — that really matter.

Physics Flash Animations We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window. The animations are sorted by category, and the file size of each animation is included in the listing. Also included is the minimum version of the Flash player that is required; the player is available free from The categories are: Antenna Analyser Project This VSWR analyser looked interesting from K6BEZ. Certainly simple and low cost and probably just the thing to test the multiband SOTA antennas that I have been putting together lately. I happened to have one of the DDS modules spare and would change the Arduino module in the article to a Nano as they are compact and cheap (~$10). Screenshot Rather than build it on veroboard as per the article, I made a PCB using Eagle and the toner transfer process. The board is mostly SMD to keep it compact and these days SMD is easier anyway.

Recovered The Ten Inventions of Nikola Tesla Which Changed The W Nikola Tesla-Did You Know? “Tesla was considered an eccentric man who talked of death rays that could destroy 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles. However, Tesla devised the AC (alternating current) system that we use in our homes today. We Don't Like "Projects" So I recently quit my job and started my own school with the support of a local media company, the second largest school district in Iowa, and a groundswell of community interest. Our philosophy boils down to a fairly liberal project-based learning environment. As I began the marketing push to enroll students, I uncovered some frankly stunning assumptions that many students have about learning: The word "project" is not a happy word. When I say project-based learning, most students grimace as they imagine prescribed PowerPoints.If a teacher doesn't plan it, it's not learning.If there isn't a test, it wasn't real.Their personal interests cannot inform their learning.

FireIce Is The Only Thing Between This Guy's Hand And A Blowtorch When someone tells Peter Cordani that it can't be done, that's when he just gets started. Cordani is the inventor of FireIce, a fire retardant capable of putting out fires as hot as 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit. "The techniques we have been using for the past 50 years were fine, at the time, but you can see that they're being outgunned," he told The Huffington Post. "These long term retardants aren't working anymore and forest fires are getting just huge. That's what made me leap forward."

Phasor Diagrams Phasor Diagrams In AC electrical theory every power source supplies a voltage that is either a sine wave of one particular frequency or can be considered as a sum of sine waves of differing frequencies. The neat thing about a sine wave such as V(t) = Asin(ωt + δ) is that it can be considered to be directly related to a vector of length A revolving in a circle with angular velocity ω - in fact just the y component of the vector. The phase constant δ is the starting angle at t = 0. In Figure 1, an animated GIF shows this relation [you may need to click on the image for it to animate]. Since a pen and paper drawing cannot be animated so easily, a 2D drawing of a rotating vector shows the vector inscribed in the centre of a circle as indicated in Figure 2 below.

Sweeper: An Arduino SWR Scanner Bill of Materials Arduino UNO board and development cable, standard A to B typeMain Prototyping board, Twin Industries 4” x 5” 8000- Detector prototyping Arduino ProtoShield Keypad Shield v2.0 RF synthesizer regulator mount BNC SWR Bridge Parts D1,2 - 1N34A or similar germanium signal diode OR1N5711, schottky signal diode OR1N914 or 1N4148, silicon signal diodenote that both diodes should be the same type, see text for detailsR1,2 - 47, 49.9 or 51 ohm quarter watt non inductive resistors (both same value)R3,4 - 100 ohm quarter watt non inductive resistorsR5,6 - 10K quarter watt resistorsC1,2,3 - 10 nF 50-100V monolithic ceramic capacitorsPrototyping boardRight angle pin, single row, 8 pins long, 0.1” centers Pre Regulator Parts U1 LM7808 or LM7809 RegulatorC4 47 uF 16VDC or higherC5,6 100 nFD3 1N4002UNO 9V Coaxial Power Plug12Vin Anderson Powerpole

Tesla Technology: 5 Bladeless Turbines About to Revolutionize Energy Production “Every home in America can run on wind energy. In fact these units can be installed on existing power poles in rural areas, to catch the wind and send its energy back to the plant.”- Raymond Green, Inventor In 1913, Inventor Nikola Tesla patented a bladeless steam turbine that he claimed was the most efficient and the most simple rotary engine ever designed. Due to a lack of high-quality materials, Tesla was never able to properly build his engine. One century later, we now have all the materials needed to build Tesla’s turbine, and in 2010, a patent was issued to a company called Solar Aero for a wind turbine based on the Tesla design. Their turbine will be presented in this article along with other bladeless turbines like it that will allow us to revolutionize energy production for the entire world.