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OSH Park ~ Welcome

OSH Park ~ Welcome

Osmond PCB Home PCB Dear Customers, We are sorry to inform you that the PCB prototype service is temporary suspended due to the lack of free capacity. As you know we had long vacation in August and people was keep sending PCB prototypes even while we were on vacation, this created so huge backlog that we couldn't repond to all PCB jobs for more than a week after we resumed work. On top of this our lines usually are loaded close to 100% with the production of our own development boards and having such additional big load start to mess with our production schedules and delay our development boards production and shipments which is unacceptable. We are sorry for this situation and we expect this to improve in the next months, so we can re-enable this service at fist possibility, but effectively from September 17th the PCB prototype service is suspended. We do offer people to put many boards on same panel, and we did offer panelization service free of charge. 1. 2. Why?

Better PCBs in Eagle Skill Level: Intermediate by Nate | November 06, 2008 | 42 comments Designing a Better PCB: We are constantly pushing ourselves for better printed circuit boards (PCB). We’ve messed up piles of PCBs over the years. Important Files: SparkFun Eagle Rules for designing PCBs in Eagle. Trace Width and Spacing: Just because a fab house can handle down to 5mil traces and 6mil space doesn’t mean you should design with those sizes. PIC32 development board Even complex boards with tight pitch packages and a horrible rat’s nest of traces can be routed with 10mil traces and 8mil spacing. Isolate: A ground (or power) plane is a good idea on some projects. What the?! A simple board with 10mil isolation We recommend you increase the default 10mil isolation in Eagle of a polygon pour to ‘0.012’ or 12mil. Increased isolation good, ground plane break may be bad. To increase the isolation on an existing polygon, click on the ‘i’ button for information, then click on the border of the polygon. many people to fail.

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Hyper intéressant : possibilité de partager les couts de prod à plusieurs. by marc.gille Aug 6