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Women Are More Likely to Secure Kickstarter Funding Than Men. Surprisingly, this effect was strongest for technology-oriented projects.

Women Are More Likely to Secure Kickstarter Funding Than Men

The team behind Nomiku, a WiFi-enabled sous vide circulator posted on Kickstarter by Lisa Q. Fetterman (Kickstarter) Women trying to get venture-capital funding face long odds: Somewhere between one and six percent of VC-supported companies were founded by women. Some might explain this by pointing out that women are less likely than men to seek venture-capital funding, which is partially valid.

But even then, venture capitalists have been shown to be biased against would-be female entrepreneurs; a study from earlier this year found that professional investors rated pitches from men more highly than those from women, even though the content of those pitches was the same. A study published last month, authored by New York University’s Jason Greenberg and the University of Pennsylvania’s Ethan Mollick, recommends an alternative for women seeking venture-capital money: Kickstarter.

The Year in Kickstarter 2013. What Nobody Tells You About Launching A Kickstarter Campaign. The Revolution Has Begun: How Kickstarter Is Changing Architecture. Alfred Zollinger, a principal at Matter Architecture Practice and director of Parson's Design Workshop, is currently using Kickstarter to raise money for a "Peace and Quiet" booth in Times Square.

The Revolution Has Begun: How Kickstarter Is Changing Architecture

By David Hill. Tell Kickstarter not to allow bioengineered organisms. How to Create, Execute, and Deliver a Successful Kickstarter Project. Editor's Note: The following guest post comes to us from Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games.

How to Create, Execute, and Deliver a Successful Kickstarter Project

Stegmaier offers some valuable thoughts on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. For more tips, check out our interviews with crowdfunding consultants Lucas McNelly and Rose Spinelli. My name is Jamey Stegmaier, and I’m the owner of a board game startup called Stonemaier Games. I launched and successful funded our first game, Viticulture, on Kickstarter in the fall of 2012. Since then, while designing other games and coordinating the manufacturing and distribution logistics for Viticulture, I’ve written a series of Kickstarter Lessons so that other project creators can benefit from what I learned from running a Kickstarter project, backing many other projects, and researching what works and doesn’t work.

The confidential list of everyone attending Davos this year - Quartz. Kickstarter for dance choreographers could be a gold mine. “I never feel great about asking people for money,” says Oleson.

Kickstarter for dance choreographers could be a gold mine

But what prompted her to make her first widespread and aggressive Internet appeal for cash was “the idea of paying all the artists.” A noble and reasonable goal — but often an insurmountable one for independent dancemakers such as Oleson and Olwell. Yet they were able to achieve it through Kickstarter, the most prominent of the “crowd funding” Web sites. Since its 2009 debut, Kickstarter has allowed independent filmmakers, budding recording artists and other creative types to shake down Web surfers for the money to make nearly 30,000 documentaries, albums, smartphone apps and other projects.

Lately, these have included dance performances. Internet Scam Alert: Most "Kickstarter" Projects Just Useless Crap. Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Or Reality Show? 4 Keys to a Winning Kickstarter Campaign. The top factors that make or break a Kickstarter campaign.

4 Keys to a Winning Kickstarter Campaign

Graphic: AppsBlogger Mention Kickstarter these days and blockbuster campaigns come to mind. There’s Ouya’s blistering $2 million in one day for a new Android gaming console (it’s raised more than $5 million to date), and the Nifty MiniDrive, external memory for Apple MacBooks. The tiny storage company is more than 2,000% above its $11,000 goal with 15 days left in the campaign. But for all the success stories on Kickstarter, there are many, many failures. 1. Secrets Of Success Hidden In Kickstarter's Numbers. Only 25% of Kickstarter Tech, Design Projects Deliver on Time. Kickstarter success doesn't depend on whether or not the project gets funded. It depends on whether or not the product gets delivered. That's the hypothesis surrounding the newest infographic from Appsblogger’s Jeanne Pi and Ethan Mollick, a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

Together, the two offer an in-depth look at delivery success rates and what it takes to run a successful campaign from start to finish. The infographic’s chief finding: only 25 percent of technological and design projects deliver on time. "The more a project is overfunded, the more likely there will be delivery delays," Pi noted in the infographic. The topic's been a major talking point this summer, as information regarding ZionEyez's $344,000 scam surfaced and Oakland's Wonderment Consortium explained just how easy it can actually be to pull off a scam project for profit. Pi's advice for backers: stick to the small projects, the ones that ask for less than $10,000. Kickstarter Project Analysis: How to Raise Money Successfully. Amid a blogosphere debate over Kickstarter's success rate and failure visibility, blogger Jeanne Pi has put together some success insights that Kickstarter doesn't list on its Stats page.

With the help of Ethan Mollick, professor at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Pi crunched the numbers to help identify some of the factors that correlate heavily with successfully funded Kickstarter projects. And while of course there's no guarantee of success, Pi thinks some of these findings could help potential projects meet their fundraising goals. Allegation: Kickstarter Is Still Hiding Data About Failed Projects. Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has come in for a lot of plaudits for creating a new platform on which to fund startups. Certainly, since the passing of the U.S. Jobs Act earlier this year, crowdfunding is about to have its day in the sun. But it’s also had its fair share of skeptical critics.

The Untold Story Behind Kickstarter Stats [INFOGRAPHIC] See the full infographic below.

The Untold Story Behind Kickstarter Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kickstarter failures that were difficult to find because Kickstarter intentionally prevents failed campaigns from being indexed by the search engines…and how I managed to find (what turned out to be) about 59% of the unsuccessfully funded projects. My article generated a lot of attention, including Mashable and VentureBeat (which republished my post). I’d like to think that it was all this attention that finally led Kickstarter to launch a stats page with data and basic metrics about the projects. I was wrong. Prof. Crowd-sourced funding site Kickstarter to launch in UK. 10 July 2012 Last updated at 09:31 GMT Kickstarter has been a huge success in the US The crowd-sourced funding website Kickstarter is to launch in the UK this autumn, according to its Twitter feed.

Image003. Acme Thoughts Incorporated. Analyzing Kickstarter: What succeeds, by how much and how often. When it comes to crowdfunding platforms, the biggest (or at least most well known) kid on the block is Kickstarter.

Analyzing Kickstarter: What succeeds, by how much and how often

So when the company announced last week it would release stats on the projects within its platform, the analyst in me got all excited. Like many, I’ve wanted more granular data on the breakdown of projects as well as which ones do better than others. Using the baseline data Kickstarter provided, I did some analysis to better understand what projects succeed, the distribution of successful project categories by size, and at what point in the funding a project’s likelihood of success starts to go up significantly. Below are some of those results. What categories rule today? Below is a visual representation of how big each category is both in terms of successful projects and the funding raised.

Screencasting a Complete Redesign by Chris Coyier » Dashboard — Kickstarter. Crowd Funding - First major scam uncovered on kick starter - News at GameStar. Stats. Total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects Successfully funded projects This page is automatically updated at least once a day with the raw data behind Kickstarter.


Metrics include funding success rates, amount pledged, and the performance of successfully and unsuccessfully funded projects. Statistics are available for the site overall as well as each of the 15 project categories. (10) Kickstarter: Has anyone done any data mining and analysis on succesful Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter hides failure - (TL;DR: Kickstarter does not want you to see failed projects.

Kickstarter hides failure -

Failed Kickstarter campaign pages include robot meta tags to keep search engines from indexing them. Plus, Kickstarter’s front page and “Discover” interface never show failed projects. Ever.) Three Years of Kickstarter Projects - Graphic. Kickstarter failures revealed! (infographic) I recently came across Dan Misener’s article “Kickstarter hides failure,” where he talked about how crowdfunding site Kickstarter makes it difficult for you to see/find failed projects.

Kickstarter failures revealed! (infographic)

They intentionally prevent failed campaigns from being indexed by the search engines (through “noindex” robot meta tags). Dan’s article got quite a bit of attention. And in his follow-up post, he posed some interesting questions that led me to do some investigations of my own. Questions like: What is the percentage of successful vs. failed projects? As an entrepreneur who’s looking at Kickstarter as a potential source of funding, I’m very interested in these numbers and the insights they provide. To get these questions answered, I had a scraper script written (not by me) that was able to scrape all the projects as of June 2, 2012, including those that failed to achieve their funding goal.

Kickstarter Sets Off $7 Million Stampede for a Watch Not Yet Made. Pebbles Raises More Than 7 Million Dollars On Kickstarter - Loot. Kickstarter is starting to look a lot like a venture capital fund, at least when it comes to the amount of money the crowdfunding site has funneled to entrepreneurs and creative projects. The largest site of its kind has facilitated more than $200 million for creative companies and projects, the New York Times reports, and it’s no longer very unusual for people to initiate seven-figure campaigns. Games and gadgets have done particularly well on the platform of late. Game developer Harebrained Schemes raised $1.8 million from 36,000 people to create "Shadowrun Returns," a sequel to the popular "Shadowrun", in a 30-day campaign that ended Sunday.

Fundraising far exceeded the initial $400,000 developers of the game sought. But even $1.8 million is small potatoes compared to the all-time leader on the site. The Times reports: Crowdfunded company takes a cue from Toms shoes. Previously, securities laws required equity investors to be “qualified,” meaning they had to show they had the wealth to invest. A Guide to Kickstarter & Crowd Funding [INFOGRAPHIC] Kickstarter is one of the most visible companies in the burgeoning crowd funding space — if not the only player in the game — thanks to projects like the iPod nano watch kit. And now, the teams at ZippyCart and Killer Infographics have put together an excellent diagram showing off the science of crowd funding. The infographic serves not only as a guide of sorts to the Kickstarter process, but also as a history of crowd funding as we know it.

Kickstarter Most Funded Project Aggregate. Crowdfunding: We Don't Need No Stinkin' VCs - US Business News. Crowdfunding a Collaborative Film. 2012 is going to be the year of truly free filmmaker experimentation. 2012 is going to be the year of cross-platform collaboration. And 2012 is going to be the year of filmmaker to filmmaker collaboration. I don't know how much of this will be true, but I know I wish all of it will be, and so far, there is no clearer indicator that all will be true than The 99% Film. We've heard from Audrey Ewell, one of the film's collaborators, and we know she always has progressive and provocative ideas, so why should this time be any different.

Funding Creativity With Kickstarter [Video] 24 Hours » The Kickstarter Blog. There are crazy days and then there are days like yesterday. Yancey Strickler (ystrickler) Understanding Kickstarter. The Crowdfunding Rockstars. 15 Steps for a Successful Kickstarter Project » GMSarli Games. On Twitter, Gareth M. Lessons from a Floundering Kickstarter Project » The Kickstarter Blog. Earlier today I got an email from a man named David Lang linking to a blog post he had written called Lessons From a Floundering Kickstarter Project. In it, David discusses his project The Great Mate Journey, which has raised $240 in its first 30 days, 10% of its total. He’s disappointed in its performance thus far, and his post offers an extremely frank assessment of why he thinks that’s true.

Financing the Stuff of Dreams Through Kickstarter - State of the Art. Come on, people. Open your minds. You don’t have to participate, but at least let the youngsters have their fun. Kickstarter Reveals Its Revenues. With Two $1 Million, €755,000 Projects in One Day, Kickstarter Comes into Its Own. Kickstarter has been making waves for the past couple of years or so, but it is now living one of its biggest days yet. The service enables creators, which can mean pretty much anything, to seek funding for their projects from the people that would become their customers.In the past, it has been used to fund independent movies, music albums and the like.

It's most successful project to date though had been the TikToc and the LunaTik watch conversions for the iPod nano. It raised almost $1 million, €755,000 over Kickstarter. In 24 hours, though, that record would be broken, twice. The first to do it seems an obvious choice an iPhone, iPod dock. Until Yesterday, Kickstarter Had No $1 Million Projects—Today, It Has 2 - Alexis Madrigal - Technology.

Kickstarter Conundrum: Money Changes Everything... But What If It Doesn't Let You Change Enough? Teams Up With Kickstarter. Driven » The Kickstarter Blog. FUTURITY - The Album by The Lisps. Kickstarter – Pledge Money to Fund an Artist. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter received over 30m visitors in 2011, and almost $100m in pledges. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter is effectively the 3rd largest funder f Indie comics in the US.

15 Steps for a Successful Kickstarter Project » GMSarli Games. Lessons from a Floundering Kickstarter Project » The Kickstarter Blog. Kickstarter Raised Nearly $100 Million For Random Projects In 2011. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter received over 30m visitors in 2011, and almost $100m in pledges. Kickstarter - Funding to Turn Passions into Businesses. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter is effectively the 3rd largest funder f Indie comics in the US. Features - Building a Better Kickstarter Campaign.