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Build A TENS Machine to Remove Pain A Tens machine is used to provide a drug free way of removing pain from your body ( TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ) .Here I will show you how to build your own Tens machine and reduce the amount of pills you use to stop pain .To Build this Tens unit, you will first need to buy a 555 timer IC . The 555 timer is very small about a quarter of the size of your finger nail .You can purchase one for about 25p from Maplins or Radio Shack etc . There are 2 types of Tens machine. Low frequency Tens uses frequencies from 2 to 4 Hz . Square waves are universally encountered in digital switching circuits and are naturally generated by binary (two-level) logic devices. Eagle meets SketchUp Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories | Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time. MBA/Masters of Engineering Combined Degree - Alberta School of Business - University of Alberta Combine advanced engineering knowledge with managerial skills for a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Designed for those with an undergraduate degree in Engineering, our combined MBA/MEng Program positions you to take a leadership role in business. The Alberta School of Business in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering offers the joint MBA/MEng that can be completed full-time in two years or on a part-time basis in up to six years. This unique program allows individuals with an undergraduate degree in engineering the opportunity to combine management courses with further studies in a field of engineering. The MEng program is currently being revised by the Faculty of Engineering. Partner – Faculty of Engineering For the past 85 years, the Faculty of Engineering has been at the forefront of research and innovation. In Year One students study the key areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, management science, marketing, strategy and organizational behaviour.

Hijack Introduction HiJack is a hardware/software platform for creating cubic-inch sensor peripherals for the mobile phone. HiJack devices harvest power and use bandwidth from the mobile phone's headset interface. The HiJack platform enables a new class of small and cheap phone-centric sensor peripherals that support plug-and-play operation. Model: TES52959P hijack project The Hijack kit includes: Hijack mainboard Hijack programmer HiJack ProtoBoard Grove-Universal 4 Pin cable X5 Bug Tracker Because of the connector we used in last batch can not be found in market, we have transferred to the original hijack version, which we found a fatal bug in the connector. How does Hijack works Power. Download the firmware The Hijack is shipped with a firmware downloaded into it's MCU. 1. 3. If you see the "xxxx bytes programmed" message, the firmware download is OK. Schematic Hijack mainboard.PDFProgrammer.PDFProtoBoard.PDF Cautions Specification May include key specifications and other specifications. Application

AC Light Dimmer - Andrew Jessop March 2006 This project came about because a friend of mine had something similar as a component for his final year electronic engineering project. We decided that we would have a kind of competition to see who could build an AVR based AC light dimmer the quickest. AC Dimming Theory Explanation to go here. Hardware Software The code for this project was written in BASCOM AVR - a BASIC compiler for the AVR microcontrollers. References Silicon Chip KiCadHowTo - index.htm