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Cloud Engineering: Ship faster with better hardware engineering tools - Upverter Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories | Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time. MBA/Masters of Engineering Combined Degree - Alberta School of Business - University of Alberta Combine advanced engineering knowledge with managerial skills for a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Designed for those with an undergraduate degree in Engineering, our combined MBA/MEng Program positions you to take a leadership role in business. The Alberta School of Business in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering offers the joint MBA/MEng that can be completed full-time in two years or on a part-time basis in up to six years. The MEng program is currently being revised by the Faculty of Engineering. Partner – Faculty of Engineering For the past 85 years, the Faculty of Engineering has been at the forefront of research and innovation. In Year One students study the key areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, management science, marketing, strategy and organizational behaviour. The number of engineering courses required depends on the specific discipline. Program Outline MBA/MEng Combined Degree Outline Admissions Contact

AC Light Dimmer - Andrew Jessop March 2006 This project came about because a friend of mine had something similar as a component for his final year electronic engineering project. We decided that we would have a kind of competition to see who could build an AVR based AC light dimmer the quickest. I was interested because I had always wanted to experiment with AC power control, and this was the perfect, simple little project. AC Dimming Theory Explanation to go here. Hardware Software The code for this project was written in BASCOM AVR - a BASIC compiler for the AVR microcontrollers. References Silicon Chip katie: normal girl | Enjoyable things from the life of a normal girl. College-educated millennials seek a work-life balance, study says millennials Amy Langfield, TODAY contributor April 23, 2013 at 9:17 AM ET David Lees / Getty Images / Millennials surveyed said they seek work-life balance and value feeling appreciated at work. College-educated millennials have a slightly different set of expectations about the workplace, and employers need to make changes or risk losing the best new workers, according to a new study conducted by PwC, the University of Southern California and the London Business School. Primary among their concerns is a better work-life balance. Among millennials, 71 percent said work demands interfere with their personal lives. “Every generation would like a better work/life balance and I think the millennials are helping us see that, and maybe pulling us along,” said Terri McClements, PwC’s U.S. PwC initiated the study after it noticed an increasing number of its new hires were jumping ship after a short time. That does not mean they are a new slacker generation.

| dms Companies to watch in green tech: Transportation | Green Tech With Earth Day upon us, CNET's green reporters sat down and selected five leading companies in five different clean-technology categories. Here are the transportation companies selected: 1. The company's batteries employ a nanophosphate electrode, and other tweaks that make them less likely than conventional lithium-ion batteries to experience a "runaway thermal reaction"--or explode to you laymen. 2. Tesla's next big challenge is Whitestar, a luxury sedan coming in 2009. 3. ZeaChem and Coskata combine both chemical and biological processes. 4. Also stay on the lookout for EcoMotors and Achates Power , which are developing opposed piston/opposed cylinder diesel engines that can get 100 miles a gallon. 5. And the novelty factor doesn't stop with three wheels: the car tilts like a motorcycle when you drive it, which is sort of fun.