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NET Bible 1 tn The Hebrew text has the article prefixed to the noun. Here the article indicates the generic use of the word אָדָם (’adam): “humankind.” 2 tn This disjunctive clause (conjunction + subject + verb) is circumstantial to the initial temporal clause. It could be rendered, “with daughters being born to them.” For another example of such a disjunctive clause following the construction וַיְהִיכִּי (vayÿhiki, “and it came to pass when”), see 2 Sam 7:1. 3 tn The pronominal suffix is third masculine plural, indicating that the antecedent “humankind” is collective. Eastern Christianity Eastern Christianity comprises the Christian traditions and churches that developed in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa, India, and parts of the Far East over several centuries of religious antiquity. The term is generally used in Western Christianity to describe all Christian traditions that did not develop in Western Europe. As such, the term does not describe any single communion or common religious tradition, and in fact some "Eastern" Churches have more in common historically and theologically with "Western" Christianity than with one another. The various "Eastern" Churches do not normally refer to themselves as "Eastern," with the exception of the Church of the East. Families of churches[edit] Countries by number of Orthodox Christians in 2010

Project Compassion 2016 - Caritas Australia's annual humanitarian fundraising event Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. 50 years of Project Compassion In 2016, we celebrate 50 years since the first national appeal was held in Lent of 1965. The appeal raised the equivalent of $90,000 towards community 'self-help' projects in countries like Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Malaysia. Take a trip down memory lane Giftedness Coaching — The Giftedness Center Would you like to make a profound difference in another person's life? You can! Consider becoming a Giftedness Coach. What Does a Giftedness Coach Do? A Giftedness Coach is someone who helps others discover their giftedness, and then apply that insight to the most important areas of their life—their job, their career, their marriage or family life, their life direction, etc.

10 Fascinating Facts About Slavery Facts [WARNING: Some images may disturb.] Slavery has been a part of human society since its beginning – and it continues to thrive today. This list looks at some facts about slavery that should (for the most part) be unknown to most of our readers. This is a look through history at how slavery has existed and survived through time. Established In Virginia Complete Jewish Bible The Complete Jewish Bible is the only English version of the Bible fully Jewish in style and presentation that includes both the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and the B'rit Hadashah (New Covenant, "New Testament"). Even its title, the Complete Jewish Bible, challenges both Jews and Christians to see that the whole Bible is Jewish, the B'rit Hadashah as well as the Tanakh. Jews are challenged by the implication that without it the Tanakh is an incomplete Bible. Christians are challenged with the fact that they are joined to the Jewish people through faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) -- so that because Christianity can be rightly understood only from a Jewish perspective, anti-Semitism is condemned absolutely and forever.

The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism Gnosis Archive | Library | Bookstore | Index | Web Lectures | Ecclesia Gnostica | Gnostic Society GNOSTICISM IS THE TEACHING based on Gnosis, the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means. Although Gnosticism thus rests on personal religious experience, it is a mistake to assume all such experience results in Gnostic recognitions. Themes of Catholic Social Teaching « Catholic Social Teaching Human Dignity We must recognise we are all brothers and sisters which requires us to respect, value and uphold a common dignity for ourselves and each other. As human beings we are created in the image and likeness of God so therefore we have an inherent worth and distinction.

Blue Letter Bible Login to your BLB account to (1) choose a pre-defined reading plan and (2) keep track of your reading progress. The following reading is today's reading for the "Canonical" reading plan. This plan marches straight through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. After you activate and login to your BLB account, you can choose one of the preset plans below. Canonical Plan (1Yr) This plan goes straight through the Bible—from Genesis to Revelation. The year 2000 as envisioned in the year 1910 In 1910, French artist Villemard produced a series of illustrations depicting what life might be like in the year 2000. Yeah, he pretty much nailed it. See more here on Flickr

Hey check out Paul washer great guy by parkour22 Sep 9

That's a great idea. I've been doing the same in Swedish, but unfortunately BibleGateway doesn't include the best Swedish translation - still, I've picked up a lot of Swedish from this method and must encourage my students learning English to try it as well! by gormcc May 3

God is awesome to meet our needs, so that their technology helps us to meet the needs of others. by hgoriginal May 3

I am an English speaker learning Spanish. After using this site to study a chapter from the Bible, I compare what I have read wtih other translations, then I use this site to look up a Spanish version of that part of the Bible. It reinforces my understanding of the chapter, and at the same time helps me to improve my Spanish. by spinnymommy May 1

Extremely useful - especially how you can quickly switch from one version to another to compare translations. by gormcc May 1

The Bible online in many different translations and languages. A great tool. by alexventrella Apr 16

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