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Bible Journaling in my Planner Boxes - Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Blog. I’ve been experimenting with different Bible study methods with my Happy Planner.

Bible Journaling in my Planner Boxes - Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Blog

I absolutely LOVE recording my study in boxes. It’s how I learn and teach. I have been making slide show presentations for 30 years. No wonder I gravitate toward bullet list and summaries in boxes! Click on the image to see a larger view. Click on image for larger view Click on image for larger view These pages are available in a kit so you can join in! There are so many different ways to study and journal. In the sample below I put a condensed summary in the first box, cross references in several, a commentary and my final thoughts (each needed two boxes combined). Here is a sample using another planner sticker kit. Numbers 22-24 Video This is a video on Numbers 22 and 23 by Tom Bradford, my pastor. Part 1. Pray and Read a passage of Scripture three times. I also add notes, quotes and anything that helps me understand the passage. Part 2. Intentional By Grace - Be intentional. Rely on grace. Live for Him. Free Printable Bible Timeline Cards -

Bible Study Methods, Freebies Mark Barry is generiously offering free Bible timeline cards.

Free Printable Bible Timeline Cards -

I wrote a few ways you can use them with children. Bible-Based Resources for Homeschool. This post may contain affiliate links.

Bible-Based Resources for Homeschool

Many of these we have used, and many I have added based on reviews. I pray it helps your family choose good resources that are in line with a Bible-based homeschool. There are many literature books, a few of my favorite curriculum choices, and some others that are appropriate for a Christian homeschool. I would love to grow the list, so please share your own recommendations in the comments! The Huge List of Free Resources for Lent and Easter for Kids. Drawing the Bible: Genesis through Deuteronomy. Easter Watercolor Craft for Kids. Simply Art Watercolor CakesA spectrum of colorsRich in color and vibrancyIdeal for artists and craftersNon-toxicFor beginning crafter painters, beginning fine artistsThis is the set of watercolors we personally own.

Easter Watercolor Craft for Kids

It has lasted over three years and we're only just now a little bit low on yellow. The price is amazing for the value, and it's a great selection of colors you can use for blending. There are many wonderful Easter Bible Lessons you can tie with this craft, you'll have many new children and visitors on Easter Suday.This is a great project to remind children of THEIR choice of belief. Preschool Bible Verse Cards. Didn't find what you were looking for?

Preschool Bible Verse Cards

Try a search: Character of God in Focus: God is Holy BWThis is a simple printable you can use during your circle time or discussion. Children can learn this important truth about the character of God. Optional black and white version makes a great coloring page. "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. " -2 Corinthians 5:17 2 Corinthians 5:17 is a great verse for children learning about what it means to walk in the Christian Faith. Easter Printables & Resources. Here are some printable bible crafts you can use for Easter/Resurrection You'll find printable Easter Cards, Printable Bookmarks, Printable Gifts and more!

Easter Printables & Resources

Use these resources in your Homeschool, Sunday School, and Missions trips Stay Updated by visiting our Blog for when new resources are available! If you'd like we also have coordinating Easter Resources for Preschoolers Easter is a wonderful holiday for celebrating God's promise of salvation in Jesus Christ! Bible Verse Printables for Kids. Additionally, we've put together a few sets of Bible Verse Theme Pockets you can use with your children and students.

Bible Verse Printables for Kids

Each set comes with thematic Bible Verses and a printable pocket to store them in. The pocket includes a checklist so children can mark off the verses they've memorized. We'll be adding to this section soon, be sure you are subscribed for updates! It's never to early to start committing God's word to memory! Children of all ages can begin to learn important truths they will carry with them through out their lives. January 2016 bible reading schedule. The Academic Porthole. Bible Classbooks, Free Bible Study Guides, Old Testament, New Testament. Churches and individuals are welcome to reprint these books, but they may not be placed on any other website.

Bible Classbooks, Free Bible Study Guides, Old Testament, New Testament

For more information, please read our Copyright Notice. If you would like to know when we add new books or Bible land photographs to this website, then just like us on Facebook. Genesis Bible Classbook On Genesis, by David Padfield. Outline on the book with questions for each section. Exodus Bible Classbook On Exodus, by David Padfield. Leviticus Bible Classbook On Leviticus, by David Padfield.

Sweet Blessings: PRINTABLES. Chalk Verses 1. Man Training Archives. The Rizers. Untitled. Bible Study Weekly Record Sheet. Character Study – Homeschool Helper Online. Homeschool Helper Online Homeschoolers Helping Each Other.

Character Study – Homeschool Helper Online

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of the Law (Year One) Index. Bible Road Trip is an exciting journey which places you and your children in the driver’s seat!

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of the Law (Year One) Index

Aimed at youth grades 1-12, Bible Road Trip will allow your family to survey the Bible cover-to-cover in 3 years ~ with breaks for summer. There are notebook pages available for the Lower Grammar (Grades 1-3), Upper Grammar (Grades 4-6) and Dialectic (Grades 7-9) levels. Students at the Rhetoric level (Grades 10-12) will keep their own notebooks and be busy sharing their information with others!

Use this index of links to find your way around Bible Road Trip. These are the links for the curriculum Overview, the Parent / Teacher Guide and the Books of the Law (Year One Weeks One – Eleven). Read and Study the Bible Online - Search, Find Verses. Grace Christian Homeschool: Classical Conversations Memory Work Binder. In an effort to get ready for the new year, I have put together this binder to use for our Classical Conversations (CC) memory work.

It also contains our weekly scripture memory for MFW-ECC. For the cute scripture printables see Mama Jenn! Before I get into the details of the binder - let me explain a few things. First, I love the Charlotte Mason Scripture memory work system and that is where this idea began. I wanted a way for us to review not only the cycle we were currently on but the previous cycles too. Now - back to the binder! The tabs included are daily, odd, even, days of the week, numbers 1-31. Using God's Word to Correct in Your Family — the Better Mom.

Free Bible Timeline Printables. FREE BIBLE LESSONS. I am a storyteller. All of my easy, FREE Bible lessons for kids have objectives, but I tell the story. Sometimes I have props, but most of the time I just have the Bible. I am finding that children want “real truth.” They are hungry for it. Picture Smart Bible - Home. Sunday School, Bible Crafts and Sunday … Joyous Lessons: Volume 1: Memorization. Miss Mason's suggestions regarding memorization here are short and simple: she advises reading a poem to the child casually (when brushing a daughter's hair, for example) once a day, and after just a few listenings, they should know it by heart and be able to recite it "quite beautifully and without hesitation. " That's exactly how it works in your homeschool, right? No?! ;) Scripture Memory System — Simply Charlotte Mason. The instructions and video below outline an easy-to-use system to help your family members develop the habit of memorizing and remembering Scripture.

By spending just five or ten minutes a day, you and your children can learn and retain hundreds of verses. First, a word about memorizing, or recitation. The Charlotte Mason method of Recitation is not cumbersome, yet works amazingly well. The method is simply this: once or twice each day read aloud the verse or passage you are memorizing. As the words become familiar, the family members should join in saying the parts they know. It doesn’t matter how long the passage is. Third Grade Memory Work and Recitation. When we started homeschooling I included memory work right from the start as part of our morning routine. Besides Scriptures, I wanted TJ to have a rich storehouse of language in her brain so we worked on poetry and foreign language recitations. Then we added history and science lists just because she was learning things so quickly! I wanted an easy systems that wouldn’t be too time consuming and discovered the Scripture Memory System at Simply Charlotte Mason and it has been absolutely perfect for our needs.

I’ve modified the version slightly to make it easier for us and we use it for more than Scripture – poetry, French, Latin, history, science, and grammar have all found their way into the morning recitation time. My first change was the index cards.