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Topic 9: The Rise of Stalin - Mr. Moor's History Website. Stalin. 311AREA OF STUDY 2 – CREATION OF A NEW SOCIETY. GCSE Modern World History. The History Guide. Course: Reinventing Russia. 12H TROTSKY WHAT IF AAH. 12H ROMANOV MURDER 1 AAH. 12H ROMANOV MURDER 2 AAH. 12H MAOIST CHINA AAH. Solzhenitsyn, August 1914, Chapter 65 (Stolypin) The Assassins - Jan Young. Russian Revolution Lesson Group Project - Good job!

Russian Revolution Lesson Group Project -

Good job to all my group members. I think we had a fun time despite the fact that the game didn't work as well as we planned (No more Hershey kisses!!!) We caught a lot of people not paying attention by Mr. Smith seemed to remain interested. Grade:110/115 3 points off for not connecting to the "big Ideas" which I planned to do but class was over. 2 points off for not saying who did what on grade sheet. As part of a group project with 4 other members (Dan, Jamie, DJ, and Cathy), we need to teach a 10 minute lesson on a topic from the Russian Revolution for Western Civ class on 5/31/2006.

Our group chose the topic D:Civil War in Russia, Lenin Restores Order, and Totalitarianism in Russia: Joseph Stalin. Why Do Revolutions Happen - Inside Revolution.

The Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution. Russiacmap1. Russiacmap2. Source analysis templates. GCSE Modern World History. ActiveHistory. The Japanese and Manchuria - history 12. History Today. Women in China. Chinese Revolution. The webserver at Alpha History tells us you’re using an adblocking tool, plug-in or browser extension on your computer or network.

Chinese Revolution

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The Hundred Flowers Campaign - IGCSE Edexcel History: China. IGCSE Edexcel History: China - Home. Alpha History: Because the Past Matters. Visual essay-writing: cartoons, sticky-notes and plenty of collaboration! To develop analytical and essay-writing skills in a collaborative and engaging manner, start by gathering a series of photographs relating to the topic in question: A pile of cartoons and photographs (maybe about 20 of these)PodcastsVideo clipsTextbooksArticles Next, divide the class into groups.

Visual essay-writing: cartoons, sticky-notes and plenty of collaboration!

Within each group, three students should be responsible for organising the cartoons into meaningful categories to answer the key question for the lesson (in the photograph shown here, cartoons are being organised into meaningful categories to help understand “Why was the Marshall Plan so controversial?”). Whilst the ‘cartoonists’ are busy discussing how to arrange the images meaningfully, another student should be listening to the podcasts, another watching the video, another reading the article, and another reading a textbook (it is a good idea to let students choose the task they are most comfortable with, as far as possible).

National Security Archive/COLD WAR/Interviews. Internet History Sourcebooks. Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini (2006) Before there was Osama bin Laden there was Ayatollah Khomeini, a radical Muslim leader who challenged the world's infidels in the name of Allah.

Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini (2006)

After his father was killed by bandits, the young Khomeini was brought up by his mother and aunt. However, when he was only fifteen he suffered further loss as his aunt died and then shortly afterwards his mother also passed away. Under the guidance of his elder brother he learnt Islamic science, literature, and philosophy, eventually becoming a leading authority on theological law. In 1962 he became politically active and openly protested against the torturing and imprisonment of the people by the Shah of Iran, whose regime was seen to be safeguarding the interests of the US. On June 3 1963, Khomeini made a historic speech against the dependence of the Shah’s regime on foreign powers, and its support of Israel.

Watch the full documentary now.


Stalin: Inside the Terror. STALIN - the Rise of a dictator & Nature of his rule. THE GREAT DEPRESSION. 2014-12 HISTORY - Wiki-Classroom mars.wikispaces. Support Materials. To support student success in the SACE and to help teachers in the development of teaching programs and resources, a range of support materials are available.

Support Materials

Support materials for Stage 2 include: learning and assessment plan exemplars learning and assessment plan checklist learning and assessment plan pro formas assessment reports and examination papers subject advice and strategies assessment tasks and student responses. These materials provide guidance on developing engaging assessment practices and examples of how performance standards are applied. When a whole assessment type is exemplified a grade level, A+ to E– is shown (For Community Studies, A to E is shown). As individual tasks represent only one part of a full assessment type they are not graded. Please note Some support materials contain third-party copyright material, such as text, photographs, diagrams, cartoons, and artwork. Schools may reproduce SACE Board material for study and educational purposes and classroom use.

BOLSHEVIK - CHINESE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION COMPARISON. GCSE History Revision - online revision exercises, lessons, games andquizzes. AS History Year 12. Home - Trove. Russian Revolution - Lesson Plans, Activities, Powerpoints. History.