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Icotrip – Each day a new (ico)trip

Icotrip – Each day a new (ico)trip

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Soda Machine Hack Most modern vending machines have little computers inside. A tiny screen usually displays some information. Although relatively little known, pressing a certain combinations of buttons can control the settings. For instance, you can check the internal temperature, view the amount of money inside, empty change, or dump certain beverages.

Free Icons Over 5000 Icons in 77 Icon Sets Speedometer Check In Network Video Camera Security Safe Rutgers Grease Trucks - Home of the Fat Sandwiches The Rutgers Grease Trucks are a group of truck-based food vendors located on College Avenue of the main campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They are famous for serving the delicious “Fat Sandwiches”, a sub containing an ensemble of ingredients such as burgers, cheese, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, gyro meat, bacon, etc. Please see below for a menu of Rutgers Fat Sandwiches. History Starting in the early 1980s, food trucks licensed by the city of New Brunswick parked along College Avenue, most clustered near Voorhees Mall, where there is a high concentration of classroom buildings on the campus. A few were as far north as Brower Commons, about a quarter mile away (thus competing with eateries in the student center and dining hall). Students and visitors alike could obtain a quick, hot, inexpensive meal during events and between classes.

StateFace A font you can use in your web apps when you want tiny state shapes as a design element. It's designed to be used at small sizes, and the shapes have been highly simplified to make for a really small font. All 50 states plus D.C., Puerto Rico and a wee continental U.S. map fit in about 22k, and they look great on Retina displays. At ProPublica we're using it in our super PAC tracker. Download: ZIP | tar.gz | Source Repo How to Use

Miegakure: A puzzle-platforming game in four dimensions Miegakure is a platform game where you navigate a four-dimensional world to perform miraculous feats and solve puzzles. Miegakure is a puzzle-platforming game that lets you explore and interact with a four-dimensional world. The fourth dimension in this game works just like the first three: it is a mathematical generalization. Your ability to move in the fourth dimensions in addition to the usual three allows you to perform miraculous feats like seeing inside closed buildings, walking through walls, stealing objects from closed containers, binding two separate rings without breaking them, etc...

Siruca Pictograms™, the first Open Source project of Fabrizio Schiavi I’d love to design a lot of new picts for my Siruca Pictograms™ but I can’t find the time, so I asked collaboration to some others icon designers. You can participate to the grow of this project if you like. I’ll publish it just below the text in this page with your name and a link to your site. Katrina and the Never-Ending Scandal of State Management - William L. Anderson For the most part, we know what happened — and what did not happen — after Katrina had battered parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast and flooded most of New Orleans. Despite promises of aid "around the corner," adequate government assistance did not reach many of the refugees, and especially the people of New Orleans who were stuffed into the Superdome, the New Orleans Convention Center, not to mention nursing homes and roofs of houses. As we now know, government agents stymied attempts by private individuals and organizations to bring provisions to people who had none. People languished for about five days before the "cavalry" arrived, bringing provisions and some bit of hope. Why this happened generally is explained according to one's political preferences.

Escher for Real The work of M.C. Escher needs no introduction. We have all learned to appreciate the impossibilities that this master of illusion's artwork presents to the layman's eye. Get Rewards for Saving Money on Your Energy Bill Giving people free stuff is a great way to convince them to do something, especially when they get that free stuff just by cutting down their energy bills. Earth Aid is a web app that operates a lot like for your energy bill. Signing up for the free service will allow it to read your meter and track your output over time, giving you an online energy budget.

Color Psychology by David Johnson Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color. It is ubiquitous. Yet what does it all mean? Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Why do weightlifters do their best in blue gyms? 10 Online Tools and Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, syndicated columnist, public speaker and author of Never Get a "Real" Job. The content of this post was sourced from the Young Entrepreneur Council, a non-profit led by the world's top young entrepreneurs. You can submit your questions to this group on

Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions Answered by The Lucidity Institute Version 2.4 © Lucidity Institute (contact us) This FAQ is a brief introduction to lucid dreaming: what it is, how to do it, and what can be done with it. There are several excellent sources of information on lucid dreaming, the most reliable and extensive of which is the Lucidity Institute website ( Other sources are listed below. Stephen LaBerge presents workshops, and training programs for learning lucid dreaming. Participating with a group focused together on developing the skills necessary for lucid dreaming is the most efficient and effective way of achieving or improving your frequency of lucid dreaming (and it's a lot of fun). For information please visit the Lucidity Institute website. Upcoming programs are listed at the top of the page.

Whats Your Secret Salsa Ingredient? [Photograph: Lisa Fain/The Homesick Texan] A few months ago, I came across a tomato-based salsa at a Mexican restaurant that I couldn't stop dipping my tortilla chips in. It had all the major salsa players: tomatoes, onions and chiles. But there was something a little different about this salsa, a spice or herb that I couldn't put my finger on. It added a touch of earthiness, a little smokiness?