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A simple trick we use at Canva to enhance our images and achieve brand consistency [with templates] Because you’re reading this, we imagine you’re the type of person who takes visual impact seriously.

A simple trick we use at Canva to enhance our images and achieve brand consistency [with templates]

We’re also betting that you might’ve dabbled in posting images to social media, and you might even be trying to build your very own brand. We love that, ‘cause it means you’re our kind of people. Unfortunately though, designing impactful graphics isn’t easy. And neither’s building a brand that’s consistent. So, we thought we’d write this post about filters. Why filters? It’s a trick we use at Canva. Recommended Podcast Players for Narro. Narro plays nicely with all kinds of podcast players and apps, but these do particularly well.

Recommended Podcast Players for Narro

If you want to add to this list, you can always suggest another. iOS Android Overcast Steps Copy your personal Narro podcast URL (also found on your account page, near the middle).Go to "Add Podcast" from the Overcast home screen.Tap "Add URL" in the top right corner.Paste in your Narro podcast URL and you're done! Apple Podcasts Steps On an iOS device: Copy your personal Narro podcast URL (also found on your account page, near the middle).Open your Apple Podcasts app on your iOS device.When you're on the main screen of the Podcasts app, tap on the "+" in the top left of any screen and select 'Add podcast' (or slide down the search field from the top on old versions).In the search field, enter your Narro podcast URL, then press search.Confirm your subscription and rejoice!

On a desktop computer: Pocket Casts Steps As found on Pocket Casts FAQ: Steps As found on's FAQ: Downcast Steps. TheBrain for Android. Show and tell for designers. About — Jennet Liaw. iMindQ Blog - Creative Innovation towards Business Excellence. Effective recruiting strategies for small businesses A company is only as good as its employees.

iMindQ Blog - Creative Innovation towards Business Excellence

With such insight, businesses are always in the search for better talents. Many CEO’s know that continuous rejuvenation of the companies means continually searching for these new, young creative minds to uplift the organizations to higher scales. Small businesses without well-defined departments, however, may face a challenge in hiring and recruiting new staff. Read article Negotiations as the best tool in achieving your business goals Negotiation has become a very important part of every job. Read article 6 ways to prepare yourself for the leap into entrepreneurship So, you’ve decided to branch out on your own and become an entrepreneur.

The reality of becoming an entrepreneur is very tough indeed. Read article How to become an Effective Delegator using 'Monkey Management' Read article Mediation with the use of computer mindmapping We are looking at a customer-supplier IT outsourcing relationship. Using Mind Maps Magazine. Issues – Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral syndrome that is estimated to affect 3-6% of elementary and high school students It usually becomes apparent in the first few years of school, but it may go undiagnosed until adulthood.

Issues –

A good… Continue Reading To topic of death is something most people (including myself) have a very difficult time with. I never liked the thought that someday in the future, all my loved ones and myself will no longer be on this earth in… Continue Reading Hair. The Final Frontier. Pubic hair can be confusing. When I was in college, I had a roommate who would bring home a girl every night. Once in a while, people like to be acknowledged that they are doing a good job. We all come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

“Hey man, Can you help me move?” Wednesday’s suck. Common courtesy really isn’t all that common anymore. Integrity has a few different definitions but in the end they all boil down to the same things. WARNING!! Self Improvement Tips. An Alternative Approach to Meditation Techniques to Achieve Inner Peace FREE today here: Nobody would blame you for thinking that meditation techniques imply trying to think about nothing whilst you have your body contorted into an uncomfortable position for hours on end.

Self Improvement Tips

Whilst it is true that some meditation experts are able to dedicate days on end to open up their minds to higher beings, alternative meditation techniques are more suited to a person who is used to multi-tasking their home life with their work life and are looking for a way to wind down from a wild week. Summer VR Challenge: Mapping Our Digital Selves.

Some participants in the ThingLink Summer VR Challenge have successfully completed the first activity, Design Your Digital Self.

Summer VR Challenge: Mapping Our Digital Selves

Meet the educators who are leading the way and connect with them. The map will be updated with additional Digital Selves weekly throughout the challenge. Several participants have asked where to turn in your Digital Selves. There is a Google form built into the lesson, also accessible here: Free coding courses for kids. Fuel Your Brain With the Latest in NeuroscienceSmart Drug Smarts.