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Musicovery Carl Bloch Paintings, Wikileaks Swedish Servers, Reunion Island World Heritage Site, Cape Town Aerial Panorama - Photo Panoramiques The Vincent van Gogh Gallery Black Mirror / rorriM kcalB 0 - chromatic - 48 tines - Rain makes everything better. The magic button — Make Everything OK HUMUMENT.COM - The Official Site of A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips Introduction Fifth edition 2012 A Humument started life towards noon on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) 1966 at a propitious place. Austin's Furniture Repository stood on Peckham Rye where William Blake saw his first angels and which Van Gogh must have passed once or twice on his way to Lewisham. As usual on a Saturday morning Ron Kitaj and I were prowling the huge warehouse in search of bargains. It turned out to be a novel by someone that neither I nor my even more bookish companion had heard of, W. Like most projects that end up lasting a lifetime this had its germ in idle play at what then seemed to be the fringe of my activities. Once I had got my prize home I was excited to find that page after randomly opened page revealed that I had indeed stumbled upon a treasure. It was while I was experimenting with ways of combining pages that the book's christening took place; again by a chance discovery. By 1973 I had worked every page. - Tom Phillips

Cat helicopter: Watch dead cat turned into helicopter known as Orvillecopter by Dutch artist Eight out of ten cats would probably prefer a less strenuous afterlife The separation from a beloved furry friend who dies can be too much for some pet lovers. Some owners may opt to have their much-missed animal buddy stuffed and mounted to maintain that companionship so familiar around the home, rather than the more conventional approach of having their cherished chum cremated or burying them in the back garden. But it seems unlikely that many would choose the approach taken by one Dutchman – and transform their passed away pet into a hybrid helicopter cyborg. That was the unusual ultimate fate of cat Orville, named after aviator Orville Wright, after he was run over by a car. Reuters Artist Bart Jansen decided to pay tribute to his pussy pal by turning him into a piece of artwork, a moggy chopper. Orville was stuffed before Jansen turned to radio control helicopter flyer Arjen Beltman, who constructed a specially-designed flying mechanism to attach to the cat.

Stick Figure vs Animator Mind Hacks Personism Tango "Thirty-six characters from different stages of life - representations of different times - interact in one room, moving in loops, observed by a static camera. I had to draw and paint about 16.000 cell-mattes, and make several hundred thousand exposures on an optical printer. It took a full seven months, sixteen hours per day, to make the piece. - Zbig Rybczynski –Looking to the Future - Imagining the Truth,” in FranÐois Penz, Maureen Thomas, Cinema& Architecture. "In Tango, Rybczynski exploits this concept of the single offscreen space by filling it with a plethora of actions. - Roger Noake, Animation Techniques, Secaucus, Chartwell Books Inc., 1988.

Anti Joke What are Antijokes? Anti Jokes (or Anti Humor) is a type of comedy in which the uses is set up to expect a typical joke setup however the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline. We’ve just released huge update to the iOS app! Now, access all your favorite text and photo sites like Anti-Joke, DIYLOL! A few things didn’t make the original cut (like comments) but they’ll be back soon. NEW ANTI-JOKE BOOK! Want more?

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