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Vintage & Simple Wedding Gowns

Sunday Sanctuary: The Loft - Oracle Fox : Oracle Fox. Interiors Loft living at its absolute finest.

Sunday Sanctuary: The Loft - Oracle Fox : Oracle Fox

With exposed brick, high ceilings and styling to die for, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this space is situated in the heart of NYC. However, we actually have to cross the Atlantic to find this bright Scandinavian wonder… I think you’ll agree, it’s certainly worth the air miles… x Fantastic Frank . Pinterest . Turn off your ad blocker to view content. 24 Plant-Based Accessories To Give You Life This Spring. 26 Board Games You Have To Play Before You Die. Giant Jenga.

While we were in Austin a few weeks ago we had a fun evening out with some of the folks from BonLook.

Giant Jenga

At this rooftop bar, they had a giant jenga set. Whoa! Apparently this is a thing. But this was my first experience with giant jenga. It was a blast! Trey and I immediately decided we needed to create our own set for fun backyard times at our house. First you need to buy enough 2x4 boards to cut into forty-eight 10 1/2 inch pieces.

Last I painted the ends in five different colors: Grassy Meadow, Field Poppy, Safe Harbor, Panama Rose and Crumb Cookie. If you do decide to seal also keep in mind that some sealers (like polyurethane) can change your paint colors (like tinting your whites more yellow). Gin and Lime Marmalade - Feeding Boys & a FireFighter. I’m trying to get ahead with my edible gift making, so I used the weekend to make a batch of lime marmalade, but thought a naughty slug of gin would be a marvellous match!

Gin and Lime Marmalade - Feeding Boys & a FireFighter

Gin is everywhere these days, so why not in marmalade?! What gin to use though? Well there’s so much choice these days it’s mind blowing. We took a trip to the Gin Festival which popped up in Newcastle this month for some ginspiration… One side of the hall in Castle Gate was dedicated to a huge bar rammed with a myriad of varieties of gin. Among the many varieties we tried the most memorable were: A slug of Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb and Ginger – sweet and tangy enough to knock back straight.

Bloom‘s floral blend was delicious with plenty of tonic, ice and some strawberries. A Swedish apartment with a cosy bed and glossy grey floor. I'm feeling all relaxed and inspired working from Djäkne, a café and communal workspace in town.

A Swedish apartment with a cosy bed and glossy grey floor

It's amazing what a change of scene can do, don't you think? I stumbled across this lovely boho coastal cottage over at Apartment Therapy and it immediately matched today's mood! Situated in Victoria, Australia, the 100 year old home is rented by Kirsty Davey (founder of Otis and Otto), Simon Taylor and their daughter, Mali. The family lived in Melbourne and loved to come out here at the weekends before realising this is where they wanted to live permanently.

The lovely, relaxed home is filled with vintage, reclaimed and restored pieces, works by local and overseas artists and a rich blend of textures to form a lovely base from which to enjoy surfing, cooking, gardening and other outdoor adventures. Modern Scandinavian Design - Muuto. Beautiful & Surprising: 10 Unexpected Kitchen Details.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Beautiful & Surprising: 10 Unexpected Kitchen Details

These 10 kitchens all have features you might not expect — small but impactful details to both surprise and delight. Coup de coeur : les cuisines en bois. La semaine dernière, j’ai reçu le livre Kitchen ID by Hygena : un condensé de bonnes idées et d’inspiration !

Coup de coeur : les cuisines en bois

Alors forcément, j’ai eu envie de vous parler cuisine Chez nous, c’est le gros point noir de l’appartement. On aime faire à manger, donc forcément on rêve d’une belle et grande pièce ! Je l’imagine lumineuse, avec beaucoup de rangements et surtout, avec une fenêtre. En fait, après quatre années à vivre dans des appartements avec cuisines ouvertes, je crois que j’aimerai passer à une cuisine fermée. Tree house!! For those of you who don’t know how amazing my husband is, here is a glimpse.

Tree house!!

He has almost single-handedly remodeled our house, room by room, over the last 7 years. We still have a few more projects in the house, but he was persuaded to work outside this time on a tree house for our kids. I always wanted a treehouse as I was growing up and never got the chance to have one, so when he told our kids last year that he would build one for them, I made him deliver on that promise! It took him a bit longer than expected because he is a perfectionist and a beautiful designer, so it evolved as he built it. But, the end result was definitely worth it. I documented the process with my Iphone, but took some final photos with my good camera, both at night and daytime. Enjoy! Buying more wood for the project.

Wanderlust 2014 Calendar Travel by EyePoetryPhotography. Morning Mug by The Cottage Industry.