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Sad Trombone

Sad Trombone - Actualité Logiciel bedtime calculator Time Cube Google Is Now Apple's Greatest Enemy: Here's Why Let's take a trip back in time. The year is 1994, and two tech giants are going to war over copyright. They are Microsoft and Apple, and they are fighting over a copyright claim by Apple over Microsoft and HP's use of graphical user interface elements from the Macintosh OS. The resulting court case, Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, ended with a ruling in Microsoft's favor, mostly due to a contractual license agreement between the two. The matter was never fully settled by the case though. This series of events, which happened while Steve Jobs was being reinstated as the CEO of Apple, set the stage for what is happening today between Microsoft, Apple, and Google. The phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes to mind. Android: Google Enters Apple's Turf When Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Apple's Board of Directors in 2006, the move made perfect sense. At that time, Google wasn't in mobile, hardware, operating systems or browsers. It all started with Android, though.

Карта Интернета Totally Sidetalkin' Nokia N-Gage Style!! SIDETALKING 2004-2005 radio Cette page regroupe tout ce qui concerne la webradio sur Ubuntu. Les webradios sont des stations plus ou moins semblables aux stations de radio. La particularité d'une webradio est qu'elle est diffusée sur Internet. Moteur de recherche pour les flux de radios Française, Européenne, Autre pays: wik'radio Belgique Bénin Auvergne Rhône Alpes Canada / Québec Pour une liste de postes de radio du Québec ou du reste du Canada francophone disponibles sur Internet consultez ces sites: Voir aussi : les astuces pour écouter ou visionner le contenu multimédia sur le site de Radio-Canada et de ses filiales. France Services d'écoute de radios via le web : Luxembourg Monaco Suisse Liens francophones WikRadio : liste de radios francophones, possibilité de créer sa liste de radios en quelques : Annuaire des flux (adresses internet) des principales radios franç : 20.000 webradios classées par genre/bitrate/nb d'auditeurs Radios anglophones Radios arabophones Radios germanophones

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