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What Languages Sound Like

What Languages Sound Like
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Me and You < Mondadori Education Il concetto di didattica per competenze comincia ad affermarsi intorno alla metà degli anni ’90, nei documenti dell’Unione Europea, come il Libro bianco sull’istruzione e formazione1 a cura di Edith Cresson, allora Commissario Europeo con delega alla scienza, ricerca ed educazione, in cui si legge: «In tutti i paesi d’Europa si cercano di identificare le “competenze chiave” e di trovare i mezzi migliori di acquisirle, certificarle e valutarle. Viene proposto di mettere in atto un processo europeo che permetta di confrontare e diffondere queste definizioni, questi metodi e queste pratiche». L’idea di competenza deriva dall’ambito lavorativo, dove indica “il patrimonio complessivo di risorse di un individuo nel momento in cui affronta una prestazione lavorativa o il suo percorso professionale”.2 La dimensione della potenzialità e quella della natura integrata della competenza sono fondamentali, perché le ritroveremo anche nell’applicazione al mondo della scuola. 1. 2. 4. competenza digitale

An-Ideal-Husband-Teaching-Packet.pdf Women who changed the world •Biography Online A list of famous influential women, including women’s rights activists, poets, musicians, politicians, humanitarians and scientists. Sappho (circa 570 BCE) One of the first known female writers. Much of her poetry has been lost but her immense reputation has remained. Plato referred to Sappho as one of the great 10 poets. Cleopatra (69 BCE–30 BCE) The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt. Mary Magdalene (4 BCE–40BCE) Accounts from the Gospels and other sources suggest Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ most devoted followers. Boudicca (1st Century CE) Boudicca was an inspirational leader of the Britons. Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) Mystic, author and composer. Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122–1204) The first Queen of France. Joan of Arc (1412–1431) The patron saint of France, Joan of Arc inspired a French revolt against the occupation of the English. Mirabai (1498–1565) Indian mystic and poet. St Teresa of Avila (1515–1582) Spanish mystic, poet and Carmelite reformer. Susan B. Queen Elizabeth II

Important Women Through History A List of Women Achievers Explore this list of over 30 women of achievement. You can nominate one of these women or someone else to the Honor Roll of Notable Women. This page includes links outside of Every Web site we link to was visited by our team at one point in time to make sure it's appropriate for children. Louisa May Alcott:1832–1888 Author who produced the first literature for the mass market of juvenile girls in the 19th century. Susan B. Clara Barton:1821–1912 Clara Barton got involved with tending the needy when she treated injured Union soldiers on the battlefield during the Civil War. Elizabeth Blackwell:1821–1910 First American woman awarded a medical degree by a college. Pearl S. Cleopatra:69–30 B.C. Marie Curie:1867–1934 This physicist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize — she actually won it twice — and the first woman to earn a doctorate in Europe. Top of Page Helen Keller1880–1968 A childhood disease left her deaf, mute, and blind. Dr.

Jane Austen, Feminist Icon 8 Truly Feminist Lessons From Jane Austen That Every 21st Century Woman Can Use | Bustle As she established herself as a serious writer, Jane Austen showed us all that her bread and butter were her women's stories. Her badass-ness manifested in proving that that novels written by women about women can uncover real truths, challenge, and unseat any reader — and, come on, is there any more feminist statement than women are (gasp!) human beings who are just as complex and interesting as men? Sure, it's easy to ask whether or not we can actually learn anything about feminism from her books if Austen's plots center on marriage, but you have to spend some time looking at the women she created. In fact, here are some lessons that every 21st century woman can draw from Austen’s novels. You Can't Judge Other Women for Their Choices In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is outraged when her close friend Charlotte Lucas accepts the famously ridiculous Mr. Never Accept Less Than You Deserve Even though her father’s estate is entailed to Mr. It’s Up to You to Chase Your Own Happiness

Il femminismo secondo Watson: perchè questa parola è tanto scomoda | Il mio luogo La società è in grado di generare veri mostri: il maschilismo, il femminilismo – cosa diversa dal femminismo – come prova a spiegare anche la dolce Watson: “Per la cronaca, la definizione di femminismo è: «il credere che uomini e donne debbano avere uguali diritti e opportunità. È la teoria della parità dei sessi in politica, in economia e nella società”. – See more at: Emma Watson e il suo discorso alle Nazioni Unite in occasione del lancio della nuova campagna HeForShe. Non discuto della campagna della UNWomen “HeForShe”. Non oggi. La società è in grado di generare veri mostri: il maschilismo, il femminilismo – cosa diversa dal femminismo – come prova a spiegare anche la dolce Watson: “Per la cronaca, la definizione di femminismo è: «il credere che uomini e donne debbano avere uguali diritti e opportunità. Ma i maschi non sono esenti da questo meccanismo irrispettoso delle proprie inclinazioni.

Controversial Subjects in the Classroom Overview: Invariably, issues are raised in classrooms that bring charged responses from students. How can educators set the stage for safe, respectful dialogue and learning? Three students in a college Shakespeare course I taught accused me of trying to make them say two female characters in A Midsummer Night's Dream were lesbians. Since my lesson plan involved Shakespearean diction and close reading, I didn't take them seriously. I laughed. My response made the students even angrier, and they stormed out of the room, one gliding defiantly out on roller blades. It turns out, after having discussed race in Othello and anti-Semitism in Merchant of Venice, these three theater majors decided I was there to promote my "politically correct" worldview and anticipated the introduction of another taboo topic, homosexuality. The dean of my department moved them to a new section where the instructor focused on staging and performance. The principal nodded: "Yes."

ExamTime Who is the real William Shakespeare? - Anonymous DVD extra Pink Floyd's "The Wall" as Dystopian Narrative by Julia Saavedra on Prezi History of Feminism in the United States 2004: This is What 1.4 Million Feminists Look Like When NOW organized a March for Women's Lives in 1992, Roe was in danger. The march on DC, with 750,000 present, took place on April 5th. When a second March for Women's Lives was organized, it was led by a broader coalition that included LGBT rights groups and groups specifically focusing on the needs of immigrant women, indigenous women, and women of color.