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Arts visuels - Glossaire. Glossaire (maternelle à la 8e année) Arrière-plan (un) : espace dans une composition qui semble être situé derrière le sujet principal; les éléments de la composition qui semblent les plus éloignés de l'observateur.

Arts visuels - Glossaire

L'enfant dans la chine urbaine. «Petites empereurs » et «petites princesses » Hyperchoyés, objets de surinvestissement parentaux, les jeunes Chinois issus de la politique de l’enfant unique ressemblent beaucoup aux enfants rois des pays occidentaux.

L'enfant dans la chine urbaine. «Petites empereurs » et «petites princesses »

Avec cependant quelques spécifités dues au contexte de ce grand pays en pleine transformation. En Chine, les enfants des villes font l’expérience d’une situation familiale sans précédent. Dans un pays habitué aux familles nombreuses – leurs propres parents ont en moyenne cinq ou six frères et sœurs –, ils sont seuls pour assumer le rôle d’unique descendant.

Cette position les rend particulièrement précieux et leur a valu les surnoms de « petits empereurs » et « petites princesses » ou bien de « petits soleils ». Les « petits empereurs » chinois s'emballent pour les marques. ON LES A APPELÉS les « petits empereurs ».

Les « petits empereurs » chinois s'emballent pour les marques

Ce sont ces enfants nés pendant la période où régnait en Chine la doctrine de l'enfant unique. En Chine, la solitude des «petits empereurs» REPORTAGE - Depuis le 1er janvier, la politique de l'enfant unique, en vigueur depuis plus de trois décennies, est abrogée.

En Chine, la solitude des «petits empereurs»

Pékin autorise désormais tous les couples à avoir un deuxième enfant. Mais une génération «sacrifiée» reste marquée par une enfance solitaire, les réflexes égoïstes et la pression familiale pesant sur le seul héritier. Behind Picasso's Blue Room: Is figure his friend, Carlos Casagemas? WASHINGTON, July 17, 2014 – Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period (1901 – 1904) left impressionist art some of its most important works.

Behind Picasso's Blue Room: Is figure his friend, Carlos Casagemas?

It is called the Blue Period, not to just reflect the artists mood, but that the artist chose mostly monochromatic paintings in shades of blue to blue green. La Mort de Casagemas - La Grande Dépression. Le tableau « La Mort de Casagemas » a été peint par Pablo Picasso en 1901.

La Mort de Casagemas - La Grande Dépression

Quel drame se cache derrière cette toile ? Au début de l’année 1900, Carlos Casagemas se lie d’amitié avec Pablo Picasso. La Mort de Casagemas - La Grande Dépression. Picasso's 1901 Exhibition The Founding Of A Genius. Picasso's 1901 exhibition - the founding of a genius On June 24, 1901, Picasso launched his first major exhibition in Paris, rocketing him into the limelight... 112 years ago, Pablo Picasso launched the first major exhibition of his work.

Picasso's 1901 Exhibition The Founding Of A Genius

Casagemas Carlos. ‘People aren’t responsible for climate change’ Most scientists agree that climate change is a real and growing threat.

‘People aren’t responsible for climate change’

From rising sea levels to melting glaciers and extreme weather patterns, our environment is changing, and they believe humans are largely to blame. But skeptics don’t agree: so-called climate change deniers argue that people have little to no impact on global climate movements. Global Ideas picked three of the most common arguments made by climate skeptics and asked researchers to pick apart the theories behind them. CHINESE YOUTH: TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN CHINA. Teenagers are reaching puberty about a year earlier than they did 15 years ago, in some cases before they are 11.


In East Asia, teenagers socialize less than one hour a day, compared to 2 to 3 hours in North America. Many lack social skills to deal with a increasingly competitive world. One study found that 45 percent of Chinese urban residents are at risk to health problems due to stress, with the highest rates among high school students. A teacher in her 30s told Peter Hessler in a National Geographic article, “When we were students there wasn't a generation gap with the teachers. Nowadays our students have their own viewpoints and ideas. CHINESE YOUTH: TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN CHINA. Chinese youth: Rise of a new culture. By Geeta Kochhar ( Updated: 2011-06-14 11:35 Looking at the drastic changes that China has undergone since the 1980s, what comes to light is not only a shift in the core leadership and party policies, but definitely a change in ideologies and thinking by the masses.

Chinese youth: Rise of a new culture

From what Westerners described a "Revolutionary China" to a "Socialist Market Economy," China has gone a long way to achieve what it now calls a modernized society. A crucial aspect of this reformed society is the rise of a new youth culture. The main issue is what kind of new culture the present-day youth in China are evolving; has materialism taken over the minds of the younger generation or are the ideological concepts still alive? ; in which theoretical frame do the modern youth of China fit?

25 Contemporary Chinese Artists You Need to Know. How do you select 25 individuals from a nation of 1.3 billion people? Arbitrarily is the only real answer. Though by no means exhaustive, the following list represents a cross section of artists that currently live and work in China and make really cool art. China is at once a uniquely contemporary and deeply traditional society. Chinese social and political life is based largely on events of the last forty years, since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 forced a hard reset. The institution of the one-child policy in 1979, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, the exponential economic growth in the '90s, the country’s admission into the World Trade Organization in 2001, the recent period of rapid Westernization, and the rise to global power have shaped every aspect of Chinese life.

He Sen: the modern contemporary artist_Art & Creativity_BON CP. He Sen is a famous modern contemporary artist, he graduated in 1989 from Sichuan fine art's institute's teaching department, then In 2003 he came to Beijing to work. His works are put on display in many cities all over the world. For instance, New York, Busan and Milan. His works are collected and stored in the China art gallery, Guang Dong art gallery and so on.

He Sen wants to assemble an exhibition in Shanghai. Explicit cookie consent. AUCTION records may make for flashy headlines, but when it comes to tracking tastes and trends within the market, it can be more revealing to look at market performance over time for individual artists. Artprice, an online art-market analyst, ranks artists by their auction sales each year. Its new list reflects the recent boom. Who is Mateu Fernandez de Soto? he was from a portrait drawing by Picasso? Pablo Picasso - Painter. Spanish expatriate Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, as well as the co-creator of Cubism. Vincent van Gogh's Influence on Picasso. Picasso had arrived in Paris from Barcelona for the first time in October 1900, and returned in May 1901 determined to make a success of his Parisian career.

At that time, Paris was the place to make it if you were a painter: it was the world's arts capital and the most culturally exciting city on earth. Picasso's first major exhibition was held at the dealer Ambroise Vollard's gallery at the end of June 1901. Many of the works in the Courtauld exhibition reflect a whirlwind of energy over a couple of months, producing as many as three works per day. Clearly, from the very start, Picasso proved amazingly prolific. These pictures reveal him absorbing the influences around him at a tremendous rate.

Caravaggio Biography. Caravaggio's lust, talent and power. It's difficult to forget the first time I saw Caravaggio's painting Victorious Cupid. I turned a corner in a museum in Berlin and my heart froze. Le Caravage. Le Caravage (Michelangelo Merisi) Né en 1571 à Caravaggio - Mort en 11610 à Porto Ercole Nationalité : italienne Attaché au courant : Caravagisme. Caravaggio (Le Caravage), l'artiste baroque italien. Caravaggio (Le Caravage), l'artiste baroque italien. Le Caravage. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Caravage. Caravaggio and Cardinal del Monte. Francesco Maria del Monte was an Italian Cardinal and diplomat in the late 1500s with a desire to one day be Pope. He was an avid art lover and is now best known as an early patron of Baroque artist Caravaggio. His art collection, the Del Monte Collection, contained nearly 600 pieces upon his death. Caravaggio’s Painting of Bacchus. In Roman mythology Bacchus was the god of wine, intoxication, madness and ecstasy, equivalent to the Greek mythological god, Dionysus.

In his early years of painting, Caravaggio created two paintings of the mythological being, Young Sick Bacchus and Bacchus. The painting titled Bacchus (c.1596), currently held at the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence, Italy, was painted shortly after Caravaggio entered the house of Cardinal del Monte. The Cardinal had commissioned some 40 paintings from Caravaggio and Bacchus might have been one of them.

Tiny Caravaggio self-portrait revealed by technology. It was first spotted in 1922 when the canvas was cleaned by an Italian restorer, who described the face as having "large eye sockets, a broad, slightly snub nose, and fleshy, slightly apart lips". But the painting was then subjected to poor restoration efforts, including one in which all the dark patches on the canvas were repainted, and the image gradually darkened until it eventually became invisible to the naked eye.

Experts were able to "see" through the painting with a technique called reflectography, which uses infrared technology to penetrate paint layers of different thicknesses, making the upper layers appear transparent. The results were unveiled on Friday at a conference in Florence to discuss other new discoveries about the artist's work. "After having finished processing the images using multispectral reflectography, we now have available a clear view of what the artist painted," said researcher Roberta Lapucci.

"We are presenting this filtered, sharp image to the public. Bacchus or Bacco by Caravaggio at Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Caravaggio. Orazio Gentileschi Unknown City of Tuscany Hendrick ter Brugghen The Hague Simon Vouet Paris. Bacchus. What are the differences and similarities between Picasso and Van Gogh? - Quora. Caravaggio's lust, talent and power. Pablo Picasso ( période bleue) - mon cœur chemin de mes mots. Pablo Picasso's Blue Period. Pablo Picasso avant le cubisme -La période bleue 1901-1904- International Baccalaureate® IB Visual Arts: Part 1,The Comparative Study. Tiny Caravaggio self-portrait revealed by technology. Caravaggio’s Painting of Bacchus. Fruit in Mythology - Myth Encyclopedia - Greek, god, story, legend, names, ancient, tree, war, norse, world, Chinese.

Bacchus or Bacco by Caravaggio at Uffizi Gallery in Florence.