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JISC TechDis Toolbox

JISC TechDis Toolbox

Technology Matters - TechDis Voices What's it all about? Jisc TechDis commissioned CereProc to create two new high-quality, youthful and modern voices (TechDis Jack and TechDis Jess) that can be used with text-to-speech tools. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology allows text in electronic formats to be read out loud by synthetic voices or saved as MP3 files for later listening. The quality of synthetic voices is judged by how easy they are to understand and by how human they sound. View the Transcript. Who benefits? Just about everyone can benefit in some way from text-to-speech. This project gives every learner over 16 in every publicly-funded learning provider in England the chance to support their learning and development. What now? Find out more about eligibility, terms and conditions and how to register by using the links below. Funded by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), the project involved hundreds of staff and learners in choosing and refining both TechDis Jack and TechDis Jess. Related Resources

Fx Free Software & Assistive Software, download site for VuBar, TBar, Edgeless & other applications T-Bar (1376Kb) KwikLoupe (527Kb) RapidSet (1.12Mb) Mouseketeer (559Kb) Vu-Bar 4.5 (521Kb) Sonar 4 (677Kb) Edgeless (272Kb) Edgeless 2(503Kb) KeyCounter (529Kb) mmFollow (635Kb) Washer (786Kb) Bigger Cursors (28Kb) Chunky Cursors (24Kb) SpeakEasy (851Kb) Spr-Ot (819Kb) QuickRes Resolution Changer (682Kb) The Colour Is ... (832Kb) KeyState (801Kb) Dark Screen (1.03 Mb) ssOverlay (921Kb) EnorMouse (515 Kb) Fx Toolbar (926 Kb) MouseTrap(319 Kb) Orato(810 Kb) A Better Mousetrap(622 Kb) Typoscope(751 Kb) Buttonista(1.11 Mb) IE Access Max(1.13 Mb)

eduapps Dicom Portable word completion Dicom Portable is a word completion program designed to make it easier to type words with fewer keystrokes in every app. It runs from the system tray and pops up word options after a configurable number of keystrokes. It can also be adapted with your own word selections for programming and other tasks. Version 1.1.1 for Windows, Multilingual 1MB download / 6MB installed (Details) - Support's development and hosting Dicom Portable works best with the Platform Features Dicom Portable allows you to complete words in fewer keystrokes making it a valuable tool for users with motor and coordination impairments. Learn more about Dicom... Support For help getting this app up and running, please read the following: Download Details

The Design Studio / Welcome to the Design Studio WordTalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word | technologies