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JISC TechDis Toolbox

JISC TechDis Toolbox
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Technology Matters - TechDis Voices What's it all about? Jisc TechDis commissioned CereProc to create two new high-quality, youthful and modern voices (TechDis Jack and TechDis Jess) that can be used with text-to-speech tools. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology allows text in electronic formats to be read out loud by synthetic voices or saved as MP3 files for later listening. The quality of synthetic voices is judged by how easy they are to understand and by how human they sound. View the Transcript. Who benefits? Just about everyone can benefit in some way from text-to-speech. This project gives every learner over 16 in every publicly-funded learning provider in England the chance to support their learning and development. What now? Find out more about eligibility, terms and conditions and how to register by using the links below. Funded by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), the project involved hundreds of staff and learners in choosing and refining both TechDis Jack and TechDis Jess. Related Resources

Information Skills for a 21st Century Scotland - Home Download « EduApps software is free and will always remain free – please help towards the costs of our server, maintenance and continued development of EduApps. MyStudyBar Please note: some users have reported that anti-virus programs such as Avast and VGA are identifying the MyStudyBar ‘exe‘ file as a Trojan. In some case the ‘exe‘ file is being quarantined. This issue is known as a ‘False/Positive’ – the anti-virus program doesn’t recognise the MSB exe file as being on its database of safe or ‘white’ applications. MSB is registered with Symantic Norton and McAfee but EduApps is in the process of registering MSB with other anti-virus developers – apologies for any inconvenience. Please note, MyStudyBar is designed to run on a Windows PC. MyStudyBar is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. AccessApps/LearningApps/TeachApps Need some help? We have prepared a range of materials to get you up and running including step-by-step tutorials and video guides for using the main applications.

eduapps WordTalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word | technologies Demos | Publications The internet is the greatest source of information for people living in the UK today. But the amount of material available at the click of a mouse can be both liberating and asphyxiating. Although there are more e-books, trustworthy journalism, niche expertise and accurate facts at our fingertips than ever before, there is an equal measure of mistakes, half-truths, propaganda, misinformation and general nonsense. Truth, Lies and the Internet examines the ability of young people in Britain to critically evaluate information they consume online. This pamphlet recommends that teaching young people critical thinking and skepticism online must be at the heart of learning.

Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students ISSUE: An increasing number of educators are calling for high standards and challenging learning activities for at-risk students. New technologies can provide meaningful learning experiences for all children, especially those at risk of educational failure. Schools that capitalize on the relationship between technology and education reform will help students to develop higher order skills and to function effectively in the world beyond the classroom. Achieving such fundamental change, however, requires a transformation of not only the underlying pedagogy (basic assumptions about the teaching and learning process) but also the kinds of technology applications typically used in classrooms serving at-risk students. OVERVIEW: The vision of classrooms structured around student involvement in challenging, long-term projects and focused on meaningful, engaged learning is important for all students. Today, educational researchers are calling for very different uses of technology. Teachers:

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