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Home Solar Panels, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Solutions

Home Solar Panels, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Solutions

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Turning Solar Farms into Actual Farms, Too - Solar Power [Editor’s note: This post, by Scott Thill, originally appeared on] Consolidating precious natural resources in a warming world is a must. Which is why literal solar farms make sense — and maybe dollars — to Stanford scientists recently researching a colocation approach for simultaneously creating solar power and biofuels. It’s a simple idea, really: Grow some agave plants beneath vast solar farms across Earth’s increasingly arid regions, and voila! You’ve got a potential agritech solution for decreasing lethal emissions, and perhaps a reliable source of domestic fuel. זניט-סולר, ZenithSolar פרופיל חברת זניט סולר ZenithSolar has developed a modular and easily scalable high concentration photovoltaic system (HCPV). The core technology is based on a unique, proprietary optical design that extracts the maximum energy with minimal 'real estate'. The system provides high electrical output concurrently with heat at temperatures ranging from those associated with domestic hot water to those suited to process heat - that can address vertical cogeneration applications. Using widely available materials and processes with a complete vertical integration production practice, ZenithSolar employs very cost effective mass manufacturing capabilities. Zenith Solar has developed a unique customer focused, low cost, high efficiency production system resulting in consistent, affordable, high quality solar energy solutions for facility heating, cooling and hot water.

SunPower Seeks to Drive Down Commercial Solar Costs With New Integrated Platform In 2010, SunPower launched Oasis, a preconfigured solar power block for utility-scale projects. The modular systems are made up of standardized components designed to streamline project development and, ultimately, cut costs. Five years later, after three product updates and several gigawatts' worth of solar array deployments, SunPower is bringing the modular concept to the commercial market. Transparent Armor from NRL; Spinel Could Also Ruggedize Your Smart Phone Imagine a glass window that's tough like armor, a camera lens that doesn't get scratched in a sand storm, or a smart phone that doesn't break when dropped. Except it's not glass, it's a special ceramic called spinel {spin-ELL} that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has been researching over the last 10 years. Dr. Jas Sanghera and colleagues at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) invented a new way of making transparent spinel.

m.g. lightning A limited company led by Mike (Moshe) Green with over 25 years of experience in the field of electrical and process engineering brings many disciplines to bear on designing your electrical installation or advising you in aspects of electrical engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and lightning protection. We are certified energy auditors. In a world that must go green, we pride ourselves in having supplied many energy saving projects for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Solar Software-as-a-Service - Clean Power FinanceClean Power Finance CPF Tools is the market-leading software-as-a-service for solar professionals. It streamlines and automates residential sales, system design and financing processes. Our software is designed by people with hands-on experience in the solar industry who know our customers’ businesses and their evolving needs. HOW TO CHART THE SUN’S MOTION IN RELATION TO YOUR HOMESTEAD Learn to track the sun before you design your home to determine the best orientation for it, as well as how to take advantage of the sun rays, because the position is also important for the passive cooling and heating of the house. Understanding the sun’s motion relative to a site is an important aspect of a good permaculture design, as various elements like plants, animals and solar devices depend on sun for their functionality. A good appreciation of the earth’s rotation about its axis, its revolution around the sun and the consequences of these motions on the sun’s position and availability at a given location on the earth’s surface, is essential for maximizing plant productivity, harnessing maximum energy, minimizing energy usage and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for humans and animals alike. For a given site, if we can create a chart that shows the areas of year round shade and year round sunshine, one can plan and design the various elements for optimal functioning.

Ayla Partners - Ayla Networks IoT Cloud Platform Flextronics is a leading end-to-end supply chain solutions company that delivers innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics services to a range of industries and end-markets, including data networking, telecom, enterprise computing and storage, industrial, capital equipment, appliances, automation, medical, automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, mobile, computing and other electronic product categories. Flextronics is an industry leader with $26 billion in sales, generated from helping customers design, build, ship, and service their products through an unparalleled network of facilities and innovation centers in approximately 30 countries and across four continents. Flextronics service offerings and vertically integrated component technologies optimize customer supply chains by lowering costs, increasing flexibility, and reducing time-to-market.

No, the robots are not about to rise up and destroy us all Hollywood loves to give us stories of super-intelligent robots running wild with their orders. And we love to watch these stories. If artificial intelligence (AI) worked like it does in the popular imagination, a robot who was asked to dry up some spilled water would not stop until all the world’s oceans were dried up. But as an AI researcher, I know that the reality is much more mundane. Human-level artificial intelligence - also called artificial general intelligence - will be created slowly, over a long period of time. And it is very, very unlikely that a robot would ever be smart enough to devise a way to dry the world’s oceans without being smart enough to understand why that would be a problem.

Solar energy ENGIE leads the solar power market in France This July’s acquisition of a 95% stake in the leading competitive solar power generator Solairedirect establishes ENGIE as French solar market leader, with a gross total installed capacity of 383 MW. Post-acquisition, the Group now operates 22 ground level solar voltaic power plants with a combined power rating of 158.5 MW, which equates to two-thirds of solar photovoltaic generation. ENGIE operates the Curbans generating plant with 105,000 solar panels installed 1,000 meters above sea level in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Solar Energy Loan Fund opens office in Orlando. Doug Coward, 48, is the executive director of the Solar and Energy Loan Fund, which was founded with a U.S. Department of Energy grant and recently received a $100,000 grant from Orlando to open an office in the city. SELF provides low-interest loans and guidance for residential energy-efficiency upgrades and other home improvements. He spoke with Orlando Sentinel reporter Kevin Spear. CFB: Give us the short version of SELF's genesis. Cost of Solar Panels - 10 Charts Tell You Everything - Cost of Solar OK, “everything” is a strong word, but the following charts on the cost of solar panels should be super useful to you. Of course, to get a very specific cost of solar panels estimate for your own home, just spend about 60 seconds answering a few question at the link above and we can hook you up with this in a jiffy. (A completely free process, of course.)

Smart cities are crucial to kick starting the UK economy By Daniel Hunter Cities are complicated, interdependent ecosystems that are being targeted by national governments as the crucible for reanimation of the economy. With such a focus on what areas the government should prioritise to kick start the UK economy Joe Dignan, Chief Public Sector Technology Analyst at Ovum points to developers as the key catalyst in taking smart cities to the next level and driving the market. “The smart city market is at a tipping point,” says Joe Dignan. “Having been led by IT industry stalwarts such as IBM and Cisco for the last five years, it needs a fresh injection of ideas to take it to the next level.

The spherical genius of the Hüttlin Kugelmotor The car is not going to disappear anytime soon and neither is the combustion engine, despite the inevitable rise in fuel prices. We have said it before, electrical motors are an energy-efficient method for driving vehicles but battery technology is simply not going to advance quickly enough for all-electric vehicles to be a practical reality for most uses anytime soon. The near and mid-term future is undoubtedly a combination of compact combustion engine generators charging dense battery packs that drive electric motors - the "range extender" option. We reported on one possible candidate, the disc motor, a couple of months ago. Now, after nearly twenty years of development another candidate is going through final testing and it is a work of elegant genius - Dr. Herbert Hüttlin's Kugelmotor.

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