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Innovations technologiques de santé

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A Laval, La Poste innove pour distribuer le cou... Charlotte Dvl sur Twitter : "Scan 3D : bientôt, votre avatar dans les jeux vidéos aura votre apparence ! #innovation #LavalVirtual #3Dscan #Laval. Charlotte Dvl sur Twitter : "Ça y est il est sorti : le bilan d'activité 2014 de @LMTinnovation! 7 histoires #entreprise #entrepreneur #innovation. #Innovation : Le Top 3 des produits vendus par ... Nouvelles technologies. La réalité... Laval : IMP Shoes lance le talon amovible ! Les talons amovibles, une initiative soutenue e... Entreprise à Mayenne. Warein invente un ... Laval Virtual 2015 en quête de start-ups ... Une startup mayennaise au salon de la mode de P... Entreprendre. En Mayenne, la réalit&eacu... Laval. TDV investit pour gagner la guerre du te...

Guerigny, Lewarde, Lorient, Marcigny, Mayenne, ... En Mayenne, le broyat d'herbe devient él... MADE IN FRANCE : Laval, terre d'innovations - Y... Ces entreprises innovantes qui font la fiert&ea... Une entreprise mayennaise lance le bâtime... Mayenne. Nerual, l'artisan qui fabrique du mat&... Neoshop booste la diffusion des innovations par... Mieux vaut lancer une startup innovante en France qu'aux Etats-Unis — Paroles d’entrepreneurs. Jean-Louis Fuccellaro et Bertrand Grezes-Besset, co-fondateurs de PredicSis, expliquent pourquoi la France est un pays attrayant pour les nouvelles technologies.

Mieux vaut lancer une startup innovante en France qu'aux Etats-Unis — Paroles d’entrepreneurs

PredicSis est une startup qui a l'ambition de devenir un leader mondial de l'analyse prédictive dans les environnements Big Data. Elle s'adresse principalement aux acteurs dans la distribution, le e-commerce et la banque-assurance. " "Quand on lance une startup innovante dans l'analyse prédictive des Big Data, avec un cœur de cible banque assurance, où faut-il s'implanter? Aux Etats-Unis où se trouvent les majors du domaine ou encore à Londres étant la deuxième place financière au monde? Ni l'un ni l'autre : c'est en France que se combinent plusieurs facteurs clés de réussite pour une startup technologique et innovante. La France est un pays attrayant pour les nouvelles technologies. Un magasin show-room du futur. Laval. Ces entreprises qui misent sur l'innovat. Label Internet. Laval et Changé conserve.

Neoshop, le magasin vitrine de l'innovation. Le drive fermier : une solution innovante au se. HemoSense INRatio2. The formation of blood clots in one’s arteries is never a good thing: a blood clot can block circulation and cause serious health problems such as a stroke, or even death.

HemoSense INRatio2

Because anticoagulant medicines vary in effectiveness based on individual circumstances—illness, changes in diet, alcohol consumption—a patient’s medications need frequent monitoring and may periodically require adjustment. Those individuals suffering from thrombotic disorders, such as damage from a heart attack, traditionally have traveled to clinical laboratories to have blood samples drawn so their coagulation parameters can be measured. Contour USB. Maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels is crucial for people with diabetes who wish to prevent serious medical complications, including heart disease, blindness, and poor circulation and nerve damage in the legs and feet (which can lead to amputation).

Contour USB

Bayer Diabetes Care, a division of Bayer Healthcare LLC, is a global leader and innovator in self-monitoring solutions. Bayer introduced the portable blood-glucose meter and test strips, pioneered the measuring of glycated hemoglobin (A1C), and offered the first suite of products for managing glucose levels. The Tarrytown, New York-based business tapped IDEO to help develop the industrial design, meter user interface, and on-the-shelf packaging of its CONTOUR USB Blood Glucose Monitor. Logging blood glucose data and understanding blood glucose trends is critical to good diabetes management, particularly in relation to pre/post meal status. CONTOUR USB is also the first blood glucose meter to utilize a rechargeable battery.

Community Pharmacy. From humble beginnings as a local Chicago pharmacy more than a century ago, Walgreens is now the largest drugstore chain in America, with over 7,700 stores in all 50 states and sales of $72 billon.

Community Pharmacy

In addition to its in-store pharmacies, Walgreens also offers drive-thru and e-script pharmacy services, operates Take Care immediate care clinics, and administers flu shots and other immunizations. 4D Localization System. In the US, more than one million patients receive radiation treatment annually.

4D Localization System

Radiation oncologists and therapists administering radiation treatment face the challenge of accurately treating mobile tumor targets throughout the duration of the session. Working at the forefront of this challenge is Calypso Medical, a start-up medical company dedicated to shaping the future of radiation therapy delivery and management. Humatrope Reconstitution device. Eli Lilly and Company’s human growth hormone product was supplied to patients as a dry powder and dissolved into a liquid solution just prior to injection.

Humatrope Reconstitution device

This process was typically done at home, most often by a parent administering to a child between 6 and 18 years old. Mixing the two substances required attaching the syringe to the drug container with a screw-on angled connector, so that the diluent solution flowed down the side wall of the cartridge and not directly onto the powder, preventing foaming. Many people found this whole process complicated and intimidating.

Delta Laser eye surgery machine concept. According to Alcon Research, nearly 4 million laser eye correction procedures are performed annually around the world, with the number increasing every year.

Delta Laser eye surgery machine concept

To supply this burgeoning market, Alcon—a world leader in eye care pharmaceutical products and device—approached IDEO to help create the industrial and interaction design for its new state-of-the-art laser eye surgery equipment. With complex ergonomic considerations for both patient and doctor, the design needed to offer intuitive operation and ease of maintenance while conveying the technological sophistication expected by all users. KwikPen. People with diabetes often worry about their diet, blood glucose readings and insulin injections.


IDEO was charged with designing a new pre-filled, discreet insulin device to help patients deliver their insulin. Building on the successful experiences with two previous pen designs, Lilly partnered with IDEO again to design a next generation pre-filled injection pen. Lilly sought to integrate IDEO’s engineering expertise and human centered research approach to create a design that minimized size and improved patient ease-of-use. To ensure high quality manufacturing at annual production volumes measured in millions, the team carefully analyzed more than 100 interactions between the pen’s 13 parts so final pen assembly would reliably meet fit, function, and performance requirements.

The resulting insulin injection pen called Kwikpen™ successfully hit the US market in 2008 measuring 5.7 inches long — only slightly longer than a Sharpie™ marker. Project date: 2007.