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Legend of Lost City Spurs Exploration, Debate. Lise Balk King: The Everlasting Fantasy of Native Americans. While everyone is focused on Johnny Depp's Tonto, debating the merits of donning "red face" in order to "... give some hope to kids on the reservations," the President of the United States has quietly continued his reparative work on the broken U.S.

Lise Balk King: The Everlasting Fantasy of Native Americans

Federal Indian Policy to nary an audience. The timing couldn't be more ironic, or telling, about how we choose as a nation to frame Native America. It is so much easier to add our $12 to the coffers of Disney and Depp in order to enter the debate about our fantastical American history. What we really could, and should, be doing is paying attention to the real life and work being done to address our own historic holocaust. "This land is our land, this land is your land"? Enter Depp to play Tonto, a "Native American" (quotes in deference to Native filmmaker Chris Eyre's observation on HuffPostLive, "I don't see anything Indian about him... what is it, the buckskin pants?

") History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Gold of the Indies. European Expansion "The quantity of gold they have is endless …" —Marco Polo.

Gold of the Indies

The Inca Empire's Strange Economy. Please Subscribe to 3QD If you would like to make a one time donation in any amount, please do so by clicking the "Pay Now" button below.

The Inca Empire's Strange Economy

You may use any credit or debit card and do NOT need to join Paypal. The editors of 3QD put in hundreds of hours of effort each month into finding the daily links and poem, putting out the Monday Magazine, administering the Quark Prizes, arranging the DAG-3QD Peace and Justice Symposia, and doing the massive amount of behind-the-scenes work which goes into running the site. If you value what we do, please help us to pay our editors very modest salaries for their time and cover our other costs by subscribing above. We are extremely grateful for the generous support of our loyal readers. 3QD on Facebook 3QD on Twitter. Chachapoyas sarcophagi discovered in Amazonas, Peru. Posted by TANNAmericas, ArchaeoHeritage, Archaeology, Breakingnews, Peru, South America5:00 PM.

Chachapoyas sarcophagi discovered in Amazonas, Peru

African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye. African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye January 25-September 14, 2014 People often think of African masks as wooden face coverings that hang on museum walls.

African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye

Within their original communities, however, African masks performed in full costume to serve many vital functions. Music, song and dance are essential to their effectiveness. The Black Israelites Think Whites Are Possessed by the Devil. Photos by Conor Lamb In case you missed it, neo-Nazis were supposed to take New York City, and much of America, by storm on March 15.

The Black Israelites Think Whites Are Possessed by the Devil

It was all part of a scheme hatched on the white-supremacist chat rooms of Stormfront. They called for a national “white man's March.” Cnqmdi: my thought process during ... Mapping Inca Times in Subterranean Cusco. Aztec Death Whistle. Africa defies Rome' at The British Museum. Find out how this iconic bronze head of Rome’s first emperor Augustus became a symbol of African resistance in the ancient royal city of Meroë, in northern Sudan.

Africa defies Rome' at The British Museum

When the Meroë Head was excavated in 1910, it caused an immediate sensation. It is remarkably well preserved and only survived because in antiquity it was ritually buried far from the borders of the Roman Empire. In this display you will come face to face with this potent symbol of Rome’s authority, and see how grains of sand, fused to the corroded surface of the bronze, still hint at its dramatic fate. Augustus became sole ruler in 27 BC, after a civil war that followed Julius Caesar’s assassination. Mysterious pre-Columbian spheres on show in Costa Rican capital. The mysterious pre-Columbian spheres and other objects from an area in southern Costa Rica declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO can now be seen at in an exhibition in San Jose.

Mysterious pre-Columbian spheres on show in Costa Rican capital

The National Museum of Costa Rica opened a show this week entitled "Diquis: World Heritage Site," which presents stone spheres and other objects from four pre-Columbian indigenous settlements near the town of Osa in the southern province of Puntarenas. "This exhibition helps us understand their cultural development. It's important to realize there were societies with a very complex organization at the political, cultural and religious levels," the museum curator, Adrian Badilla, told Efe. Cartography: The true true size of Africa. LAST month Kai Krause, a computer-graphics guru, caused a stir with a map entitled "The True Size of Africa", which showed the outlines of other countries crammed into the outline of the African continent.

Cartography: The true true size of Africa

His aim was to make "a small contribution in the fight against rampant Immappancy"—in particular, the fact that most people do not realise how much the ubiquitous Mercator projection distorts the relative sizes of countries. A sphere cannot be represented on a flat plane without distortion, which means all map projections distort in one way or another. Some projections show areas accurately but distort distances or scales, for example; others preserve the shapes of countries but misrepresent their areas. Ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration. A new study suggests that dogs may have first successfully migrated to the Americas only about 10,000 years ago, thousands of years after the first human migrants crossed a land bridge from Siberia to North America.

Ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration

The study looked at the genetic characteristics of 84 individual dogs from more than a dozen sites in North and South America, and is the largest analysis so far of ancient dogs in the Americas. The findings appear in the Journal of Human Evolution. Unlike their wild wolf predecessors, ancient dogs learned to tolerate human company and generally benefited from the association: They gained access to new food sources, enjoyed the safety of human encampments and, eventually, traveled the world with their two-legged masters. Aztec app brings historic Mexico codex into the digital age. A 16th century document considered one of the most important primary sources on the Aztecs of pre-Columbian Mexico went digital Thursday with a new app that aims to spur research and discussion.

The Codex Mendoza is a 1542 illustrated report ordered by Spanish viceroy Antonio de Mendoza that details sources of riches, Aztec expansion and territorial tributes, and chronicles daily life and social dynamics. The new interactive codex lets users page through the virtual document, mouse-over the old Spanish text for translations into English or modern Spanish, click on images for richer explanations and explore maps of the area. Presented by Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, the digital codex is available free both on the Internet and through Apple's App Store as a 1.02-gigabyte app.

Said, Bhabha and Post-Colonial Criticism. I really found this lecture quite interesting, if only because it provided me with a starting point to understanding post-colonial criticism. Black Skin, White Masks - Frantz Fanon. Cabeza masculina de Palenque - unknown - Google Cultural Institute. Beyond Voodoo: Defying Expectations of Haitian Art. Jean-Ulrick Désert, “Constellations de la Déesse / Ciel au-dessus de Port-au-Prince” (2012) (all photos courtesy the Grand Palais unless otherwise noted) PARIS — Winter has been kind to art lovers in Paris. The gorgeously renovated Musée Picasso has reopened, and the city is alive with a number of top-shelf exhibitions. Over at the Grand Palais alone, crowds queue to see shows of Hokusai and Nikide Saint Phalle, but it is Haiti: Two Centuries of Artistic Creation that offers a particularly exciting feast of work to savor.

Bringing together over 160 pieces and covering some 200 years’ worth of output by Haitian artists — at home or in the diaspora — the show is loosely organized around four guiding themes and beautifully set in a single, giant gallery that allows visitors considerable flexibility in how they choose to construct their experience of the exhibit. Haiti has ambitions beyond what its title suggests, however. Sebastien Jean, “Attaque” (2013) Researchers use isotopic analysis to explore ancient Peruvian life. Mummies excavated nearly a century ago are yielding new information about life in the past through work conducted in Arizona State University's Archaeological Chemistry Laboratory.

The hormonal basis of affiliation and competition among hunters in Bolivian Amazon. Jungle festivals led to first Mayan cities - science-in-society - 23 March 2015. (Image: Sébastian Homberger) Uniao Do Vegetal Church In New Mexico Opens Up To NPR. “Redskins” Is a Racial Slur Dating Back to 1755. Native American Encyclopedia. Love this article and want to save it to read again later? New Evidence Unearthed for the Origins of the Maya. Anthropology, Footnoted: Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday—Vol. 1, No. 2—The Appendix. Bellette and Yarico: Working Women in the Colonial West Indies—The Appendix. The French monk, traveler and botanist Jean Baptiste du Tertre repeated the saying "The Indies are a Paradise for Women and a Hell for Men" a number of times in his Histoire Générale des Antilles habitées par les Français.

Du Tertre claimed that this was an oft-repeated phrase among French colonists in the West Indies. Antiquities dealer Leonardo Patterson arrested in Spain. Antiquities dealer, alleged smuggler, and total piece of work Leonardo Patterson has been arrested in Spain and Perú is attempting to have him extradited to face charges of crimes against cultural property. Guatemala also wants a piece of him, and are asking he be extradited as well. Native masks are not art. Dear Teachers and Homeschooling Parents, Many art project books for use in classrooms include a section on making Native masks. Hopi Katsinam Auction in Paris: A Conversation with the Auctioneer - May I Enter. Last Call Indian. Said, Bhabha and Post-Colonial Criticism. Black Skin, White Masks - Frantz Fanon. America, a Personification (ca. 1590) Sitting at the Thrones of Nigerian Kings. Archaeological research conducted at three sites occupied by the Mochicas. In Mainstream Museums, Confronting Colonialism While Curating Native American Art.

More on Name on Mayan King Pakal's tomb decoded. Cahuachi Sanctuary is bigger than Chan Chan, says archaeologist. Comparing the Afterlives of Peruvian and Egyptian Mummies. Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks. — THOSE PEOPLE — Medium. National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City exhibits the enigmatic Calakmul mask. Claiming What’s Ours — THOSE PEOPLE — Medium. Django unchained is the help. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Polynesian DNA mysteriously shows up in a Brazilian tribe.

Statues also die. Maya Censer Stands. Walmart destroys the cultural heritage of Mexico. Vatican uncovers 'first Western painting of Native Americans' Methods of Advanced Literary Studies. History In Pictures sur Twitter : "Bet you didn't realise just how huge Africa is...