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Sweet Home 3D - Dessinez vos plans d'aménagement librement

Sweet Home 3D - Dessinez vos plans d'aménagement librement

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Associations entre la durée et le type d'utilisation de l'écran électronique et la cognition chez les enfants américains Highlights We report the relationship between cognition and screen use in 11,875 US children. Higher TV and video watching were negatively associated with cognition. Fusion 360 Fusion 360 is available for free personal use for individuals who are doing home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects. Individuals must be learning for personal use, outside of a company environment, commercial training, outside of their primary employment. Individuals must be engaged in hobby businesses* or creating YouTube videos, blogs or other web content.** Don’t qualify for startup use?

AnswerGarden » ...-vous posez une question et vous générez un nuage de mots avec les réponses Topic (required) Type the topic of your new AnswerGarden. This can be a question or a topic, such as: "What do you think of my website?" More options (optional) For your convenience, you can change the following settings for your new AnswerGarden. If you're using AnswerGarden in the classroom, we recommend that you provide a password, so that you can moderate the contents during the session.

jamanetwork Key Points Question What is the association between screen use and children’s language skills across the extant literature? Findings In this systematic review and meta-analysis of data from 42 studies, greater quantity of screen use (ie, hours per day/week) was negatively associated with child language, while better quality of screen use (ie, educational programs and co-viewing with caregivers) were positively associated with child language skills. Meaning Findings support pediatric recommendations to limit screen exposure, to provide high-quality programming, and to co-view when possible. Importance There is considerable public and scientific debate as to whether screen use helps or hinders early child development, particularly the development of language skills. Data Sources Searches were conducted in MEDLINE, Embase, and PsycINFO in March 2019.

Super Hero Mask It’s out of the question that cosplay is the hot topic nowadays. This phenomenon shows the approach of people engaged in costume making which can be compared to the effects achieved by professionals in the movie industry. For us the whole process of making props and costumes is even more interesting as it leaves a huge space for 3D printing technology and limitless area for creativity. We couldn’t resist not to pick up this topic and share with you our variation of the mask of a classic super hero with all the files available to be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 3D print your own Super Hero Mask

6 Ways to get Students Engaged with Sketchnotes I’ve been hearing a lot about “sketch notes” recently. I invited Stacey from Expressive Monkey to share with us all about sketchnotes because she has a super awesome sketchnotes resource! I think you’ll love how Stacey breaks down the “6 Ways to get Students Engaged with Sketchnotes.” Cadenas ENGLISH (en français plus bas) I designed this lock based on which contained a very helpful video. Thank you for sharing your design! I made it to be used as a large workable demo model in class, and made it look like the locks our students use for their own lockers. When the right combination is dialed in, the U-bar retracts and rotates so it can be put on any object. Each rotor contains 25 holes so that the lock combination can be modified via moveable rotor screws that can be put in a multitude of configurations. All important design parts were printed in a different color to facilitate explanation of its workings to my students.

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