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Web Design from Scratch - Your complete web design guide

Web Design from Scratch - Your complete web design guide
My passion is discovering what makes web pages work better - and to share that knowledge with the world. I have been a pro web designer since 1994. I started Web Design from Scratch in 2004 to share free articles and tutorials on effective web design, covering a range of topics from graphic design to SEO, HTML and CSS to copywriting. Here’s the most important thing I’ve discovered… Most of what we think makes a difference (i.e. generates action, signups, sales etc.) really doesn’t! Truthfully, to be among the very best web designers today, you need to master a range of marketing skills, but most of all you need insights to know what matters, what to change, and when. That’s what I teach with my comprehensive Pro Web Design Course: Now over 100 hours!!

Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps In this tutorial, we're going to design and code our first website in simple, easy steps. This tutorial was written for the beginner with the hope that it will give you the tools to write your own standards-compliant websites! If you're looking for a quick way to get started, look through our collection of HTML Templates for a professional, responsive option that is ready to customize to your next project. Otherwise, it's a brand new week; maybe it's time to learn a new skill! We're going to design and code this very simple website. Spectacular design, it's not, but it'll be very effective for teaching basic coding techniques.

Free Web Design Tutorials - How to Design Websites inShare9 One of our goals at Web Design from Scratch is "Everyone's website works". We're working towards a world where all websites are pleasant, easy, and appealing to use. Ben Hunt has been sharing his particular insights into what makes websites work here since 2004. Announcing Ben’s New Course… Facebook Marketing Made EasyWith Ben's new course, you can get all the insights you need to start earning good fees simply by promoting clients' businesses on facebook!Important changes to AdWords conversion trackingAs of March 2014, '1 per click' and 'many per click' conversions have gone forever.

11 Best Sites to Find and Download Free Fonts for Windows & Mac OSX We know every designer has a different taste in choosing font for their typography work. Selection of fonts becomes very important both for web designers and developers as visibility and readability of font are very significant to increase traffic on the site. To help you to select the one according to your preference, we have come up with a best sites where you can find “Very Useful Fonts”. Fonts2u The largest free font archive on the Internet. Find a suitable font blazing-fast!

Web Design Category: Design This category features articles on general design principles, Web design, typography, user interface design and related topics. It also presents design showcases and practical pieces on the business side of design. Curated by Alma Hoffmann. Popular tags in this category: How to Create Your First Web Page Note: If you know anything at all about HTML and CSS, don’t bother reading this, it’s a guide for the uninitiated, technophobes, luddites, computer-illiterates, anyone who is more comfortable with a pen and paper than a keyboard and mouse. If making a web page seems like brain surgery to you, then this is the article for you. What you need to know The only prior knowledge I will assume is that you’ve used a computer before, you’re familiar with using a keyboard and a word processor, and you’ve at least seen a website. Other than that, I assume you are completely ignorant! The Basics

20 Useful YouTube Channels For Learning Web Development Do you want to be a web developer and don’t understand where to start from or which program language to follow with? There are so many resources that can help you start learning programming languages such as, frameworks like swift, Angular-IS responsive design or coding in general. If you know where to seek them, they are available everywhere on the web. But still there some people who prefer to learn better via videos and too many of the web design lessons are being contributed and made available on YouTube. Below we are featuring the useful 20 YouTube channels you can visit over and over again to understand and learn various aspects to do with web development process.

Web Design 35 Free Web Design Ebooks / Resources (Part 3 of 3) Web Tutorials, Creativity, Design, HTML5, Time Management, Typography and many more! This is the final and the last part of this compilation. We hope you’ve enjoyed these series as much as we did compiling them. The best fonts for websites (web safe fonts) – Website design for beginners: Tutorials on website design, Photoshop lessons, HTML, CSS - Newbie Website Design Beginners to website design often scratch their heads in confusion and ask themselves “What are the best fonts for web design?” The answer to this question is both easy and a little complicated. You see, while there are some good fonts for websites, there are also the highly necessary standard fonts for websites as well. Throw into the mix the fact that you can have any font on your website using images and you’ll undoubtedly scratch the hair right off your head. In this post, I’d like to clear up the confusion and offer some solid “web font” advice to help make choosing your website fonts easier (and to prevent premature balding as well.) Let’s begin with a little background information:

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