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Provided by Telerik
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MachHTML - ebay-Shop-Design und kostenloser Online-Verkaufsvorlagen-Generator Reportes - Seguridad para nuestra comunidad Free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac | Atlassian SourceTree HTML Compressor - Reduce the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Smarty code. You need to enable JavaScript to use this website. Choosing the correct Code Type makes the compression of your code more safe and effective. Choosing the wrong option may lead to fewer optimizations or errors. There are 3 main groups, x/html, CSS and JavaScript. Select JavaScript when you want to compress just JavaScript code, as it would appear in an external.js file. If your JavaScript code contains PHP, ASP or Smarty server side code then select the respective option. note: JavaScript code contained between <script> and </script> tags is considered x/html with embedded JavaScript code. Select CSS when you want to compress just Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code as it would appear in an external style.css file. CSS code contained between <style> and </style> tags is considered x/html with embedded CSS code. Select x/html for web documents that do not contain server side code, such as static web pages. Select x/html + PHP if you want to compress x/html containing PHP code. How to find out:

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Install Sonar It has been a very long time since I post anything. I apologize for this. I will definitely try to do this more often. Recently, I have been managing and analyzing code quality metrics using Sonar with C# plugins for .NET projects. Sonar, as described on their website, is a quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality from project portfolio to method. Even though it’s very easy to follow the steps explained on their site, I have prepared this detailed post on how to install and configure Sonar on Windows 7 OS. there are a few things to consider for minimizing the effort and prevent troubleshooting too much while installing and configuring Sonar. Let’s get down to business with my sample solution named JobSeekerWeb: 1. 2. 5. Find 32 bit version of Sonar. 6. We have successfully installed and configured Sonar and Sonar-Runner on Windows 7 OS for C# solution with its default configuration and embedded database. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

XHTML Character Entity Reference This page contains the 252 allowed entities in HTML 4 and XHTML 1.0, as outlined in section 24 of the official HTML 4 specifications, published by the W3C. If you find it helpful we'd really appreciate a social share! Each entity is contained within a small box that contains four lines: The first line shows how the entity will be displayed on your webpage. The second line contains the entity reference, in the form &entity_name; (i.e. an ampersand, the entity name, and then a semi-colon). This is the code that you should place in your webpage. If you move your mouse over a character entity, a third and fourth line will appear. The fourth line contains the unicode representation of the entity. To view the textual description for an entity (i.e. it's real name), simply rest your mouse over the box to reveal a tooltip that displays the name, or click on the link below labeled Show Entity Descriptions. &quot; u0022 quotation mark = APL &amp; u0026 ampersand &gt; u003E greater-than &larr; u2190 leftwards ? ? ª