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Type a page name and press Enter. You'll jump to the page if it exists, or you can create it if it doesn't. To create a page in a module other than misc, prefix the name with the module name and a period. What is A wiki for .NET developers is primarily a wiki, allowing developers to find, edit and add PInvoke* signatures, user-defined types, and any other information related to calling Win32 and other unmanaged APIs from managed code (written in languages such as C# or VB.NET).

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Readability Update: On February 1, 2011, Readability was re-launched into a full-fledged reading platform that includes mobile support, queuing articles for reading later and a greatly improved reading view. In addition, the platform provides a unique model for supporting publishers and writers through your reading activity. Visit to learn more. Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide January 2012 This guide provides an end-to-end walkthrough of how to create an advanced Windows Phone 7.5 app that integrates with remote Windows Azure-based services. The guide can help you understand how to implement individual features for Windows Phone 7.5 and how to use them together to build an app. This guide teaches how to : Use Windows Phone 7.5 features including push notification, live and secondary tiles, and background tasks.

Spring (operating system) Spring Research Distribution 1.0 CD cover Spring started in a roundabout fashion in 1987, as part of Sun and AT&T's collaboration to create a merged UNIX, both companies decided it was also a good opportunity to "reimplement UNIX in an object-oriented fashion".[1] However, after only a few meetings, this part of the project died. Sun decided to keep their team together and instead explore a system on the leading edge. In addition to combining Unix flavours, the new system would also be able to run just about any other system as well, and do so in a distributed fashion. The system was first running in a "complete" fashion in 1993, and produced a series of research papers. In 1994 a "research quality" release was made under a non-commercial license, but it is unclear how widely this was used.

John Howard - Hyper-V and virtualization blog : How-to use MakeCert for trusted root certification I wasn't originally going to blog this, but my colleague, Mat, and I were discussing encryption late last night. Mat was specifically interested in its use for security traffic in the context of SQL Reporting Service, but we got massively sidetracked and ended up talking about IPSec, MAPI and all sorts of other things along the way. Interesting, none-the-less. One thing Mat wanted to demonstrate was the use of a certificate for encrypting traffic between a SQL Reporting Server and a back-end database. Why not install a certificate server, he said.

Splunk For Application Development, DevOps and APM Splunk® software allows you to quickly identify and pinpoint code-level issues at any stage of the development and release process. Only Splunk enables you to: Find and fix bugs quickly so you can ship product fasterGain insights into application usage and user behaviorGet real time, mission-critical visibility into every step, system and process involved in building, testing and shipping new products to your customers Download Splunk for free. You'll get a Splunk license for 60 days and can index up to 500 megabytes of data per day. CUDA integration with C# 1. Syntax coloring Important notes about example files: You must do this basic configuration to be able to open attached example because of custom build rule entry in project solution file.

Hibernate (Java) Hibernate is a free software that is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Mapping Java classes to database tables is accomplished through the configuration of an XML file or by using Java Annotations. When using an XML file, Hibernate can generate skeleton source code for the persistence classes. - Programming, Life an... In my previous post I talked about Silverlight 2 unit testing, and I decided the next natural step was to figure out how to integrate Silverlight testing in a continuous integration process. Personally I’m a big fan of this development practice, and have practiced it with great success on several projects. One of the challenges of integrating Silverlight tests into a CI process is the fact that the Silverlight test framework runs inside the browser and you cannot write Silverlight tests using your favorite test framework like NUnit or MSTEST. The power of CI is to build your software as new code is added to the source control, run automated tests, package the software and deploy it to a testing environment. If the tests fail you stop the deployment and alert the development team. There are several tools you can use to set up a CI server.

Downloads Below is where you can find the latest releases of all the Selenium components. You can also find a list of previous releases, source code, and additional information for Maven users (Maven is a popular Java build tool). Selenium Standalone Server The Selenium Server is needed in order to run Remote Selenium WebDriver. Selenium 3.X is no longer capable of running Selenium RC directly, rather it does it through emulation and the WebDriverBackedSelenium interface.