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I make games for food. There Is No Game Devlog Part 1: How disappointment created a non-game. Posted by KaMiZoTo @kamizoto Indie Videogame Creator since the dawn of time.

There Is No Game Devlog Part 1: How disappointment created a non-game

Currently working on 'There is no game : Wrong dimension'. These four words are the beginning of this adventure. A little point & click game I made alone in june 2015 for the Construct Deception Jam. The rules were simple: use 'construct2 engine' and make a game with the theme 'Deception'. (You can try the jam game HERE) We had 1 month to do it. So the theme was 'Deception'. 15 days left. As a huge fan of the game and british humor of 'The Stanley parable', I added a voice to the program in order to interact in a funny way with the player. The way I designed the different puzzles was sequential : I found a situation, coded it, tested it and I had no idea what would come next.

I made that little game without any pressure, any commercial intention, nothing. To be continued... Random ups and downs of releasing games. I really don’t get how indies put so much time and effort into their first game.

Random ups and downs of releasing games

The ones who get into debt amaze me even more. the ones who mortgage/sell their house scare the crap out of me. Don’t do this. I’ve made lots of games, here is how they went: Asteroid Miner: Meh…sold a few hundred copies, was exciting to see it in a box.Starship Tycoon…sold a few hundred copies, also some retail deals, tempted to quit day job… and does! That was a mistake! My point is…holy crap you never know what will happen next. That might be a bit clinical and unromantic, but its worked for me. The Game Bakers – Etudes de jeu vidéo : sept fois à terre, huit fois debout. Une industrie de talents.

The Game Bakers – Etudes de jeu vidéo : sept fois à terre, huit fois debout.

Le jeu vidéo est avant tout une industrie de talents. Les ingénieurs, les artistes, les concepteurs qui la composent ne sont pas évalués et appréciés tant pour leurs compétences théoriques et leur parcours scolaire que pour la capacité qu’ils ont à mettre en œuvre des compétences pratiques, des talents uniques, dans le contexte particulier d’une production de jeu vidéo. Le talent ne se transmet pas. Le talent ne s’apprend pas à l’école. Le talent, on l’arrose comme une plante verte, on le travaille régulièrement, on le développe par soi-même. Au cours de mes études j’ai fait de la programmation, de la conception web, de l’ergonomie, du jeu vidéo.

A force de trier les CV, de filtrer les bons et les mauvais portfolios, j’ai remarqué que les étudiants qui se distinguent sont systématiquement ceux qui ont su aller plus loin que ce que leur demandait leur formation. L’accès aux outils n’a jamais été aussi facile, la documentation est partout sur le web. Exemple : Masterclass Jeux Vidéo Julien Merceron (Metal Gear Solid V)

Video Games Are Boring. #28 - Comment on fait un escape game ? - Ludologies, du jeu sous toutes ses formes. Ludographie Comparée #25 — De la nature du gameplay dans One Finger Death Punch — RadioKawa. Tavrox - Crafting games for the sake of fun. Savant: Ascent. Early Development When we started out, Simon spent most his time animating the Alchemist, focusing on even the smallest details, like the way his cape moves, or pose changes for aiming in different directions.

Savant: Ascent

Since this was going to be a game trying to promote Savant as an artist, it was really important to emphazise the character's design. Simon decided to do the characters and enemies in pixel-art and put them against hand-drawn backdrops. We had no idea if it was going to look good or not. After some initial mockups, Simon was starting to not hate the design(which means it was beginning to look very good). Funfact: The Alchemist's sprite is about 128 pixels in both height and witdh(which is absolutely HUGE for an animated character). Feels While Simon did the initial art-work, I focused on bringing the different actors to life. A good and responsive controller can make a game seem way better than what the it's content should allow.