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HTTP Monitor / HTTP Proxy / HTTPS & SSL Proxy / Reverse Proxy

HTTP Monitor / HTTP Proxy / HTTPS & SSL Proxy / Reverse Proxy
12 Feb 2013 Charles 3.7 has been released. Includes new features, bundled Java runtime (so you don’t need to install Java anymore), and bug fixes. Read more. 27 Jun 2012 Charles 3.7 beta 2 has been released.

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Network Link Conditioner Product design is about empathy. Knowing what a user wants, what they like, what they dislike, what causes them frustration, and learning to understand and embody those motivations in design decisions—this is what it takes to make something insanely great. And so we invest in reaching beyond our own operational model of the world. ssl/ssh multiplexer What is it? sslh accepts connections on specified ports, and forwards them further based on tests performed on the first data packet sent by the remote client. Install me! sslh has been packaged for Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD and many other operating systems, so check out your favourite package repository before installing by hand. Do note that packaged version often are outdate, so check the change log for bug fixes and new features if you run into problems. You can compile sslh for Cygwin 1.7 (older version will not work), or download the binary version provided below by Arnaud Gendre.

Online Visual Traceroute Map Data Map data ©2017 Google, INEGI Map Satellite Visual traceroute may have misplaced routers. Geographical route of hops used in the Visual Traceroute tool is based on third-party publicly accessible IP geo-location services. netem netem provides Network Emulation functionality for testing protocols by emulating the properties of wide area networks. The current version emulates variable delay, loss, duplication and re-ordering. If you run a current 2.6 distribution, (Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu), then netem is already enabled in the kernel and a current version of iproute2 is included. The netem kernel component is enabled under: Networking --> Networking Options --> QoS and/or fair queuing --> Network emulator Netem is controlled by the command line tool 'tc' which is part of the iproute2 package of tools.

Screencast: Django Command Extensions This is a screencast on the Django Command Extensions project. It is one of my favorite third party apps, and it gets installed in every Django environment I work in. It provides a plethora of useful commands, and a couple other little goodies as well. Setup Before you get started using these things, there are a couple of packages you need to install. The first is Graphviz which is a really nice toolkit for graph visualization. The fastest, simplest way to get an EV SSL certificate The SSL Labs test The SSL Labs test examines a wide variety of aspects of HTTP servers, including simulating the handshakes where browsers and servers agree on crypto. It's a good starting point for checking your SSL configuration. The test evolves over time - as new weaknesses get found in protocols, new technologies emerge that get added to requirements - so while the results here are accurate at publication, they might not be by the time you're reading this.

MR3020 FTP Setup Setting up your LibraryBox for FTP will allow you to upload, download, and delete files from the "Shared" directory from a computer connected to the wifi signal, without having to physically interact with the LibraryBox or the USB drive. Once you have it setup, you will be able to use any FTP software to login and change the Shared files. Follow the steps below to enable FTP access on your LibraryBox. Connect to the LibraryBox SSID with your computer, and SSH into it: ssh root@ Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques - Smashing Magazine Advertisement The Web is 95% typography, or so they say. I think this is a pretty accurate statement: we visit websites largely with the intention of reading. That’s what you’re doing now — reading.

Get your Javascript website perfectly crawled with Docker If you are building a public-facing app in AngularJS, you’ll want your users to be able to share it on social media. For certain apps, rich social sharing this may be the most important channel of promotion. By “rich social sharing”, I mean something like this: As you can see, certain sites allow Facebook, Twitter et al. to fetch more than just the standard page title and image. Angling to develop for Google Glass? Google gives some insight If you’re looking for a taste of what it will be like to develop for Google Glass, the company posted a video demonstrating the hardware and a little bit of the API on Thursday. Timothy Jordan, a senior developer advocate at Google, gave a talk at SXSW in early March that lasted just shy of an hour and gave a look into the platform. Google Glass bears more similarity to the Web than the Android mobile operating system, so developing for it is simpler than creating an Android application. During the talk, Jordan goes over some the functionality developers can get out of the Mirror API, which allows apps to pop Timeline Cards into a user’s view, as well as show new items from services the user might be subscribed to (weather, wire services, and so forth). Jordan also shows how users can interact with items that crop up using the API.