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Concourse We help you manage customer relationships... ConcourseSuite is a dedicated Enterprise-Class CRM Solution with a single, easy to use web application. An open source Java-based application with a standards-based plug-in architecture, ConcourseSuite can scale to the largest enterprise, yet delivers the ease of use and low cost required by small and medium-sized businesses. ConcourseSuite comprises several fully integrated modules. Developers can add custom functionality through the industry standard Java Portlet architecture. Get more information Determine Your Facebook Page’s Value [APPS] Social media management company Vitrue has released a free tool today, the Social Page Evaluator, designed to help marketers get a better understanding of a Facebook Page's value. Just submit a Facebook Page URL and the app will come up with a valuation based on factors like number of fans, number of posts per day, number of interactions and so forth. It's a cool — if not completely scientific — way to gauge the potential value of your Facebook Page to advertisers. The formula used by the Social Page Evaluator is related to the formula that Vitrue released last month to estimate the relative value of Facebook Fans to big brands.The tool, which was built over 63 hours in a Startup Weekend-style project, is adjustable and interactive.

The Three Types Of Searches Bill from SEO By The Sea published a good article entitled "Writing Content for Small Businesses Online", in which he talks about search taxonomies. For those new to the topic, I thought I’d go over it, and show it applies to SEO strategy. I’m basing this article on the study "A Taxonomy Of Web Search"(PDF), by Andrei Broder. Who Owns Your Analytics Data? You, Your Visitors or Google? Google announced an interesting new opt-out feature for Google Analytics today. From their blog: Over the past year, we have been exploring ways to offer users more choice on how their data is collected by Google Analytics.

PHP, Web and IT stuff FBGAT – Facebook Google Analytics tracker FBGAT is a free and opensource tool created by Webdigi to work around Facebook’s Javascript restriction on Facebook fan pages which prevents Google Analytics from working correctly. There are two key parts to this tool. Serious Analytics for Social Relationships Twitalyzer's Data Use and Privacy Policy Twitalyzer makes use of publicly available data in all cases, regardless of source. We rely on public Twitter streams, publicly available data from Klout, PeerIndex, and Rapleaf, and reserve the right to add other data from the public domain from time to time. We do not use direct messages or any other type of private information in any of our processing or reporting.

What Social Media Users Want [STATS] Twitterers mostly consume news, MySpace users want games and entertainment, Facebookers are into both news and community and Digg's audience has a mixed bag of interests. This is all according to online advertising network Chitika, who set out to analyze the interests of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Digg users by comparing the genres of sites that receive traffic from these social networks. 287,090 impressions were used in the report, and based on this research, each social site has a distinct makeup of users with unique tastes. The graphic below breaks it down.

Latest comScore Stats Show Twitter Growth Is Still Strong Online analytics firm comScore has released its latest batch of data, and this month’s results show that Twitter is still exhibiting strong growth. According to comScore’s numbers Twitter grew from 83.8M unique vistors in April to 90.2M in May worldwide — an increase of 7.6%. By comparison, there was 5.5% growth between March, when Twitter had 79.4M, and April’s 83.8M.