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Documents d'artistes

Documents d'artistes

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Jaume Plensa - Press PRESS PREVIEW MAY 5th & 6th BY APPOINTMENT PREVIEW OPENING 7th May 5 – 8pm (RSVP) For information please contact: Claire Walsh Call: +44 (0) 20 7936 1296 Email: Press materials and images can be accessed here: Click to download press release English Italiano Click on images to downloadPhotography: Jonty Wilde featured projects Threads Market data as never seen before MeLa - Representing Museum Technologies Visualizing research about the research process Every Day of My Life Data visualization of my computer usage statistics documenta Archiv for the Art of the 20th and 21th Centuries - Home documenta Archiv will be closed from 18. to 21. of April. Due to unforeseen circumstances the media archive of documenta archive cannot work in the usual way, therefore it will take more time to prepare the high resolution scans of images for our customers we can only deliver these high resolution scans of images that you will find in our database mediencluster-documenta (documenta I-V)

Brain "The Long-Term Effect of an MIT Education" folded from an uncut square designed by Brian Chan October 2006 Back to Origami Page Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes 3841 tombs and monuments listed. Thanks to 10 years of collected research, Dassault Systèmes was able to reconstruct the Giza Necropolis as accurately as possible. Galeria Vermelho Refus - Des Choses em Moins, des Choses en Plus – Les Collections Imaterielles du CNAP – Palais de Tokyo – Paris - França , 2014 “The action Refus (2014), by Maurício Ianês, was presented during the exhibition Des Choses en Moins, Des Choses en Plusin February 2014 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France. It consisted of a dialogue with the public that sat in front of the artist about the financing of art institutions, the quality of the exhibition itself and the situation of culture and cultural institutions vis-à-vis contemporary global capitalism, private funding and art market.

ROBERT ATKINS.NET Antonio Muntadas and the Media Landscape A catalogue essay and interview Meditating on Art and Life in the Information Age Catalogue essay for Des/Aparicions, Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, 1996 Talking about plans for his current Des/Aparitions exhibition, Antoni Muntadas observed that "creating a useful structure is the creative aspect of the work." Clark, Lygia: Baba antropofágica Lygia Clark «Baba antropofágica» In collective works like «Túnel» or «Objetos relacionais,» Lygia Clark initiates psychic processes of exchange which transform the dichotomy of subject and object.

Katie VanBlaricum Insect artist Katie VanBlaricum breathes new life into the husks of dead insects, creating dazzling pieces of art and jewelry items in truly sustainable style. Crazy Jaws Beetle Framed Insect All images courtesy of Katie VanBlaricum / Etsy . Used with permission of the artist. Beetles gilded by Mother Nature’s touch crawl up walls, armed with rhino-like horns, menacing pincers and adamantine shells. Butterflies and cicadas fly beyond the confines of their frames, wings ablaze with resplendent patterns. Golden Stag Beetle Framed Insect Art Your way to custom Hangout graphics Create your own Google+ ID card! Red Blue Green Yellow Enter your Profile ID Nickname Measuring the Universe : Roman Ondák Viewers play a vital role in the creation of Measuring the Universe (2007), by Slovakian artist Roman Ondák (b. 1966). Over the course of the exhibition, attendants mark Museum visitors' heights, first names, and date of the measurement on the gallery walls. Beginning as an empty white space, over time the gallery gradually accumulates the traces of thousands of people. The inclusion of viewers in the process of art making has a long tradition in the history of performance-based art.