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Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner
Articles on Kurt Wenner- Full Document- PDF New York Times Sunday Book Review, December 2, 2011 Steven Heller Today realism is just one more fashion, which can leave a Renaissance talent out in the cold. That's exactly where Kurt Wenner often works. A former scientific illustrator for NASA, Wenner is a street artist par excellence, who draws amazing original works (and occasional reproductions) in chalk and pastel directly on the street. ASPHALT RENAISSANCE: The Pavement Art and 3-D Illusions of Kurt Wenner (Sterling Signature, paper, $24.95), by Wenner with B.

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Artist's Physical Gestures Produce Beautiful Charcoal Drawings Using just her body and a piece of charcoal, New Orleans-based performance artist Heather Hansen bends and twists in fluid motions across the surface of paper to create beautifully rough symmetrical shapes and patterns. Her captivating performances involve dance-like movements that are just as much the main focus as the final, large-scale drawings. Watching her process is a mesmerizing experience where lines emerge from her many natural, physical gestures. Without hesitation, she repeats her movements and smears the lines together into the final, unpredictable works. She then lifts her body off of the page to reveal the one-of-a-kind pieces.

Demonstrations and Workshops May 13 to May 19, 2016 I will be teaching two workshops at the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona this spring. For more information and to register directly, follow this link: Illusion is the magic of art, while perspective is the organization of form and space from one unique point of view. In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to combine these powerful techniques to create stunning results. Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings Have you ever been to a thrift store (think Goodwill or Salvation Army) and noticed that they usually carry a small selection of landscape paintings? Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal decided to inject a little fun into these discarded works and give them a second life by adding monsters to the scenic landscapes. The trick is to match the paint originally used (e.g., acrylic or oil) and try to blend the monsters into the original scene as if they were always there.

Blog 3D Museum of Wonders The 3D Museum of Wonders is a picture gallery devoted to 3-dimensional interactive illusions. “Three-Dimensional Pavement Art” in the western world and “Trick Art” in Asia were both invented at the same time and have grown at astounding rates. This … Read More » 3D Pavement Art and Trick Art

Yourstudio 10am-6pm, 7 days a week, last entry 5:30pm Admission is free to all exhibitions. Duke of York's HQ King's Road London SW3 4RY More information... One of the world's top 5 museums on Facebook, on Twitter and on Google+ (Museum Analytics) bio Rafaël Rozendaal Born 1980, Dutch-Brazilian, lives and works in New York. Rafaël Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, lenticulars, writings and lectures. Shadow Art Sculptures by Diet Wiegman Mar 24, 2013 Diet Wiegman is a Dutch artist that uses a combination of sculpture and light to create fascinating shadow art projected onto walls. Born in 1944, he began experimenting with light sculptures in the 1980s, inspiring a generation of artists after him to also explore the art style (e.g., Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Kumi Yamashita).

Mark Jenkins // City Besançon Rome Rio de Janeiro Tudela London These Photos Are Actually Pencil Perfect Drawings At just 22 years old, Italian artist Diego Fazo has developed the skill to create photo-realistic drawings using a simple charcoal pencil. His latest creation, pictured below, has drawn hundreds of positive comments on his Deviant Art profile. Don’t tell me you can tell the image below is a drawing and not a high-definition photograph, because I don’t buy it. In fact people were so skeptical this incredible piece of art was drawn by hand that young Diego Fazo had to put up some photos of the work in progress just to lay doubts to rest.

Homage to Titian, Michelangelo, Clovio, and Raphael On a recent museum visit, Artsology saw this painting by the 16th Century painter Domenicos Theotocopoulos, who is better known as "El Greco" ("The Greek"). While he was born in Crete, El Greco later lived in Italy, followed by Spain. This painting is titled Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple, and is dated circa 1570.

Nobby Wheelbarrows and Shovels by Cal Lane Artist and welder Cal Lane burns these delicate lace-like patterns as Wheelbarrows and Shovels. (via Albert (Tapper) Torney HOAX This email was sent to me a few months ago. Recently I have been contacted (twice) by people suggesting this is a HOAX (see comments below). From my (limited) investigations, Albert Torney did exist, and did collect bottles and cans. He also had a race horse named in his honour. The evidence that he created these sculptures is however sketchy. Salt Painting by Motoi Yamamoto If you keep on doing one thing, should have some reasons, maybe because one thing, one person or enthusiasm. Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi was born in Hiroshima, six years later in 1994, his younger sister died from complications due to brain cancer, Yamamoto use his way to memorialize - salt painting. I can't imagine the painful he undergo, but these sprawling salt painting looks like a best way to heal his sadness.

Remixed Masterpieces Highlight Devastation in Syria After witnessing all of the violence happening in his homeland of Syria, artist Tammam Azzam decided he would use his artistic ability to make a statement. After living through the first seven months of the revolution, with his family, the artist escaped Damascus. While he had previously been a prolific painter, he had lost his studio due to the relocation, and so he turned to digital art to see what he could do. In early 2013, Azzam made headlines worldwide when the piece above, called Freedom Graffiti, went viral.