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Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us

Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us

Community Berlin's own Henrik Schwarz has always had an ear for music, but didn't learn a traditional instrument or music theory — the computer has always been his weapon of choice. But as an electronic artist who loves to perform with live musicians, he needs to be able to find the right notes fast. To help, Henrik used Max for Live to build the Schwarzonator, which he has now updated and relaunched as the Schwarzonator II. Using the Schwarzonator II The Schwarzonator II automatically fits notes to a selected musical scale by transposing any MIDI notes that you play, making it easier to play and improvise with other musicians. The latest update now allows users to easily create their own scales and chord progressions, and even upload them to the web. Schwarzonator II Companion Device The Schwarzonator II also comes with a companion device, called 'Little Brother,' which applies chord changes from the Schwarzonator II onto other tracks.

Way-new collaboration: Howard Rheingold on TED Howard Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action — and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. As he points out, humans have been banding together to work collectively since our days of hunting mastodons. (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, California. Duration: 19:30.) Watch Howard Rheingold’s talk on, where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances. Read more about Howard Rheingold on NEW: Read the transcript >> I’m here to enlist you [picture of Rheingold pointing at you like Uncle Sam’s drafting for the army] [laughter in audience] in helping reshape the story about humans and other critters get things done. Here is the old story. [picture of mutilated face of Viktor Yushchenko] Politics is about your side winning at all costs. In small family groups, nomadic hunters bring down rabbits, gathering food.

Glenn Wilson: The Power of Music Bio Dr. Glenn Wilson As well as being one of Britain's best-known psychologists, Glenn Wilson is the Visiting Gresham Professor of Psychology. He is an expert on individual differences; social and political attitudes; sexual behavior, deviation and dysfunction; and psychology applied to the performing arts. Apart from being a professional psychologist, Dr. To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials. Encyclopædia Britannica Article music Art concerned with combining vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotional expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody, and, in most Western music, harmony. music on © 2010 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.