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Welcome to the Center for Neuroacoustic Research! Scientific Sound Healing, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Welcome to the Center for Neuroacoustic Research! Scientific Sound Healing, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

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The College of Sound Healing - What is Sound Healing? What is Sound Healing? - Interviews with Simon Heather on the College YouTube Channel Nine Insights Into Sound Healing - Jonathan Goldman What is Sound Healing and how does Sound Healing work - Sarah Stephenson Sound Healing - published in Psychic News Magazine - March 2014 (pdf 295kb) Neural oscillation Neural oscillation is rhythmic or repetitive neural activity in the central nervous system. Neural tissue can generate oscillatory activity in many ways, driven either by mechanisms within individual neurons or by interactions between neurons. In individual neurons, oscillations can appear either as oscillations in membrane potential or as rhythmic patterns of action potentials, which then produce oscillatory activation of post-synaptic neurons.

Vibroacoustics (deeper detail) Based on resonance, soundwork creates change through vibration. As a neurologically based approach, applying music or sound can take many forms, from simple tuning forks to sound structures complete with computerized output of highly specific frequencies. The goal of the first tools I will discuss, vibroacoustic tools, is to vibrate the body. Body Applications with Sound Tables and Sound Chairs Vibroacoustics may be defined as “the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body.” This is accomplished through specially constructed chairs, treatment tables, or beds (some with water) that are equipped with powerful speakers designed to vibrate the body with optimal psychological and physical impact.

2014 Bluetooth handfree speaker with negative ion generator function, View 2014 best bluetooth speaker with negative ion generator function, Product Details from Shenzhen Seeboy Electronics Co., Ltd. on 2014 Bluetooth handfree speaker with negative ion generator function Handfree negative ion generator function Safety, Health Product Description 2014 Bluetooth handfree speaker with negative ion generator function Standby time:<30 hours. Sympathetic nervous system The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system are parts of what is commonly called the autonomic nervous system. (Autonomic = can not be controlled by the mind). You can say that these systems work in balance with each other and directly or indirectly affect almost every structure in the body (e.g. heartfrequence, heartcapacity, lumbar function, kidneys, blood vessels, stomach and intestines)

A history of Sound and Light - Electronic Healing by Michael Hutchison To those seeing them for the first time, sound and light devices may seem bizarre, like something out of a science fiction movie--the users seem laid back, out there somewhere, wired into a small box listening through headphones to some unheard sounds while eerie light pulsations flicker inside futuristic goggles. And to those encountering these devices from a background of meditative practice, the idea that one can attain heightened or meditative states of consciousness by using a machine, and the sheer technical computerized hardware of the devices themselves, must seem coldly materialistic. But while the hardware may seem new, the techniques being used are ancient. The knowledge that a flickering light can cause mysterious visual hallucinations and alterations in consciousness is something humans have known since the discovery of fire. Ancient scientists were also intrigued by this phenomenon, and explored its practical applications.

Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement In 1988 Fabien founded Tama-Do (“Way of the Soul”), the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, offering a three-year training program for the evolution of consciousness using non-invasive vibrational techniques composed of Sound, Color and Movement® and Seasonal Healing Concerts. For nearly 30 years, Fabien has created research and practical applications to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields. He has created more than 30 techniques through his Academy, each of which, took nearly seven years to test and apply. He is in the process of developing at least 20 more. Highlights of Fabien’s work include:

Breakthrough "Neuro Nutrition" Targets the Brain and Vagus Nerve To Boost the Body's Immune, Hormone and Neurological Systems Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 2, 2008 It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore: something seems to be going seriously wrong with our health these days. Skyrocketing rates of heart disease, cancer, digestive and anxiety disorders, autoimmune-based illnesses, and record levels of childhood asthma, autism, diabetes, ADD and obesity are causing many doctors to worry that human health appears to be literally under siege. With so many complex nutritional and ecological factors at work, could it be possible to develop a simple, yet effective treatment that addresses many of today's most prevalent health challenges? In fact, for centuries physicians have wondered if there existed a central point of vitality in the human body, a sort of wellness regulator.

Sound Healing Classes - Globe Institute Sound Healing Certificate Program This program is designed to give you an overview of the field, and provide you with skills to be able to do sound healing on yourself and on others. Many skills are taught that you can use to make a living. The program is 3.5 months, 3 nights per week and some weekends and is offered 3 times per year. We also offer an Intensive version over the summer.