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What repositories do: The OAIS model (Another post in an ongoing series on repositories.) In my previous post, I mentioned the OAIS reference model as an influential framework for thinking about and planning repositories intended for long-term preservation. If you’re familiar with some of the literature or marketing for digital repositories, you may well have seen OAIS mentioned, or seen a particular system marketed as “OAIS compliant”. Visualize Everything: 32 Free Tools To Create Different Diagrams With so many things to know and techniques to learn it often becomes hard for designers and developers to keep up with their projects and manage their work. While you could start every project by doing the same things again and again, the smart designers and developers know the importance of a well-developed workflow. One of the things that can accelerate and enhance your workflow is the tool known as online pattern generator.

Senior Lecturer in Literature, Technology and Publishing Introduction Scholarly publishing is totally broken. Not only, at present, can most of the people (taxpayers) who fund research not get access to it, but plans to fix this look set to screw over Early Career Researchers and anybody else who can't persuade their funders to give them the up-front fees required by publishers for Open Access journals. There are other models. I have proposed that the university library could function as a re-invented university press.

4 Powerful Tools For Making Your Own Interactive Content Infographics are popular. They’re a fun way to present and read data, and many people believe that information that is presented visually is often retained better (at least for some learners). Many teachers today are using infographics, both in their classrooms and for their own professional development. Home - Curation - Confluence UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and resources of the University of California. Together we provide high quality and cost-effective solutions that enable campus constituencies — museums, libraries, archives, academic departments, research units, and individual researchers — to have direct control over the management, curation, and preservation of the information resources underpinning their scholarly activities. For more information about UC3 and our services, see our website. For specifications, documentation and technical information, see below, and please contact us with any questions: uc3 at ucop dot edu. Production Services

12 best places to get free images for your site Adding a few high quality photos is a great way to improve a website, article or presentation - but be careful. A search engine like Google Images will quickly locate just about any shot you could ever want, but using them will almost certainly violate someone's copyright. What's more, search tools like TinEye mean there's a very real chance that the original photographer will find out what you've done. Which could be embarrassing, and maybe expensive, too. Fortunately there's a simple and safe alternative. What is LaTeX? General Description LaTeX, pronounced lay-tech, is a document preparation system commonly used by scientists, engineers, mathematicians and other professionals. Unlike a traditional “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) word processor, LaTeX uses a plain text markup language which is compiled into a PDF document using optimal typographical rules. This results in professional-looking documents that are of a different class to the output from a word processor. The numerous customization options in LaTeX allow for the creation of a diversity of documents with precise control over layout and formatting. This system lends itself well to the creation of templates which do not require advanced knowledge of LaTeX to use and manipulate, allowing a novice LaTeX user to create beautiful documents and learn LaTeX as they go.

8 Overlooked Useful YouTube Tools When most people think about YouTube they think sharing videos and or about all of the videos they can discover. Most people don't think about the useful editing tools that are built into YouTube. The YouTube video editor has some useful features for teachers and students. 1. Create photo slideshows. The YouTube photo slideshow creation tools allow you to specify the length of time that each image is displayed for. Open Definition v2.0 Released – Major Update of Essential Standard for Open Data and Open Content Today Open Knowledge and the Open Definition Advisory Council are pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the Open Definition. The Definition “sets out principles that define openness in relation to data and content” and plays a key role in supporting the growing open data ecosystem. Recent years have seen an explosion in the release of open data by dozens of governments including the G8.

Write an Effective Data Management Plan We support the easy-to-use DMPTool to create an effective Data Management Plan. The DMPTool is an online tool that guides you through the creation of ready-to-use DMPs for inclusion in funding agency-specific proposals. The DMPTool provides step-by-step instructions and UC San Diego-specific guidance for your data management plan as you build it. Available DMP sample and template resources: A comprehensive listing of funding agency DMP Requirements are available at the DMPTool site. Examples and templates are available for the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and other funding agencies.Sample NSF Data Management Plans from UC San Diego, written to fulfill project-specific NSF requirements.Example boilerplate language for describing library services and resources in your DMP.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder From the website: Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder allows you to record both video and audio on Windows or Mac computers- for FREE! It is simple to use and lets you record all or part of your screen using different modes, including Full-Screen mode, Custom-Screen mode or Webcam Capture mode, which allows you to capture audio and video direct from programs like Skype and Gchat. Record your computer screen with the click of a buttonRecord unlimited amounts of video and audioCapture both system and Microphone soundTake screenshots of whatever you wantPolish video by its powerful Easy Edit functionConvert your videos to any format This Free screen recorder is web-based, meaning you don't have to waste your time downloading any programs to run it.