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Home. MSP: Audio Input and Output. MSP interfaces with your computer's audio hardware via the dac~ and adc~ objects and their easy-to-use equivalents ezdac~ and ezadc~.

MSP: Audio Input and Output

If you don't have any special audio hardware and have no need for inter- application audio routing, the default driver on your system will give you stereo full- duplex audio I/O with no special configuration on your part. In addition to Core Audio or MME on Windows, there are a number of other ways to get audio into and out of Max/MSP. Each of these methods involves using what we call a driver, which is actually a special type of Max object.

Some of these drivers facilitate the use of MSP with third- party audio hardware. Also, a non real-time driver allows you to use MSP as a disk-based audio processing and synthesis system, removing the limit of how much processing you can do with your CPU in real time. MSP audio driver objects are located in the ad folder located in the Cycling '74 folder inside the Max application folder. Used Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO HDSLR Audio Adapter DXA-SLR PRO B&H. iZotope RX Audio Cookbook. HOME. Alex Rice Piezo Preamplifier. Joystick Gamepad Control - m8r - AudioDoktor. Pond5 - Stock (RF) Video Footage, Audio, AE Templates, Images & 3D. SPL De-Verb - PLUGIN ALLIANCE. The De-Verb MicroPlug employs the same processing technique as the original Transient Designer to reduce the ambience or reverb in your audio.


SPL’s Differential Envelope Technology has revolutionized dynamics processing through a level-independent methodology. This radically different approach eliminates the need for a threshold setting, while other parameters are set automatically as they follow the characteristics of the input signal. This leaves only one control required to professionally reshape the sustain characteristics of a sound. Working with the De-Verb is disarmingly simple: All reverb events can be reduced – regardless of their signal level. This translates to endless possibilities for studio and live applications! Digital I/O and Console Cards: Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card. The Aviom16/o-Y1 card provides a direct digital interface between Yamaha digital products and Aviom's Personal Mixers.

Digital I/O and Console Cards: Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card

The Y1 card becomes the head end to the monitoring system, simplifying system setup. Just connect a Cat-5e cable from the card to the an A-Net Distributor or Personal Mixer and you've created a monitor system that can be expanded as needed with additional personal mixers, output modules, and A-Net distributors. In systems using the A360 or A320 Personal Mixer, two or more console cards can be combined to create a network up up to 64 channels. DSK KaoS - DSK Music : DSK Music. CubicAudio. Quote by Walter J. Ong: “Sight isolates, sound incorporates. Whereas sig...” Biases of the Ear and Eye. How does the brain locate sound sources? The brain has an amazing ability to identify the source of sounds around you.

How does the brain locate sound sources?

When driving, you can tell where an approaching fire truck is coming from and pull over accordingly. In the classic swimming pool game of “Marco Polo,” the player who is “it” swims toward the players who says “Polo.” In the field of neuroscience, this ability is called sound localization. Bora Yoon. PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit - DV320032. Art and technique of sound design. Everyday Listening - Sound Art, Sound Installations, Sonic Inspiration. Susan Philipsz - Artists - Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Over the past two decades, Susan Philipsz has explored the psychological and sculptural potential of sound.

Susan Philipsz - Artists - Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Using recordings, predominantly of her own voice, the artist creates immersive environments of architecture and song that heighten the visitor’s engagement with their surroundings while inspiring thoughtful introspection. The music Philipsz selects – which has ranged from sixteenth century ballads and Irish folk tunes to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust – responds specifically to the space in which the work is installed. While each piece is unique, the storylines and references are often recognizable, exploring familiar themes of loss, longing, hope, and return. These universal narratives trigger personal reactions while also temporarily bridging the gaps between the individual and the collective, as well as interior and exterior spaces. Born in 1965 in Glasgow, Philipsz currently lives and works in Berlin.

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Audio-Video & Communication Catalog

D.A.S. Audio. - EN54-24 certified for use in voice alarm systems – Weather resistant, environmental performance to level IP56 – 12AV woofer with 3” voice coil – M-75 1,5″ compression driver – Rotatable 60º x 40º horn design – Two exposure ratings: CX (covered exposure) and DX (direct exposure) The WR-6412 employs a 12AV woofer for low frequency reproduction.

D.A.S. Audio

A M-75 compression driver with 3″ titanium diaphragm attached to a 60º x 40º rotatable horn provides exceptional high frequency reproduction. Networked Sound Distribution and Distance Conferencing - Audia - Digital Signal Processing. Infinite networking potential.

Networked Sound Distribution and Distance Conferencing - Audia - Digital Signal Processing

Zero limitations. Biamp's revolutionary Audia Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for unheard of design and networking potential. In fact, Biamp is one of the first manufacturers to make use of CobraNet® by integrating it into our Audia DSPs, pioneering its use in high profile installations. Sonic Architecture. The Philips Pavilion, based on hyperbolic paraboloids originally used in Metastaseis musical piece by Iannis Xenakis “Sound is a spatial event, a material phenomenon and an auditive experience rolled into one.

Sonic Architecture

It can be described using the vectors of distance, direction and location. Within architecture, every built space can modify, position, reflect or reverberate the sounds that occur there. Welcome to the Center for Neuroacoustic Research! Dr.

Welcome to the Center for Neuroacoustic Research!

Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. From previous evidence of effective human biological response using various sounds and sonic vibration frequencies, certain sounds have been found to have a direct effect upon physiological systems (i.e. pulse rate, respiration, GSR, EMG pupillary dilation, EEG, EKG, body temperature, and others). One Systems - Direct-weather loudspeaker systems. MAPP Online Pro. The ability to predict the performance of a sound system is indispensable to system designers in every application. Meyer Sound combined rigorous scientific techniques and careful, high-resolution measurements with direct input from leading designers and years of experience to produce the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program.

Based on a patented method, MAPP Online Pro is a powerful, cross-platform, Java-based application for accurately predicting the coverage pattern, frequency response, impulse response, and maximum SPL output of single or arrayed Meyer Sound loudspeakers. Residing on the user’s local computer, the Java client application facilitates configuring arrays of a wide variety of Meyer Sound products and, optionally, defining the environment in which they will operate, including air temperature, pressure and humidity, as well as the location and composition of surfaces. Lossless Legs - Index. Designing Sound. The Night That Modern Live Sound Was Born. People + Opinion : Artists / Engineers / Producers / Programmers One night in 1970, the Grateful Dead found themselves without a sound system or soundman, and Bob Heil found himself the man of the moment. Dan Daley It's the kind of thing that physicists and palaeontologists dream about: being able to look back and determine the exact moment that a star or a dinosaur came into being.

For the contemporary live sound business, that moment was the night of 2nd February 1970 at the Fox Theatre in St. Home. SonicScoop – Creative, Technical & Business Connections For NYC’s Music & Sound Community. SAVE THE TANK by Bruce Odland. aM laboratory. dedicated to the Art of Film Sound Design & Film Sound Theory. Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project.