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Bernhard Leitner Forum. Roulette. A History of Sound Art » j.milo taylor. Christy Matson. Sonic fabric. Alexis O' Hara. Kilo Ohm - Erwin Stache. Blog. Review Avantgarde Festival Germany Sunday, July 28, 2013.


Evelien van den Broek. Electroacoustic Sculptures. Arno Fabre - official website. MESSIER. Strozzina. Rainlith 2.0 @ SERES. Analogue Tape Glove « Signal to Noise. Cultural morphing soundscape - Katrin Stumreich. {cacophony} Studio Nomad. {hangzavar, 2011 | cacophony, 2011}

Studio Nomad

Henrik Rylander. JESPER NORDA. Sonicwater. Katie Paterson, Vatnajokull (the sound of) Art - Playing the Building. EXHIBITION HISTORY: • Playing the Building, Aria, Minneapolis, MN, 8–04 November-04 December 2012• Playing the Building, Roundhouse, London, UK, 8–31 August 2009 • Playing the Building, presented by Creative Time, Battery Maritime Building, New York, NY, 31 May–24 August 2008: Winner, 2008 AICA (American Section of the International Art Critics Association) award for Best Show in a Public Space• Playing the Building, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 8 October–13 November 2005.

Art - Playing the Building

Æ anke eckardt — artworks. Maryanne Amacher. Maryanne Amacher (February 25, 1938[1][2] – October 22, 2009) was an American composer and installation artist.

Maryanne Amacher

She is known for working extensively with a family of psychoacoustic phenomena called auditory distortion products (also known as distortion product otoacoustic emissions and combination tones), in which the ears themselves produce audible sound. Biography[edit] Bernhard Leitner Forum. Christian Marclay, de la musique au(x) son(s) Mais il serait simpliste de réduire Drag Guitar à ce principe de démolition dadaïste.

Christian Marclay, de la musique au(x) son(s)

En effet, l'artiste rend également hommage à la violence et à l'engagement physique de grands guitaristes pop. Mais au-delà, c'est une allusion politique très forte qui est également convoquée. Dans certains Etats Américains, des noirs ont été attachés derrière des chevaux ou des voitures, et trainés à terre jusqu'à ce que mort s'en suive? Et cette guitare dénonce, à la fois par la similitude de son martyr et par ses sons déchirants, ces tortures et meurtres ségrégationistes et racistes. Dès lors que l'on rapproche l'image de la guitare et celle d'un homme tué violemment, le visionnage de drag Guitar dérange fortement et ne peut plus laisser indifférent.

Ces installations allient une recherche plastique et sonore exigeante, qui ne cessent de questionner le statut de l'objet sonore, les supports qui véhiculent et conservent la trace des sons, et la perception que le spectateur auditeur peut en avoir. Max Neuhaus. Grönlund - Nisunen. Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson / Volumes for sound. Joshua Lantzy. Rubén d´hers. Avoka. City of Sydney. By Michael Thomas Hill completed 2011 Forgotten Songs commemorates the songs of fifty birds once heard in central Sydney before they were gradually forced out of the city by European settlement.

City of Sydney

The calls, which filter down from the canopy of birdcages suspended above Angel Place, change as day shifts to night; the daytime birds' songs disappearing with the sun and those of the nocturnal birds which inhabited the area sounding into the evening. Habitat loss is credited as the biggest threat to bird survival. At present there are 129 species of birds native to New South Wales formally listed as extinct or threatened with extinction. The recordings you can hear in Forgotten Songs are from bird species that sang in central Sydney before Europeans settled and gradually forced them away. Diogo Tudela. FS / Partial / The appearance of FS/Partial is deeply related to spectograms.

Diogo Tudela

The graphical propositions embodied by these representations are the core for the shape and mechanics of this device. FS/Partial has a rather strict purpose, preform additive synthesis in live contexts. Therefore, every technical feature and design option works towards a clear and inteligible solution to visually display the Fourier series.The device provides physical control over 8 harmonic partials. The height of each tube is resposible for the amplitude of the sine it controls. From left to right, partials' frequencies get higher, the leftmost being the fundamental frequency of the produced signal.Additional control is given through two horizontal faders located on the side of the device.

Project. Volumen Sintetico, Matucana 100, Santiago de Chile. Music for Forgotten Places. Brian House. Quotidian Record Vinyl record with 365 days of location data mapped to 365 rotations worth of music.

Brian House

Sonicwater. Christina Kubisch. Sound. About UbuWeb Sound Originally focusing on Sound Poetry proper, UbuWeb's Sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary.


Beginning with pioneers such as Guillaume Apollinaire reading his "Calligrammes" in 1913, and proceeding to current practitioners such as Vito Acconci or Kristin Oppenheim, UbuWeb Sound surveys the entire 20th century and beyond. Sound - Janet Cardiff. Janet Cardiff (b. 1957) Pandemonium (2005) Pandemonium (16' 00") Tip tap tip tap.

Sound - Janet Cardiff

Is that the sound of dripping or is it someone in a cell tapping a code on the wall? Now there are many more tapping sounds. Far and near. “Cicadas” – Sound Installation. “Cicadas” is an installation with a difference. Bringing together sound design, technology and natural science, Berlin-based sound artist Bob Meanza has created sonic robots which emulate some of the resonance and timbral qualities of the cicada. These robots are in fact tinyAVR microcontrollers, programmed using Arduino software to emit sounds that are determined by their basic physical structure.

The cicada is a tiny insect with immense sound-producing capabilities, with the singing of some variants has been measured at 100dB.[1] I asked Meanza a few questions about the project and the concepts and techniques that influenced it. Read his responses below and do check out his video and other related material for details on how this fascinating piece came together.

What inspired you to do this project? Artifix Mori: Interactive Light and Sound Installation. Gracing the Art Skybridge at the Eugene Lang College of The New School is the interactive light and sound installation Artfix Mori, a collaboration between visiting artists Jason Krugman a kinetic light sculptor and media artist John Ensor Parker. The Bombyx Mori is a species of silkworm valued for its production of silk. This silkworm produces a rare form of silk material that is harvested by being boiled while the insect is still in its cocoon.


Yuro Suzuki.