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Avoid These Five Mistakes in Wireless. While wireless systems have freed performers from the bonds of cords and cables, they’ve unleashed a dizzying array of headaches for the sound crew.

Avoid These Five Mistakes in Wireless

Getting a wireless system to behave predictably is a challenge faced by touring professionals and newbies alike. No one and no system is immune. Still, it doesn’t have to be guessing game. Understanding the basics of how wireless systems and radio waves function will help you consistently triumph over dropouts, interference and distortion. You can start right now by avoiding these common errors. 1. Maintain line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver antennas as much as possible. The human body can also interfere with wireless signals. The Top 11 Obscure Nu-Metal Albums Ever Made. JNCOs: Coming soon (again) to a mall near you.

The Top 11 Obscure Nu-Metal Albums Ever Made

As we predicted years ago, the Nu-Metal Revival Apocalypse is in full swing! Limp Bizkit are selling out large clubs (and people are no longer ashamed to say they went to the show… and enjoyed it). Revolver’s “Ten Nu-Metal Albums You Need to Own” list made some waves a few weeks ago, although it was a completely predictable list of (mostly) sucky bands and their (mostly) sucky albums (I much prefer Axl’s own list of ten essential nu-metal albums, which hits the nail on the head). Wednesday Hump Dump (88 Pictures) Ohmslaw.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 600 pixels) Daft Punk. Music Paper. 5 kickass websites to learn guitar online. The internet can well teach us a lot of things and it surely can make you an adept guitarist.

5 kickass websites to learn guitar online

Here are 5 websites to hone your skills with the guitar(and subsequently with the opposite sex, if you so wish). At your pace. Ultimate Guitar: UG easily has to be one of the best guitar sites around. You’ll usually find the tablature for most songs around here. Guitar Cardio: Yes, your fingers need the workout and GuitarCardio will give you just that. The Guitar Thing: The content on this site is created by Chandresh Kudwa of Dream Out Loud who is heralded as one of the best guitarist on the Indian rock scene. Essential Guitar: This is a rather simple looking site but don’t let your eyes fool you. Free audio plugin database. A preview version of some of the plug-ins that are a part of REAPER, but in standalone form.

free audio plugin database

ReaGate: a very configurable gate with wet/dry controls, lookahead (on hosts that support PDC), hysteresis, hold, noise generator, MIDI event sending (on hosts that support it), built-in filtering sidechain as well as supporting sidechain inputs, and more. ReaComp: a compressor that has a lot of controls (wet/dry/pre-comp/sidechain/knee) Also has a program dependent auto-release mode..

ReaFir: a FFT-based EQ/dynamics processor/noise removal/analysis plug-in. ReaFir can do a lot of types of processing, from standard linear FIR-based EQ, to noise signature detection and removal to per-band compression and gating. Details: ReaComp ReaXcomp. Scaricare musica gratis da internet senza programmi[1] Perchè installare programmi come Emule o Bittorent, per scaricare musica gratis, quando la si può tranquillamente trovare in internet, e con minori sforzi e sacrifici?

Scaricare musica gratis da internet senza programmi[1]

Potrebbe essere questo, in estrema sintesi, il motto pubblicitario del presente articolo. Ed in effetti, un fondo di verità c'è in tutto ciò. Avevamo già visto, ad esempio, come Come scaricare Video e Musica da Youtube, ma le opportunità sono davvero tante, ma non si esauriscono con questi sopracitati esempi. Perchè, se si spulciano per bene le profondità del web, ci accorgiamo che queste sono ricche anche di ulteriori siti che ospitano file mp3 da scaricare liberamente e gratuitamente, anche senza dover effettuare una registrazione. E così, visto che mi piace condividere con voi quello che scopro, ecco ad elencarvi alcuni siti di questo genere (in costante aggiornamento).

Un sito che si presenta con un'interfaccia un po' più grezza degli altri diretti concorrenti, anche se il funzionamento è più o meno simile. Free audio plugin database. Plugins Listed: 2339 Welcome to the free audio plugin database, the largest online database of free audio plugins.

free audio plugin database

We list nearly 2000 free VST plugins, free DirectX plugins, RTAS, AU, and more from developers all over the world. There are tons of excellent audio plugins available for free on the Web. This database is an attempt to provide a useful index of them. New VST, DirectX, RTAS, and AU plugins are being added all the time, and you can submit your own favorite plugins using the "Submit Plugin" link above.

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