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Recording Techniques

Recording Techniques

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Sweeping the Frequencies for Precise EQing - Tuts+ Music & Audio Tutorial If I there's one plug-in that's the audio equivalent to a Swiss Army knife, it would have to be the EQ plug-in. From subtle corrections to drastic sound design changes, you can use an EQ plug-in for an almost infinite list of tasks. In this tutorial, I will show you one such technique, called Sweeping the Frequencies, that can give you surgical-like precision when EQing and notch filtering a sound source to better fit in your mix. When using an EQ—which is short for Equalizer—you are essentially given control over a sound source’s volume. But instead of having an overall global affect, like when using the master gain on a channel strip, you can turn the volume up or down on specific frequency bands independent of the other frequencies.

TwinNote Music Notation Alternative Notation Systems that Inspired TwinNote Several other alternative notation systems inspired the design of TwinNote. They are shown here in a progression from traditional music notation to TwinNote, with each system overcoming disadvantages of the prior system. The chromatic scale shown in each of the notation systems discussed below: Untitled Notation by Johann Ailler (1904) Advantages: Simple and familiar staff with four lines to distinguish it from the traditional five-line staff. 6-6 pitch pattern present in line-notes and space-notes.

Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listenin Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms by Ethan Winer Ethan Winer is co-owner of RealTraps, a leading manufacturer of acoustic treatment products. Ethan has at various times earned a living as a professional musician, computer programmer, circuit designer, recording engineer, composer/arranger, technical writer, acoustician, and college instructor. Ethan has more than 150 feature articles published in various computer and audio magazines. Music of Sound Incase you missed the news yesterday VCV Rack has launched – when I read their URL I grok it as CV Crack.. and as per the image below, it felt confirmed after my first jam with it last night… Think of it as virtual Eurorack modular, with the initial free release providing basic modules plus a set of Mutable Instruments modules based on the same code as their great Eurorack modules.. At present it is a freestanding app, but there is a plan to provide a VST bridge and I can easily predict this future: there will be a similar explosion of new modules as per what has happened IRL over the last many years.

Digital Recording - WikiRecording This article is intended to be a high-level overview of concerns related to digital audio recording on a personal computer. Subtopics in this article may be split into separate articles in the future, but for now consider this a one-stop shop. A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a computer system capable of recording and processing digital audio. When someone refers to recording into a DAW, it means they are storing the audio on a hard disk rather than using Analog Tape which before the advent of Computers was the primary way to record. "DAW" is a fairly wide-ranging term, and can mean anything from a dedicated system such as the Roland VS series workstations to a standard personal computer with an audio interface and software capable of manipulating audio. Audio Interfaces

Blog - The Recording RevolutionThe Recording Revolution All I ever wanted to do with this site was help a few of my friends make better recordings and mixes. Over the past 7 years, I’ve been honored to help millions more. It was 7 years ago this week that I published my first ever post on The Recording Revolution. Almost 1,000 posts and… Read more » How can you know for sure that your EQ moves are helping a track? What if you’re simply making the track louder and that’s why you like it?

Art of Life Records, LLC - About Us Created in October of 2000, Art of Life Records, LLC specializes in releasing new modern Jazz recordings as well as reissuing long lost out-of-print recordings. To date we have released forty nine Compact Disc and DVD recordings in addition to thirty eight Digital Download recordings. Art of Life Records was created with the purpose of providing recording artists with the opportunity to create and record their music as they see fit without any undue pressures placed upon them via the typical major record label approach. Our goal is two-fold. Ramsa WR-DA7 Hugh Robjohns has a close encounter with Panasonic's newly launched budget digital console, and finds it up there with the best of them. Panasonic have already built up something of a reputation for their wide range of digital products such as DAT machines and CD players, and their pro-audio arm Ramsa have a certain credibility in the live sound arena. However, this is their first foray into digital consoles, and most impressive it is too.

50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles from 2013 Latest Popular Featured The Pro Audio Files 50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles from 2013 By Dan Comerchero on 12/26/2013 · Articles

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