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No, really, pi is wrong: The Tau Manifesto by Michael Hartl

No, really, pi is wrong: The Tau Manifesto by Michael Hartl
I continue to be impressed with how rich this subject is, and my understanding of π and τ continues to evolve. On Half Tau Day, 2012, I believed I identified exactly what is wrong with π. My argument hinged on an analysis of the surface area and volume of an n-dimensional sphere, which (as shown below) makes clear that π doesn’t have any fundamental geometric significance. My analysis was incomplete, though—a fact brought to my attention in a remarkable message from Tau Manifesto reader Jeff Cornell. As a result, this section is an attempt not only to definitively debunk π, but also to articulate the truth about τ, a truth that is deeper and subtler than I had imagined. Note: This section is more advanced than the rest of the manifesto and can be skipped without loss of continuity. 5.1 Surface area and volume of a hypersphere We start our investigations with the generalization of a circle to arbitrary dimensions. which consists of the two points ±r. is the line segment from −r to r. n!! Related:  eatabean3/12

FM 100 Hue Test Are you among the 1 in 255 women and 1 in 12 men who have some form of color vision deficiency? If you work in a field where color is important, or you’re just curious about your color IQ, take our online challenge to find out. Based on the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, this online challenge is a fun, quick way to understand your color vision acuity. Just remember, this is not a replacement for the full test! FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. Did you know that your ability to accurately see color depends on many factors? Lighting - Light plays one of the most significant roles in color perception – did you know it's actually the color of the light that determines the color your brain will perceive? Backgrounds Effects - The human eye’s ability to correctly perceive the color is affected by the surrounding colors, a phenomenon known as simultaneous contrast. Retinal Fatigue - Our eyes get tired very easily.

Simple animation to explain complex principles 1, aircraft radial engine 2, oval Regulation 3, sewing machines 4, Malta Cross movement - second hand movement used to control the clock 5, auto change file mechanism 6, auto constant velocity universal joint 6.gif 7, gun ammunition loading system 8 rotary engine - an internal combustion engine, the heat rather than the piston movement into rotary movement # Via World Of Technology. 1, inline engine - it's cylinders lined up side by side 2, V-type engine - cylinder arranged at an angle of two plane 3, boxer engine - cylinder engine arranged in two planes relative

5 Ways to Start Learning How to Code Right Now Learning to code is one of the most powerful and satisfying things you can ever do. If you’re a designer, learning to code can help you understand what you’re creating for, and if you’re looking to build a startup from scratch, being a technical founder can make things exponentially easier for you. No matter why you want to learn, the only thing you really need is curiosity. But if you’re just starting out as a novice and don’t know where to begin, there are plenty of ways to get started. We presented this list of 7 ways to start learning how to code right now for free last month, and now we’re back with 5 more ways to start coding for free! iTunes U Apple just recently made some dramatic changes to iTunes U, and Stanford’s set of videos is quite an impressive offering. ➤ iTunes U Kids Ruby We wrote about Kids Ruby this past December and honestly, you’ve got to start them young, right? Now, if you’re not a kid, this software might still be really helpful for you. ➤ Kids Ruby Net Tuts+

The Darknet protects itself by being more robust against attacks The Darknet is a part of the internet that people can access and use anonymously. This privacy and the ability to work away from prying eyes means that the network is frequently used for anonymous exchanges of sensitive information and for illegal activities such as drug trafficking, sharing child pornography or exchanging protected intellectual property free of charge. Cyberattacks are frequently launched against this network but usually with little success. Now, the researchers Manlio De Domenico and Alex Arenas from the URV's Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics have manged to determine why the Darknet is so difficult to attack. To demonstrate this, the researchers have used data published by the Internet Research Lab of the University of California (Los Angeles) and network analysis to quantify the resilience of the Darknet. Explore further: Is rare wildlife traded on the darknet?

Photo ideas: soap bubble photography Follow this simple soap bubble photography project and learn how to shoot cool psychedlic macro photos. All the ideas and inspiration you need to get creative at home There’s so much more to macro photography than conventional photos of insects and flowers – and you don’t have to travel far to find something more creative to point your digital camera at If you’ve never tried it before, photographing the surface of soap film is a simple way to create close-up art – all in the comfort of your kitchen. The only problem is, the form and colour of soap film constantly change, which can seem challenging to capture with your camera at first. Follow this easy step-by-step guide, and you’ll be shooting psychedlic soap bubble pictures in no time… In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need: Soap and glycerine Using standard soap bubbles ? 100mm macro lens A focal length of at least 100mm enables you to get close to the film without running the risk of disturbing it. Black background Wire loop 1. 2. 3.

What's the rarest figure eight in the universe? The N Body problem problem has always been an issue in celestial mechanics. For example our solar system, over very large time scales is actually unstable. This is because it's not really a two body system, unless we enormously simplify the solar system just down to the Earth and Sun, ignoring the Moon, the asteroids, Mars, Saturn and all the rest of it. The affects of the gravitational perturbations of all these other bodies, although very small on short time scales, can add up to be instability in the long run. The solar system is in fact a chaotic pendulum: Factor in the motions of other stars in the galaxy and energy lost due to gravitational radiation and over many quadrillions of years the solar system will fall apart. That vaguely related tidbit aside.

7 Ways to Learn to Code Right Now for Free Learning to code is one of the most powerful and satisfying things you can ever do. If you’re a designer, learning to code can help you understand what you’re creating for, and if you’re looking to build a startup from scratch, being a technical founder can make things exponentially easier for you. No matter why you want learn, the only thing you really need is curiosity. But if you’re just starting out as a novice and don’t know where to begin, here’s a list of 7 ways to start learning how to code right now for free: 1. Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. ➤ Processing (Reference, Tutorials, Wiki, Forum, Inspiration) 2. Codecademy bills itself as “the easiest way to learn how to code,” and thanks to this startup, learning to code online has never been so accessible. ➤ Codecademy 3. Bloc, a new educational startup, makes it easy for you to start writing in Ruby. ➤ Bloc 4. ➤ Meetup, Hackathons 5.

Inside the Illuminati with Rosie Kay and Adam Curtis | Stage “I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole,” admits Rosie Kay with a slightly wild giggle, as she describes the world of conspiracies, cults and celebrities that she has been exploring for her latest work. The choreographer has long been known for her brave and sometimes surprising choices, and for the depth of research she undertakes. She and her dancers spent weeks in training with the British army for 5 Soldiers, while for Sluts of Possession she worked with the School of Anthropology at Oxford, investigating tribal and spiritual ritual. None of her projects, though, have taken her into such alien territory as MK Ultra. Named after the experiments in mind control that the CIA developed during the last century, Kay’s new show explores the phenomenon of the Illuminati, a shadowy cult believed to be on an elaborate mission of global domination, spreading its agenda through the brainwashing of prominent individuals in politics and the media.

Bilderberg Group The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, Bilderberg meetings or Bilderberg Club is an annual private conference of approximately 120–150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media.[1][2] About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields.[1][3] §Origin[edit] The original conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954. Retinger approached Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who agreed to promote the idea, together with former Belgian Prime Minister Paul Van Zeeland, and the head of Unilever at that time, Dutchman Paul Rijkens. The success of the meeting led the organizers to arrange an annual conference. §Organizational structure[edit] Dutch economist Ernst van der Beugel became permanent secretary in 1960, upon Retinger's death. According to James A. §Chairmen of the Steering Committee[edit]

Futurama Writer Invented A New Math Theorem Just To Use In The Show What is Bullying? Aggressive behavior may be bullying depending on what happened, how often it happens and who it happens to. Find out what bullying is and what the different types are. You can also learn more about other topics related to bullying. Bullying Definition Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. The Roles Kids Play There are many roles that kids can play. Related Topics There are many other types of aggressive behavior that don’t fit the definition of bullying.

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: Carl Jung’s Letter on Astrology Dear Prof. Raman, 6 September 1947 I haven’t yet received The Astrological Magazine, but I will answer your letter nevertheless. Since you want to know my opinion about astrology I can tell you that I’ve been interested in this particular activity of the human mind for more than 30 years. As I am a psychologist I’m chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in the character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand. From such experiences I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call "projected" -this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations.