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Mevo Camera by Livestream. How to record live events. How to video recording a school play. Ordre du jour. Amazon. Quels dimensions faut-il lors de la production d’une vidéo ? Autour de la vidéo, on parle de résolution, de dimension, de taille, de ratio et des formats ; à la création, à l’édition, ou à la sortie vidéo… La re dimension de la vidéo peut altérer la vidéo……Plein de termes à définir, mais nous aurons juste ces termes, car certains veulent dire la même chose : Taille sur papier (exemple d’une photo) / Taille de l’écran Résolution d’une vidéo / Ratio : ou dimension ou format d’affichage vidéo (SD,HD) Format Vidéos La taille intervient sur un support (papier, etc.) qui a été imprimé, telle sur la surface du papier : « la taille du papier ».

La modification intervient toujours dans les paramètres du logiciel de la photo imprimée. La Résolution de l’écran est une estimation de la façon dont votre écran affiche une image, elle définit la clarté du contenu sur votre écran. Aussi, une résolution haute, produit beaucoup plus de pixels (en grand nombre) pour représenter les données. La résolution et la taille de l’écran sont fortement liées. Récapitulatif 2. 3. Filming and photography tips and tutorials for Professional Video. The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat - Recording Audio with a Canon 5D Mark III - Video Toolkit. My philosophy for video production at Wistia is quite simple: keep it simple. A simple setup makes it way easier to spin up and just start making a video. It's why we've chosen to turn a conference room into a studio, it's why I love using a shotgun microphone, and it's the main reason why we use the Canon 5D camera.

The 5D is my favorite camera for a bunch of different reasons, but I'm not going to write (yet another) love letter to Canon. Instead, I want to share how we get around the Canon 5D's greatest downfall: capturing audio. The equipment The workflow Quick start: the settings This is a super speedy breakdown of the settings we use. H4n powering microphone with phantom power enabled +48VH4n input volume is around 40-50H4n headphone volume is around 605D Mark III sound recording is on manual, dialed way downRecord simultaneously on the H4n as a backupMonitor the 5D audio by plugging in headphones The longer explanation Now, it's time for the mic test!

Record simultaneously Dear Canon, Library. 3 Tips You Must Know Before Shooting a Multicam Production. Multicam productions have become more popular than ever, thanks to the extremely low cost of camera gear and easy intergration into video editing apps. Even still, many producers attempting multicam for the first time aren’t able to get it right. While the thought of setting up a multicam shoot can be daunting to producers/directors who have never done it before, knowing how to do it right has some massive benefits. Not only do multicam setups help keep time on-set to a minimum (and therefore also keep the budget down too), but they can also provide creative freedoms that aren’t otherwise offered by single camera environments. For instance, if you are directing a comedy and want to allow your actors to improvise, a multicam setup would be ideal so that you can catch all of the spontaneity, while also having enough coverage to cut together the scene cohesively in post.

Camera Placement Lighting Matching The Cameras Multicam in Popular Video Editing Apps Sony Vegas user? Final Thoughts. Shooting Low Budget Multi-Cam Videos for Live Shows and Music Videos. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch video capabilities have improved enormously over the last few years—to the point where video quality is more than adequate for shooting music videos or live shows. I’m going to go over several different options and methods for doing so, and introduce you to a few amazing bits and bobs that will make your production both easy and high quality. Whether your shooting a live show or a music video, nearly all the same principles will apply—the differences will mostly be related to the fact that you have to capture the audio when shooting live shows, as music videos will typically use pre-recorded audio and you’ll be cutting your footage to the audio.

The Challenges You’ve probably tried shooting music videos or live shows, and one of the biggest challenges was rounding up enough camera operators or, even if you were placing cameras for static shots, having to start the video recording at the right time and then syncing it all up in a video editing app later. How to Tape a High School Play (Well) - All. Hey all- All through my years in High School, I was really involved with the drama program, specifically with crew. Started in construction, moved to running, then to lighting, and now that I've graduated, I was pulled back to help out with lighting and multimedia, since I was really the main guy for all of that when I was there (although I learned it all from a German wizard...).This year, the Fall Play production was The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, and since I am a film student, I was also tasked with taping the show for DVD.

We've had professional companies come in and tape shows before, but usually just the Spring Musical, since that pulls in more moolah.Anyway, Here is the setup I used, and I submit this for your consideration, in the hopes that you may glean some useful information from it. Lighting Tutorials. Video Tutorials. La vidéo. La vidéo. How much 1080p hd video can i put on these dslr cameras? [Solved] - Cameras - Digital Cameras. Kenrivers said: It's not stupid to use the T5i to shoot video. Once the 29 minute 59 second limit is reached you can resume shooting by pressing the record button and a new recording will start. You shouldn't have to transfer the video from the card first unless the card is full. I see no reason you could not use a 32GB or 64GB SD card in the T5i.

I use a 128GB card in my GH3 and you can put large cards in Canons too, so the size of the card is not the problem. The problem, as Ken says, is the T5i *shuts itself off* after 29 minutes and 59 seconds of continuous recording and has to be restarted. This limitation is a very big deal, however, for people who record concerts, plays, speeches, wedding ceremonies, etc. If you want long continuous video and a viewfinder that actually works while you're shooting video (unlike a T5i), you should get a camcorder (the $899 Canon HF G20 is a good choice below $1000, so is the $780 Panasonic X920, which shoots 1080/60p for fast action or slow motion).