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The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®)

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®)

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Desmos: A Definitive Guide in Graphing and Computing Think you’re fond of of graphing and computing stuffs? Great! Because you might remember this thing called the Texas Instrument TI-83 from the old days. 30 Awesome SVG Animation For Your Inspiration Designers used to create animations in HTML elements using CSS. However, due to the limitations of HTML elements in creating patterns, shapes, and others, they naturally turn to SVG, which offers more interesting capabilities. Working with SVG, we enjoy good browser supprot for SVG animation, and we have more ways to create new animation. You can use both the built-in SVG animation functionality or CSS3 animation (note that not everything can be done by CSS so there is still need for JavaScript).

Paul Erdős Paul Erdős (Hungarian: Erdős Pál [ˈɛrdøːʃ paːl]; 26 March 1913 – 20 September 1996) was a Hungarian mathematician. Erdős worked with hundreds of collaborators, pursuing problems in combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, classical analysis, approximation theory, set theory, and probability theory. He was also known for his eccentric personality.[2][3] Early life, education, life, and death[edit]

Intro to proof theory (handbook article) Book article: Samuel R. Buss. "An Introduction to Proof Theory" in Handbook of Proof Theory, edited by S. R. Who are the greatest Black Mathematicians? Who are the greatest Black Mathematicians? Often I am asked the questions: 1. Is [or was] there a Black Gauss? The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) The Big List Of Royalty Free Music And Sounds (Free Edition) A list of sites where you can download royalty free sounds and music. The first list shows those sites that offer free downloads. The second list shows those sites that offer paid downloads.

A map of the Tricki This is an attempt to give a quick guide to the top few levels of the Tricki. It may cease to be feasible when the Tricki gets bigger, but we might perhaps be able to automate additions to it. Clicking on arrows just to the right of the name of an article reveals its subarticles. If you want to hide the subarticles again, then you should click to the right of them rather than clicking on the name of one of the subarticles themselves, since otherwise you will follow a link to that subarticle. What kind of problem am I trying to solve? General problem-solving tips Mandelbrot set images and videos This page provides links to various (hopefully) pretty images and videos of the Mandelbrot set that I computed with a program I wrote. Contents Zoom videos I computed three videos of continuous zooms into the Mandelbrot set: they follow exactly the same pattern, zooming at a constant rate of a factor 2 every two seconds toward fixed a center point, with the same color scheme.

Demo of a simple CRUD RESTful PHP service used with AngularJS and MySQL <?php require_once(""); class API extends REST { Vector Functions We first saw vector functions back when we were looking at the Equation of Lines. In that section we talked about them because we wrote down the equation of a line in in terms of a vector function (sometimes called a vector-valued function). In this section we want to look a little closer at them and we also want to look at some vector functions in other than lines. The Center of Math Blog: Fun Friday: World Tesselation Day "The geometry of space translates to a reoccurring theme in my creations: the tessellation." - M.C EscherM.C Fisher was one of the artists responsible for leading the art of tessellation. Today, June 17th, is M.C Escher's birthday. This served as the inspiration for Emily Grosvenor's push to create World Tessellation Day. Grosvenor is the author of a children's book about a girl named Tessa who sees patterns everywhere titled, Tessalation. What is a tessellation?

SVG and CSS - Cascading Style Sheets It is possible to style your SVG shapes using CSS. By styling is meant to change the looks of the shapes. This can be stroke color and width, fill color, opacity and many other properties of your shapes. There are 6 ways to style the shapes in your SVG images.