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Matematicas Visuales | Home In MatematicasVisuales you will find visual expositions of mathematical concepts. MatematicasVisuales intends to complement the work initiated by artiludios, a site with games, puzzles and mathematical curiosities. Reading Miguel de Guzmán I found a demonstration of the line of Simpson and the Steiner Deltoid. It serves as an introduction to the geometry section. The concept of function and its graphical representation are a key concept and we dedicate special attention to it in the analysis section. Geometric representation of the complex numbers facilitates its visualization. Thinking in who have to start learning probability we have this section about this subject. In the history section we approach mathematics through its history. Miguel Cardil made the design of The contents of MatematicasVisuales has been developed by Roberto Cardil.

How DNA Proves God Made All Creatures Great and Small Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection may be able to explain how living creatures can evolve from one form to another, but it cannot explain how something that was not alive evolved into the first life on Earth. Stephen C. Meyer, a Cambridge trained scholar in the philosophy of science, does have an explanation for how life on Earth began: the DNA in every cell of every creature shows unmistakable evidence of having been deliberately designed by an intelligent being. Meyer lays out his analysis in a new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design. He discussed his book and his case for an Intelligent Designer with Editor in Chief Terry Jeffrey. Here is a transcript of their conversation: Terry Jeffrey: Welcome to “Online With Terry Jeffrey.” A one time geophysicist and college professor, he’s now director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington. Stephen Meyer: It’s good to be here, Terry.

The Skeptics Society Forum - Index page Mathematics, mathematical modeling, mathematical research | Web Design, Dynamic web site | E-commerce by Suitcase of Dreams | Custom software, Programming, Freeware, Educational computer programs | Database Design | Graphics | Royalty Free Gold & Silver C  INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE. NEWS, COMMENTARY & INSIGHT BASE CINQUE FORUM • BASE CINQUE FORUM Powers of complex numbers Complex Analysis. FreeTutorial 13. Top 13. Integer powers of complex numbers are just special cases of products. )+i sin(n )), (1.24) where n is a positive or negative integer or zero. Top 13.1 Integer powers of complex numbers. If |z|<1, then |z|n<|z|<1 for any integer n. Example: |z|= 0.9; arg(z) = 30°. |z|2= 0.81; arg(z) = 60°; |z|2= 0.73; arg(z) = 90°; |z|2= 0.66; arg(z) = 120°; |z|2= 0.59; arg(z) = 150°; |z|2= 0.53; arg(z) = 180°. Each higher power is 30° further along and closer to 0. Figure 1.25. 13.2 Integer powers of complex numbers. If |z|>1, then |z|n>|z|>1 for any integer n. Example: |z|= 1.2; arg(z) = 30°. |z|2= 2.4; arg(z) = 60°; |z|2= 2.9; arg(z) = 90°; |z|2= 3.5; arg(z) = 120°; |z|2= 4.2; arg(z) = 150°; |z|2= 5; arg(z) = 180°. Six powers are displayed as points on a spiral in the figure 1.26. Figure 1.26. 13.3 Integer powers of complex numbers. If |z|=1, then |z|n=1 for any integer n. Example: |z|= 1; arg(z) = 30°. Figure 1.27. Figure 1.28 shows all 3 cases

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