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JIRA Software - Issue & Project Tracking for Software Teams

JIRA Software - Issue & Project Tracking for Software Teams
Integrate with the tools you use Upgrade your workflow with Confluence, Stash, HipChat, and hundreds of other developer tools. Knowledge management Create product requirements with Confluence, and turn them into JIRA tasks with one click. Development workflow JIRA automatically updates issues when a developer commits code in Stash or Bitbucket. Continuous integration Continuously deploy code with Bamboo and monitor the status of builds from right inside JIRA. Real-time collaboration Keep your team in the know with notifications delivered straight to a HipChat room.

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Best Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job Today I want to answer a question from a reader that’s top of mind for programmers, developers and software engineers: Hi,I am trying to choose a computer programming course and I was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction by giving me some idea of which computer programming languages employers look for most often. I didn’t want to end up learning languages that are rarely asked for.Thanks for any help you can give me.Karl (name changed for privacy) First of all, THANK YOU for choosing programming as a career. Because companies really need people like you who are willing to learn new languages to help them stay competitive.

Stop using Basecamp! Free, Open Source, and Better Alternatives Unless your business relies on it, or you have other software that plugs into Basecamp, there’s no reason to stick with Basecamp. Basecamp is very minimalistic and is lacking features many teams need to actually get work done. If you don’t need Basecamp, try one of the many open source and free alternatives. I’ve personally used Basecamp, it’s not great. One of my annoyances is that you can’t assign a task to more than one person.

Productivity tools for Small Business Integrated with Google Apps As you must probably know, Google Apps is a free (for less than 50 users) productivity suite. Implementing and integrating your applications with Google Apps has several benefits. For one, it increases your bottom line. This is because Google Apps is free or does not cost much (for more than 50 users).

Nagios plug-in development guidelines Development platform requirements Nagios Plugins are developed to the GNU standard, so any OS which is supported by GNU should run the plugins. While the requirements for compiling the Nagios Plugins release are very basic, developing from the Git repository requires additional software to be installed. drupal theme generator Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique Drupal Themes. Drupal is one of leading content management systems for organizing and displaying website content. With Artisteer you instantly design professional Drupal themes without having programming skills or knowing Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and other web design technologies. Artisteer allows you to take control over your website design, and manage and customize your themes to your taste. Here are a few steps on how to quickly create your own unique Drupal themes:

So, what is a job in programming like? Internetmeme wrote:My dad says that most programming jobs are probably going to be outsourced to places like China by the time I get out of college, but I want to hear from actually programmers who have a job doing this. From my perspective, the craze for outsourcing has died down a bit. Turned out not to be the silver bullet everyone thought it was.

How to get the Most out of Wunderlist Wunderlist has become my close friend and trusted advisor. I'm always learning how to improve my organization and get things done efficiently and productively and Wunderlist is a fantastic tool perfectly suited for this. I mentioned it previously in the Eleven Tools I use Every Day post, but I wanted to give this one a bit of special attention as it's increasingly becoming a bigger part of how I work and get organized. Zoho CRM from Zoho Corporation - Review, Compare, Get Demos & Free Trials Key Features of Zoho CRM Sales Force AutomationMarketing AutomationCustomer Support & ServiceInventory ManagementCRM Analytics Workflow ManagementRole-based SecurityDeveloper API for Third-party IntegrationCRM with EmailIntegration with Microsoft Office & Outlook Screenshots Click image for larger version Overview of Zoho CRM Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM application, which gives you a 360-degree view of your sales, marketing, inventory, customer support and more.

SWIG on Windows - Getting Started This chapter describes SWIG usage on Microsoft Windows. Installing SWIG and running the examples is covered as well as building the SWIG executable. Usage within the Unix like environments MinGW and Cygwin is also detailed. 3.1 Installation on Windows SWIG does not come with the usual Windows type installation program, however it is quite easy to get started.

Apps Marketplace - Gcamp Finally a way to interface with Basecamp project management from your Google Apps Gmail interface. Ever wanted to create a task in Basecamp using the body of an email message right from your email? With Gcamp you can: - Create a To-do item - Assign who is responsible - Notify via email - Assign a To-do item to a To-do list - Create a new To-do list - Make a new To-do list private - Allow time tracking of a new To-do list - Assign a new To-do list to a Milestone - Assign a To-do item to a Project - Create a new message - Assign the message to a Project - Relate a message to a milestone - Make a message private Highest Paid Programming Languages 2015 - Trendy Crunch Computer programming has swiftly become one of the greatest flourishing industry in the world. The typical salary of a Programmer recently hit an all-time high as it approaches $100,000. But at the same time there are few languages and skills that are more beneficial than others. Here are some of the most valuable programming languages based on research from Brookings Institution issued in July. According to that data following are the programming languages recorded next to their typical annual salary ( lowest 2 highest )

10 Reasons Wunderlist Is My Todo List (And Should Be Yours Too…) There are many options out there for todo lists. In fact, there are too many to name here. Some are free. A few are very expensive. Many of them are too complex. Project management software, online collaboration: Basecamp Highly recommended. Primarily through word-of-mouth alone, Basecamp has become the world’s #1 project management tool. For the last 10 years, companies have been switching to Basecamp because it’s famously easy-to-use, reliable, and It Just Works™. Combine that with our best-in-the-biz customer service, and you’ve got a unique and delightful package. Just last week, another 6,119 companies started using Basecamp.

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