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Free Internet Tools for Teachers at Internet 4 Classrooms

Free Internet Tools for Teachers at Internet 4 Classrooms

Tools for Educators - free worksheet makers, game creators, 100% customizable worksheet generators with images! I Like Books — High Quality Free App for iPhone/iPad There are too many free educational apps to keep track of. The number of truly free apps that are of high quality, however, is much smaller. Many free apps are really teasers for premium paid versions. Other free apps are of dubious value. I Like Books — 37 Picture Books in 1 App is exactly what its name says it is, and more. The app could hardly be easier to use. The cover page for each book offers the reader three options, as shown here.

Free Technology for Teachers 30 Posts About Free Education Technology Tools & Resources | Emerging Internet Technologies for Education The Internet Is Rich With Free Tools for Educators. Here’s A Bunch. I’ve been meaning to put together this list of the many free apps that I’ve blogged about, and make it available as a tabbed section on the site. I’ve got the list mostly together now and realized it would make for a nice mid-week post. All of the articles below reference free technologies and/or resources. The posts are simply listed in alphabetical order (I haven’t quite decided how best to organize them otherwise). Of course, the king of free tech for educators is blogger Richard Byrne and his “Free Tech For Teachers” site. Related Posts (if the above topic is of interest, you might want to check these out):5 Reasons Why Educators Need To Embrace Internet Technologies8 Engaging Videos Advocating Better Integration of Technology in Education5 Educator Guest Posts This Week on Microsoft’s Teacher Tech Blog —————————————————- Upgrade your IT knowledge with pmp dumps. About Kelly Walsh Print This Post

creative commons photos Four Creative Commons Photo Sites You Should Know About Grabbing images from Google is one of the easiest things there is to do. You simply search, copy, paste. A no-brainer. However, when using someone else’s photos, how do you know if you have permission? Pics4Learning Pics4Learning, as the site says, “Is a safe, free image library for education. flickrCC flickrCC is a good place to start for Creative Commons images. Fotopedia Fotopedia has a nice layout with an “endless” scrolling feature. Flickr Storm Flickr Storm is similar to flickrCC. Like this: Like Loading...

Create your own video at Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Prepared by Lee Haugen Center for Teaching Excellence, Iowa State University March, 1998 Your philosophy of teaching statement should reflect your personal values and the needs of your students and your department. At the least, you will want to address four primary questions, usually in this order. New for 2013 In this video, Susan Yager shares her experience in developing her own teaching philosophy statement as well as tips for the beginner writing for the first time. Menu 1. 1. It is important to start by describing where you want to end. Top 2. When you have a clear idea about your teaching objectives, you can discuss methods that you use to achieve or work toward those objectives. 3. You will need to discuss how you intend to measure your effectiveness vis a vis the objectives and methods you have outlined. 4. Here is where you can be, if not grandiose, at least a bit grand.

42 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed No doubt your summer celebrations this weekend will leave you little time to catch up on reading. To help you out, we've compiled a handy roundup of this week's most helpful, informative and inspiring stories. We've celebrated iPhone's birthday, we've pondered celebrity impact on social good, and we've laughed over geeky gadgets. This week Mashable overflowed with engaging content. Editors' Picks HOW TO: Manage Your Online Reputation Using SEOWhile you might not be able to remove damaging content from the Internet, there's a good chance you can minimize its impact using simple SEO techniques.Meet the People Who Scored Twitter's Shortest UsernamesHere's a look at the users who snagged premium social real estate with the shortest Twitter usernames on Earth. Social Media

LearningXL | 100 Amazing Web Tools for Hobbyist Scholars Art & Design A student attending a school of art and design must learn how to communicate ideas through visual language. They study contemporary and classic artists, and learn traditional and modern methods of creating art, covering media like paint, sculpture, textiles, or digital design. With solid foundations in drawing, developed discipline and knowledge, students may pursue a variety of careers in graphic design, product design, conceptual art, illustration, and other fields. Read More About Art & Design Subjects -Select a Subject- Business & Commerce Leading business and commerce schools train students for a globalized economy and provide a number of degree programs, including corporate finance, accounting, business administration, e-commerce, international business, or marketing. Read More About Business & Commerce Subjects Education & Teaching Read More About Education & Teaching Subjects Health Sciences Read More About Health Sciences Subjects Hospitality & Culinary Law & Legal Studies

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