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Diploma of Financial Planning (RG146 Compliant)

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Approved Courses - The Financial Planning Association of Australia. We are delighted you are considering enrolment into the CFP® Certification program.

Approved Courses - The Financial Planning Association of Australia

The FPA Approved Degree List features all the necessary approved degrees and information.. To help you with your pathway toward CFP® certification, there are a number of options. All courses listed are currently accredited or have achieved accredition in the past. If the course has achieved accreditation in the past, we will honour the accreditation if you have already started studies in one of these courses. If you have completed your studies or are planning to study a course (or a combination of courses), which are not on the list, you can apply for pre-admission. Find out whether a bridging course is suitable for your pathway into the program. Download. Qualifications, training and professional memberships. You need to provide a financial adviser’s qualifications, training courses and professional memberships to ASIC.

Qualifications, training and professional memberships

You can use your ASIC Connect account. Need more help? See our user guide for step by step instructions on how to update your details. Information you will need to provide Qualifications and training courses You need to provide information on the qualifications and training courses that a financial adviser has completed relevant to providing financial services. We require the: name of the qualification or course (100 characters)provider / institution (100 characters) andyear the qualification or course was attained (4 characters – YYYY) This information will be displayed on the public register. Approved Courses - The Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Online Diploma of Financial Planning. WorkshopsWorkshops are scheduled for specific subjects in this course.

Online Diploma of Financial Planning

Please click here for more information. Course overviewDo you want to be the financial planner or financial adviser who stands out from the crowd? Do you need to be RG 146 compliant? Diploma of Financial Planning – Mentor Education. Why Study Our Diploma?

Diploma of Financial Planning – Mentor Education

As the largest privately owned financial services training company in Australia, we recognise that employers are increasingly looking for candidates who are aware of the challenges of being successful in financial services. Often a candidate’s qualification is the only evidence that they possess the technical knowledge and skills requirements to conduct themselves professionally as an authorised representative. Unfortunately, this can not be said for all training providers. With Mentor Education's Diploma of Financial Planning nationally recognised qualification, you have confidence in the fact that you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from a credible industry-endorsed program that employs best practice assessment standards, helping you graduate at the leading edge of your chosen field. Student Course Outcome(s) Who Should Enrol?

Prerequisite Knowledge. Diploma of Financial Planning – Mentor Education. Shares. Learn about the essentials of investing in shares.


This tutorial gives you a quick understanding of how the sharemarket works and what you will need to start trading. If you wish to view more short videos check out our “Get the basics” page. Capital gearing ratio - formula, example. Capital gearing ratio is a useful tool to analyze the capital structure of a company and is computed by dividing the common stockholders’ equity by fixed interest or dividend bearing funds.

Capital gearing ratio - formula, example

Analyzing capital structure means measuring the relationship between the funds provided by common stockholders and the funds provided by those who receive a periodic interest or dividend at a fixed rate. A company is said to be low geared if the larger portion of the capital is composed of common stockholders’ equity. On the other hand, the company is said to be highly geared if the larger portion of the capital is composed of fixed interest/dividend bearing funds. Formula: In the above formula, the numerator consists of common stockholders’ equity that is equal to total stockholders’ equity less preferred stock and the denominator consists of fixed interest or dividend bearing funds that usually include long term loans, bonds, debentures and preferred stock etc.

Example: Advanced Diploma of Financial Services and be RG146 compliant. Online Diploma of Financial Planning. Diploma of Financial Planning - Monarch Institute. What does the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning course involve?

Diploma of Financial Planning - Monarch Institute

To successfully launch your career in financial services, Monarch’s FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning provides you with the necessary industry specific certification (known as RG146) to be ASIC compliant. The course provides you with the ability to provide BOTH personal advice and general advice in the key areas of Financial Planning, Managed Investments, Securities, Derivatives, Superannuation and Insurance. This is also known as RG146 Tier 1 financial advice, and you must be issued with a Letter of Authority from an Australian Financial Services Licence Holder (AFSL). Upon receiving your FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning, you can give advice in various roles within the financial services industry. The course has been written by successful financial planners and is reviewed and updated every 3 months so it is always up-to-date. A rewarding qualification Victorian Government Funding is available: Extra Benefits: