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Worldline unveils "Connected Kitchen", a revolution in online shopping 23 Apr 2014 Worldline, Atos subsidiary in e-payment and transactional services, introduces the "Connected Kitchen" solution – a first in Europe. The innovative service is revolutionizing online shopping and allows customers to upload seamlessly their shopping lists to their favourite supermarket's e-store in a fun and fast way. Connected Kitchen will be the "new-generation" loyalty tool and offers retailers sales and loyalty development. [...] More mobility: Volkswagen Bank extends long-term cooperation with Worldline 22 Apr 2014 Volkswagen Bank extends and expands the collaboration with Worldline, Atos subsidiary in e-payment services, for an additional five years. Atos Statement in reaction to recent speculation First quarter 2014 revenue 17 Apr 2014 Atos, an international information technology services company, today announced its revenue for the first quarter of 2014.


Using Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 in Identity Solutions As a developer, you probably know something about Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), formerly called “Geneva Framework,” which provides a powerful API to claims-enable your applications and to create custom security token services. Perhaps less familiar to you is Active Directory Federation Services version 2.0 (AD FS 2.0), originally code named “Geneva server,” which is an enterprise-ready federation and single-sign-on (SSO) solution. AD FS 2.0 is an evolution of AD FS 1.0, and it supports both active (WS-Trust) and passive (WS-Federation and SAML 2.0) scenarios. In this article, I start with an overview of AD FS 2.0 and then provide insight into how developers can use AD FS 2.0 in their identity solutions. The focus is on the token issuance functionality of AD FS 2.0, based on the Beta 2 release.

Atos boss Thierry Breton defends his internal email ban 6 December 2011Last updated at 14:52 ET Mr Breton says he has no plans to force the internal email ban onto his firm's clients Thierry Breton caused a sensation last week when he told an interviewer that he planned to ban internal email at the information technology services giant, Atos. IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager - Tivoli Federated Identity Manager - Software Federated access management enables security-rich collaboration in the cloud IBM® Tivoli® Federated Identity Manager provides web and federated single sign-on (SSO) to users throughout multiple applications. It uses federated SSO for security-rich information sharing for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. Now you can enable security-rich business collaboration in the cloud.

Learn shorthand writing online What is shorthand Shorthand is a speed writing system that allows people to take notes very quickly and accurately. It was first developed by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1837 in a style known as Pitman shorthand. Save Time With Search Folders in Outlook This article was written by MysticGeek, a tech blogger at the How-To Geek Blogs. Managing your email can be a daunting task, but Outlook provides a great feature called Custom Search Folders that can save you time if you are constantly searching for the same things, or just as a way to organize your email into virtual folders similar to the Labels feature in Gmail, except more powerful. Outlook already has three search folders created from the default install which you can rename, modify, or delete – but we’ll create a new search folder to walk you through the process. To create a new search folder, click File \ New \ Search Folder, or you can use the Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut key. In the resulting screen scroll down and select “Create a Custom Search Folder”, and then click the Choose button to customize your criteria. You could also use one of the other search folders as a base if you choose.

Managing Email with an Assistant Let me be honest. I am actually better at writing about delegation than actually doing it. This is especially true when it comes to email. I have always prided myself in being super-responsive. As a result, I like to process my email myself. The TOWS Matrix - Going Beyond SWOT Analysis - Strategy Skills Training from MindTools Developing Strategic Options From an External-Internal Analysis © iStockphotoNormunds TOWS Analysis is a variant of the classic business tool, SWOT Analysis. TOWS and SWOT are acronyms for different arrangements of the words Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. By analyzing the external environment (threats and opportunities), and your internal environment (weaknesses and strengths), you can use these techniques to think about the strategy of your whole organization, a department or a team.

186 Power Words for Emotional Selling {*style:<b>Power Words For Emotional Selling by Karl Stepp </b>*} ere is a handy list of power words to help you with creating ad copy. People on the internet, for the most part, will buy from you first based on emotion. Certain words can and do make individuals act. Advancing Sustainability: From Revolution to Evolution IBM's Smarter Planet initiative used visual language and effective messaging to communicate progress in a clear, engaging way. | Image credit: IBM Sustainability, like brands, must not be a fight against or a vision outside society, but part of it. It is time to drop the proselytism, quit the “sacrifice for a better world” argument and above all stop trying to change people’s behaviours.

Desks, Where Creativity Goes To Die Along with many thousands of others, I attended SXSW this month. And while there, I learned some important lessons (other than “exercise patience while waiting in line, AGAIN,” and “don’t eat barbecue every meal for 5 days.”). These lessons came from the panels I attended, but they were not from anything said within the panels. Rather, they had to do with what I discovered about the types of content I should be seeking. Initially, I tried to attend talks or panels directly related to my industry and clients, but each time the information felt like things I already knew, and instead of feeling inspired, I just felt tired. Free Publicity Report: The Ultimate Publicity and Public Relations Secret This means: Being able to separate real news about your company from promotional puffery Being able to deliver a sharp story angle that will be of real interest to the news reading or viewing public Being able to deliver this angle in a professional, courteous way. OK, so now we've seen the holy grail. Let's get to work.

Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web Introducing API Sandbox Accounts We've been spending a lot of time lately working on Twiddla's API for Creating and Embedding Whiteboards. If you haven't checked it out, our API is a great way to add Whiteboarding functionality to your site. They make great Online Classrooms for Tutoring sites. Now, even though it's always been easy to get up and running with the API, until now we haven't had a good way to let people test out advanced features such as Co-Branding and custom CSS and Javascript to completely customize the way the Whiteboard looks and feels. This weekend, we introduced a way for developers to test out every last piece of the API without having to upgrade to a paid plan.

The top 20 data visualisation tools One of the most common questions I get asked is how to get started with data visualisations. Beyond following blogs, you need to practise – and to practise, you need to understand the tools available. In this article, I want to introduce you to 20 different tools for creating visualisations: from simple charts to complex graphs, maps and infographics.

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