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Articles on "Electricity" Why three prongs?Why do wall outlets have three holes? "Grounding" and safety. Right Angle CircuitryDo Lenz' Law and the Right Hand rule still work... after you've been turned INSIDE OUT by that greasy black Fog? "Static Electric" misconceptionsA list of things which gave me a warped view of Electrostatics. Physics Richard Feynman is a hero of mine. If you like physics, you should get to know his work. You can find a list of Feynman resources here. A note on how I teach mechanics World Magnetic Model Calculator Use the tool below to compute values for the geomagnetic field and secular variation for a given set of coordinates and date. This calculator uses the World Magnetic Model as released in Dec 2019. Choose the geodetic latitude and longitude either by entering the coordinates into the form below (decimal degrees may be entered into the 'degrees' field, and degrees S or W should be entered with a negative sign), or by simply clicking the location on the map. The altitude and date may be set using the appropriate form fields. Clicking on the 'Show result on map' button will display the values for the chosen coordinates in a pop-up window.

The Integrated Circuit Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates The Integrated Circuit Play the Techville Game 5 Ways To Teach Physics Using Household Items If you’re looking for some innovative ways to teach physics, then look no further than your own home. There are plenty of physics lessons just waiting to be discovered. Thanks to Andrew Vanden Heuvel and Modern Lessons , you can now learn all about these physics phenomena in a free online course ! I’ve also embedded a bunch of the videos below in case you’re short on time but need to come back later to check out the full course. An important note: these videos were all filmed using Andrew’s Google Glass. That’s why they’re done in a first-person perspective.

Dimensions Home A film for a wide audience! Nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed! Einstein for Everyone Title page, Preface and Table of Contents for Einstein for Everyone Introduction: the Questions Special Relativity Special Relativity: the Principles Special Relativity: Clocks and Rods Special Relativity: Adding Velocities

Pulsar Sounds (Jodrell Bank Observatory) A pulsar is a highly magnetised neutron star, with a radius of 10-15 km, having somewhat greater mass than the Sun which has a radius of approximately 1 million km. Radiation is beamed out along the magnetic poles and pulses of radiation are received as the beam crosses the Earth, in the same manner as the beam from a lighthouse causes flashes. Being enormous cosmic flywheels with a tick attached, they make some of the best clocks known to mankind.

Oldie but goodie: Interactive web as a way of showing how concepts within this resources are connected- Amy by preap Aug 24

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