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HINTON INSTRUMENTS: Professional MIDI Guide Part 1: MIDI Hardware The MIDI 1.0 Specification states: Maxwell's equations Quote So if Coulombs law works best for you, then use coulomb's law - there's no need to re-invent the wheel. As far as the original problem goes it is solved, but it uncovered great many things for me, so what is left now is curiosity because this solution implies Coulomb's and Biot-Savart law tell different and more complete story than Maxwell's equations and yet they are supposed to talk about the same E and B fields. A Guide to Relativity Books [Physics FAQ] - [Copyright] Original by Chris Hillman (with contributions by Nathan Urban) September 1998. You bet!

SparkFun Electronics Latest Blog Post With the conclusion of the World Series, we thought you'd enjoy hearing some other unprecedented news, including the release of the NEW LP55231 Driver Breakout and LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit! Favorited Favorite 0 Articles on "Electricity" Why three prongs?Why do wall outlets have three holes? "Grounding" and safety. Right Angle CircuitryDo Lenz' Law and the Right Hand rule still work... after you've been turned INSIDE OUT by that greasy black Fog? "Static Electric" misconceptionsA list of things which gave me a warped view of Electrostatics. La Révolution Deux Power Scaling (a London Power trademark) and VVR, which stands for Variable Voltage Regulator, (Dana Hall of Hall Amplification's version of Power Scaling) are currently two of the hottest topic's in the Guitar Amp world. Both are methods which allow you to scale back the voltages within your amplifier to attenuate the overall volume without having to use a cumbersome purpose built attenuator between the amplifier's output transformer and speaker or rely on a simple "Master Volume" control which dials out the all important power tube clipping. Voltage scaling is said to allow you to maintain "that" tone you get from running a tube amp flat out with all the volume controls turned up to the max but also allow you to maintain your relationships with neighbours/children and/or spouses without having to resort to playing your guitar in an underground bunker. Best of all this technology is compatible with 99% of amps below 50W!

Seminar: Visualizing Special Relativity The following text is that of a seminar presented to the ANU Physics Department on 25 September 1997. Note that the links to animations will not function. Animations may be downloaded elsewhere. D’Inverno – Introducing Einstein’s Relativity problems Here are my solutions to various problems in Ray D’Inverno’s textbook Introducing Einstein’s Relativity. The book does give answers to most problems at the back, but it doesn’t provide the working behind them in most cases, so I’ll post my own modest attempts here. Chapter 2 – The k-calculus

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